What Makes American Bulldogs Different from Other Bulldog Breeds?

american bulldog puppies

Bulldogs are such controversial animals, especially in the media. They’re often painted as evil creatures who are out to attack you, kill you and make your life miserable. They’re painted so that people are terrified of them, even when there is no reason to be terrified of one. Of course, that’s not to say there aren’t bulldogs out there that are dangerous, aggressive and looking to hurt people. There are all kinds of dogs from every breed out there looking to cause trouble; it’s all about how that dog was raised and how that dog is handled. A dog that’s been abused and mistreated is likely going to snap and try to protect itself as a natural instinct – much like any person would.

However, improper breeding and raising often results in the bad reputation of bulldogs. Since the bulldog family is such a big one, it’s often difficult for people to distinguish between the different breeds within the family. For example, there is the American bulldog, the pitbull, the American Staffordshire terrier and several more. The American bulldog is one that has a big reputation, and it’s also the biggest of the breed, which is important information to have when you’re looking at puppies. There are several things that most people just don’t know about the American bulldog, and the facts are pretty difficult to argue with. Read on to find out what you don’t know about the American bulldog and it’s puppies; the information might just surprise you.

It’s the Biggest Bulldog

This probably does not come as a surprise to anyone with any familiarity with the bulldog breed. The American Bulldog is the biggest, and it’s puppies are pretty large themselves.  It ranges anywhere from 20 to 28 inches tall depending on the size, the upbringing and the gender of the dog. It’s also one of the heaviest, with an average weight anywhere from 60 to 120 pounds, again, depending on the gender and the overall size of the dog. This is the most ferocious looking dog of the bulldog family, and it’s often the one that has some difficulties getting a good reputation.

The sheer size and look of the dog is very scary. It’s a dog that is large and in charge, but it’s also a dog that has some serious intimidation factor going on. This is a breed that can become a bit too fat if you’re not careful how often and how much you feed the dog. It should be exercised regularly, even though it does have a tendency to be a bit lazy at times.

It’s Docile

This is probably the most surprising fact about this type of dog. Despite being the largest of the breed, as well as the most terrifying looking, this is a dog that has the most docile personality of all American bullies. For example, if you worry that a bulldog is going to attack you, you shouldn’t worry about it being this one. In fact, this is the one bulldog breed that is least likely to attack or behave in an aggressive manner. They are, by nature, the most friendly and well-meaning of the entire bunch. Of course, when raised by a breeder or an owner who doesn’t know what they’re doing or who wants to breed their dog for fighting purposes, this dog can be trained to be a very dangerous dog.

They’re Very Loyal and Protective

Despite being reputed to have a bad rap with other animals and children, the American bully is actually very loyal and protective when it comes to its family. This is a dog that loves children, and it gets on well with other animals. It’s not the kind of dog that’s going to behave aggressively around anyone that might hurt him or her, particularly when it comes to children. This is a breed with a very high tolerance for pain, which is what makes it one of the least bothersome dogs in the breed. Kids can play rough with this animal and you needn’t worry that it will become hurt and retaliate. However, that doesn’t make it a good idea to let your kids play rough with the dog, treat it poorly or even leave the two playing together unsupervised.

They do require proper socialization, however. Otherwise they don’t learn to curb their enthusiasm and their natural ability to want to be rough and rowdy, which can be a bad thing when it comes to bringing a dog into a home with children and other pets.

They’re Independent Thinkers

This can be a bad thing and a good thing. It can be a good thing if you have a dog that was raised by you so that you know exactly what kind of upbringing the dog has; it can ease your mind. It can be a bad thing when you adopt a dog that was raised and trained by someone else and you’re not entirely certain what kind of upbringing the dog received. When you have a big dog like this with an ability to think for itself outside of the commands you issue, you do have to worry.

However, you don’t have to worry at the same time. For example, this is a very obedient dog, and if you tell it to stay back or to heel when someone dangerous approaches, it’s going to listen. However, it’s also going to step in and come to your aid even if you tell it not to when it senses that things are dangerous. Other dog breeds are more inclined to listen to you and sit back, even though they know they should help you; but they’re not capable of making that independent decision against what you just said to the dog.

The American bulldog is going to step in and protect if you’re being hurt by someone – even if it’s been told not to step in; puppies are just as intuitive and just as willing to protect, as well. This dog is very, very protective. It’s going to be the first dog to step in front of an attacker, to step in front of a knife or gun and to take a shot to protect its family.

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