Pit Bull Puppy Breaks Our Hearts Hiding First Night in New Home

A popular TikTok video featuring a pitbull puppy, who initially hid in the laundry room upon arrival at a new home, has garnered widespread attention and appreciation.

The user, kinggdracoo, shared the video and provided contextual details, including the puppy’s fearful demeanor and eventual coaxing out of hiding by the user’s mother through food incentives.

The video has been widely shared, generating a positive and empathetic response from viewers.

The video depicts a woman entering the laundry room where the puppy had taken refuge in a corner between the wall and a top-loader washing machine.

The puppy in question displayed signs of fear and apprehension, failing to respond to the new owner’s attempts to coax them out of hiding using a fly swatter and encouraging vocal cues.

The American Kennel Club notes that such behaviors are not uncommon among puppies when transitioning to a new home, as they may experience anxiety and disorientation stemming from separation from their mother, siblings, and familiar surroundings.


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A Big Online Reaction

Since its posting on February 7, the aforementioned video has amassed over 3.3 million views and 178,900 likes. In response to the video, TikTok users have shared their own experiences with pet introductions, with some expressing empathy and concern for the puppy’s initial fear and reluctance.

Helen Hernandez Figu noted that her cat had similar tendencies to hide behind the fridge, while Leecarter0269 suggested that using a ball or toy might have been a more effective technique.

Snickers2020 shared their own experience of a pet hiding under the couch, noting that they slept on the floor next to the animal for a week.

However, some viewers criticized the methods used to encourage the puppy to come out of hiding, deeming them inappropriate.

Stef posted: “Because there’s a stranger swatting at him with a fly swatter, whilst he sleeps alone in a laundry room.”

How To Introduce A Puppy To A New Home

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), there are several steps that individuals can take to effectively introduce a new puppy to their home.

These include selecting a designated area for the puppy to relieve themselves outside and consistently using a command while praising the animal to reinforce this behavior.

Additionally, individuals should gradually introduce the puppy to various areas of the home, one room at a time, while skipping areas that are off-limits.

Providing appropriate and safe chew toys is also recommended, as puppies often enjoy chewing. It is advisable to introduce the puppy to family members individually in a calm setting.

Finally, it is important to identify and introduce the puppy to their designated sleeping area, as puppies can sleep for significant durations of up to 15-20 hours per day. Ensuring that the puppy has access to their bed or crate when they become drowsy is essential.

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