10 Things You Didn’t Know About The English-Boston Bulldog

Dog lovers are living in a time when we have a huge array of choices in hybrid and designer breed choices. Some dogs are bred to tailor to the preferences of owners who are looking for specifics in size, build, temperament, and healthy bloodlines with few genetic health conditions.

One of the most interesting hybrid dog breeds is the English Boston-Bulldog.

This is a stout little pooch that makes an excellent companion. Here are 10 things you probably didn’t know about the English Boston-Bulldog that will help you decide if this is the right dog to welcome into your family.

1. English Boston-Bulldogs are a hybrid breed

According to Wag, the English-Boston-Bulldog is a hybrid. This dog is a cross between a Boston Terrier and an English Bulldog. The dogs first originated from breeders in Boston, Massachusetts.

Both Boston Terriers and English Bulldogs are recognized by the American Kennel Club as official breeds. The Boston Terrier, an ancestor of the English Boston-Bulldog was formally recognized in 1893.

The Boston Terrier was chosen as a parent because of its gentle nature. The English Bulldog has a previous history of engaging in vicious dogfights, but the temperament of this dog has mellowed through the years.

2. This breed loves to play games

The English Boston-Bulldog is playful. He loves to join in with the family and play a game of fetch. He loves to engage in family activities and be a part of whatever is going on. It’s important to make sure that he has plenty of his toys to play with when he is a puppy.

If you don’t he will find things to keep him amused. You might discover that your shoes fascinate him and he’ll shred them with his growing puppy teeth. It’s best to make sure he’s kept busy with his toys.

3. Don’t you dare ignore your English Boston-Bulldog

This is a breed that does not like to be left alone or ignored for long periods. He is social and craves human attention. This dog is the best suite for families that have the time and inclination to give their pets lots of attention.

It’s a sensitive breed that can suffer from depression if it’s neglected and not shown enough love and affection.

4. English Boston-Bulldogs are sensitive to the cold and heat

The English Boston-Bulldog is a breed that is sturdy and stout, but he doesn’t have a thick enough coat to protect him from extreme weather temperatures. During hot summer months, these dogs need to be able to get into the shade and have access to cooler places to rest.

Overexposure to heat extremes can easily result in a heat stroke. He can’t tolerate extreme cold either. It’s not a good idea to make him an outdoor dog as the breed is best suited as an indoor pet.

5. The English Boston-Bulldog needs a controlled diet

According to Doggie Designer, if you’re not careful about what you feed this breed he may run you out of the house with his flatulence. Both ancestors tend to have digestion problems and it’s passed on to the hybridization of them both.

Feed your pup a healthy balanced diet that is intended for dogs with sensitive stomachs. You will be glad you did. Feeding them scraps that are loaded with carbohydrates can lead to fermentation in their intestines which leads to a bad gas problem.

6. They’re small to medium size dogs

The English Boston-Bulldog isn’t a very big dog. On average he reaches a height of between 15 to 18 inches and a weight between 15 to 55 pounds. This makes the breed a good choice for smaller homes or apartment living.

They adapt well to most environments if they’re given the love and attention that’s required to satisfy their emotional needs.

7. This dog is good for versatile households

English Boston-Bulldogs are versatile pets. They’re good in several situations. These dogs work well for singles and couples as companion dogs because of their loyalty and loving personalities. They are also good for families with kids.

They love to play and enjoy the attention that they get from the kids. This hybrid breed is people-oriented and tends to be patient and happy dogs.

8. English Boston-Bulldogs are intelligent

When you bring an English Boston-Bulldog into your home you might be surprised by how well your dog can read your emotions. These pups have a knack for sensing the moods and emotions of their owners.

They’re intelligent and intuitive. This makes them amazing pets for emotional support. Their loyalty makes them a friend when you need one the most, and the rest of the time too.

9. They’re easy to train

According to Dogzone.com, English Boston-Bulldogs are easy to train if you are consistent and use positive reinforcement techniques. They are smart dogs that learn quickly. Because this dog is so loyal and people-oriented, he will do his very best to please you.

Be forgiving when he makes a mistake and try to remember that he is still learning the things you already know. He needs you to gently guide him about the rules of the house and proper social behaviors, just as you would a small child. It’s important to be kind, yet firm with him.

10. They change quickly

If you bring a young English Boston-Bulldog into your home he will be energetic and want to play all the time. This is a characteristic of the breed. As he matures and becomes an adult, his energy levels will even out and he won’t be inclined to pester you as much to play.

It’s something that happens in almost all dogs in this breed. As puppies, they’re constantly on the go, but as adults, they’re more relaxed and not in such a hurry to go out and play.

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