This Dog is the Coolest Sheriff in America

For as long as dogs have been domesticated, they have had working roles to support humans. These working roles have come in many forms, from herding sheep on farms to supporting the military in their operations. Dogs have also supported the police force in many ways, often as sniffer dogs to detect drugs or to search for criminals. However, there is one dog that has taken his role in the police force to the next level by becoming the sheriff of a town.  According to I Heart Dogs, a dog called Bruno has become the local sheriff in a town called South Bend. This location is a quiet community located in St. Joseph County in the midwestern area of northern Indiana. The area is known as Michiana.

This community is home to the Notre Dame University, quiet towns, and large farms. There are many families living in this area, as it is a nice place to live. The mayor of South Bend is called Pete Buttigieg. Not only is he the mayor of this town, but he is also running for the Democratic presidential nomination. This has attracted a lot of attention to the town. However, the town has received attention for completely different reasons recently. South Bend has attracted attention because their local police department recently named their new sheriff as Sherriff Bruno, an American bulldog mix. This dog sheriff is probably both the coolest and the cutest sheriff in America. Despite his current high status within his community, he didn’t have the best start in life. He was once malnourished and in bad health. He was taken to the local shelter to recover. As he recovered, his amazing personality came to the fore, and it was clear that the dog was a natural when it came to connecting with people.

Once he was fully recovered, Bruno was adopted by the local police force and became part of the K9 unit. Although he is in the K9 unit, he hasn’t taken on the typical role of police dogs, which is usually a search and rescue role. Instead, Bruno was given a very special role that is suited to his temperament. Bruno has been given the role of a K9 comfort dog.  This is a very important role in the police service and one that is being given greater recognition amongst forces across the United States. His role involves bringing comfort to members of the local community in their times of need. For example, one of his duties is to attend the funerals of officers to offer support to the bereaved. This is a duty that Bruno has fulfilled to the best of his ability as he has attended the funeral of every police officer who has died in Indiana.

It is not just funerals that Bruno attends, as he also attends many community events to provide a link between the police and the local community. He has become well known within the local community because of his attendances at these events. Some of the functions he has attended have included the memorial service of a K9 Officer, a trip with local students to watch a performance of ‘The Lion King’ musical, and a visit to the Charles Black Center. Bruno was also one of the participants in the New Carlisle parade.  Special Deputy Joe Hamer is Bruno’s handler, and he is very proud of the work undertaken by the dog. He has said that wherever they go, people gravitate towards Bruno. The dog is also perceptive to people’s emotions, according to Hamer, and he goes straight towards people who are feeling sad instinctively.

Another big fan of Bruno is Sheriff Bill Redman, who has also praised Bruno’s work. In Redman’s opinion, Bruno is a great help in building the relationship between the police and the local community, and this is something that the force has been focusing on for some time. Redman described Bruno as bringing great joy to everyone he meets. Bruno’s life has changed significantly since he was living in the shelter, and it is all down to Bruno being in the right place at the right time. It just so happened that Bruno was staying at the shelter at the same time as the police were looking for a dog to join their K9 team in the role of a comfort dog. It is also lucky that they realized so quickly that Bruno was the perfect dog for the job.

Life is now looking good for the once-abandoned dog as he is well-loved by his fellow officers and also by members of the local community. He is a fantastic addition to the police force of St. Joseph County and the local community ate lucky to have him. Now, Bruno is considered a local celebrity, and he even has his own Facebook page.  Bruno is not alone in taking on the role of a comfort dog, although he is possibly one of the only ones that have been named as a sheriff. Police forces across the United States are now recognizing the vital role that these dogs can play.

One city that has recently taken on a comfort dog in Pittsburgh, and they did this in response to a tragic anti-sematic synagogue massacre that left many people devastated, says Metro.  In the massacre, 111 people were tragically killed when Robert Gregory Bowers allegedly opened fire on a synagogue during a Shabbat morning service. This had a devastating impact on the local community, especially those who had friends or family killed in the incident.

Recognizing that the community needed support during this period of bereavement, the police adopted an adorable comfort dog called Zane, who is a Golden Retriever puppy. The name Zane was chosen for the dog because it is a Hebrew name meaning ‘gift and prayed for’, so it seemed a fitting name for the circumstances. Zane will now take on a role similar to that of Bruno’s in his local community. Like Bruno, his duties will involve offering comfort to members of the community and creating a link between the community and the police.

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