Dog That Was Lost During a Car Crash on Christmas Eve Reunited With Owner Thanks to Community Efforts

For most people, Christmas is a time filled with happiness and joy. Unfortunately, not every Christmas is happy for every person, as events can take place at this time of the year that can leave people feeling sad or grief-stricken through the holiday period. One person who had a terrible time last Christmas was Janine Brown, who was involved in a terrible accident with her dog. I Heart Dogs describes how Janine was traveling in her car with her dog on December 24, 2019. They were not far from their home when they were involved in a terrible accident. The fact that the accident happened on Christmas Eve made the situation even worse. It was a very serious car crash which resulted in Janine ad her dog, Mya Angel, both being pinned in the car. This meant that the emergency services needed to attend the incident to free the pair from the car. It was a very stressful process for both Janine and her dog. As they were being rescued, Janine told the rescuers that Mya Angel is a friendly dog, but that she was worried the dog would try to run.

Janine’s predictions came true when she saw her dog starting to buck as they were being cut free. Unfortunately, the rescuers couldn’t concentrate and preventing the dog from escaping as they were still trying to free Janine from the car, and she was their priority. This led to Mya Angel escaping from the car and fleeing from the scene. Eventually, Janine was freed from the wreckage of her car. Even though she was in pain, her first instinct was to find Mya Angel. She assisted the police in their search for the dog, but then she needed to go to the hospital to get checked over. As a result of the accident, Janine had suffered several broken ribs. This meant that she needed to take some time to rest and recover from her injuries and the trauma of the accident. However, Mya Angel had not returned home, and Janine was seriously worried about her dog’s wellbeing. As she was not in a fit condition to search for the dog herself, she was forced to rely on the kindness of her community.

Thankfully, the community of Clearwater, Florida, were behind her as they came together to help Janine and Mya Angel in their time of need. Members of the community immediately began to search for the missing dog. They also used social media as an additional strategy to help find Mya Angel as quickly as possible. This helped to spread the word to the wider community, thus raising greater awareness of the situation. Clearwater police also released a photograph of Mya Angel to the public, and Janine’s family used their social media accounts to share the photograph. The community and family efforts to find Mya Angel was being led by Janine’s friend Julie Kelsey, says Fox News. The combined efforts of friends, family, the police, and the local community meant that it was not long before people started to get in touch to say that they had seen the dog running around the town. Some people even claimed that they had offered the dog food.

At times, the tip-offs gave Janine encouragement that she was still in the area and that they would find the dog safe and well. On the other hand, some tips suggested that Mya Angel had crossed the bridge out of the area. These sightings made Janine worry that she may never see her beloved dog again. Just a few days after Christmas, Janine finally received the news that she was waiting for as Mya Angel had been found by members of the community who had been out searching for the dog. Strangely, she was found close to a house in the town where Janine and Mya Angel had lived previously. Janine was both relieved and ecstatic to hear that her dog was safe and well. However, Mya Angel had been out on the streets for a few days at that point. Nobody knew if she had been getting enough food or water, and where she had been sleeping. Therefore, she was taken straight to the vets to get checked over. The dog was clearly tired and hungry. She also had a few bumps and bruises, which were probably the result of the road traffic collision in which she was involved with Janine. Other than that, Mya Angel was declared healthy by the veterinarian.

When Mya Angel and Janine were reunited, it was an emotional moment for all those involved. Not only was Janine overwhelmed, but all those who had been involved in the search were also delighted to see the pair back together again. All those who witnessed the occasion were crying. Now, Mya Angel is settling back into her home with Janine. She is clearly happy to have been reunited with her loving owner. Who knows what would have happened if she had spent much longer living on the streets alone? Although Janine is still recovering from the trauma of her accident and her injuries, she is now overcoming the ordeal. She is just as delighted as Mya Angel that they are both back at home together, safe and well. Knowing that her canine friend is home has allowed her to concentrate fully on her recovery.

Janine has said that the experience has taught her a lot about her community. Without their help, it is possible that she and Mya Angel would never have been reunited as Janine was in no fit condition to search for the dog alone. She is extremely grateful for everything that they did to help her under such terrible circumstances. It surprised her the community all pulled together to achieve great things. She has since thanked the community of Clearwater, and the local police department, for everything that they did to help.

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