20 Things You Didn’t Know about the Blue French Bulldog

Blue French Bulldog

The blue French Bulldogs are similar to other French bulldogs except for the color of their fur. The dog derives its name from the fact that it has bluish-hue fur. In terms of physic, they are small, and they are also very affectionate.

They easily get attached to their owners. All these factors make them more pets than watchdogs. If you are looking for protective dogs, the blue French bulldog might not be a suitable dog. There are plenty of interesting facts about the Blue French bulldog that you might not be aware of. Here are twenty things you didn’t know about these dogs.

20. It is not easy to recognize them

The Dog Breeders Association does not classify the Blue French Bulldog as a breed. If there is a competition for dog training, you will not be allowed to go with these dogs. The color of the Blue French Bulldog disqualifies it from being a show dog.

The Dog Breeders Association does not recognize these dogs because they are susceptible to many health problems. Many dog associations do not recognize it and should not deter you from keeping one as a pet.

19. They are not French

Yes. This fact will come as a shocker for blue French bulldog owners. The truth is as much as they are called French bulldogs, they are not originally French. Together with other French Bulldogs, they don’t come from the country of love.

They all come from England, a place known as Nottingham. So, in reality, they are English dogs. It is not clear how they were named French bulldogs. According to Bulldog Guide, all that is known is that they became popular in the 1800s because they were used as lap dogs before people started breeding them as dogs.

18. They are lazy dogs

If you are looking for an active and playful dog, then the Blue French Bulldog might not be good for you. These are lazy dogs, and they particularly don’t do well in a home full of kids because they love to lie around. Kids love to play and want an active dog like the Australian terrier or the Golden Retriever.

The Blue French Bulldog can sleep the whole day and still be healthy and happy. For these dogs, little is more; that is why they thrive when they are kept as pets by older adults. A little walk in the evening or allowing them a short playtime in the backyard will go a long way.

17. They are bad swimmers

You heard that right. The Blue French Bulldogs are not good swimmers. Unlike other dogs where swimming is in their DNA, these dogs don’t like water or being near water bodies.

Many dogs are perfect swimmers, and they like to play all kinds of water games. One thing that makes them bad swimmers is the fact that they have small legs. If you love to swim, you need to look for an alternative activity for your playmate.

16. They easily get cold

Unlike other dogs, the Blue French Bulldog has only a single coat. This is very light for a dog and explains why they get cold easily. They thrive in summer, but when it gets cold, you will find them trying to cuddle with the owners or looking for a blanket.

If you live in a cold place, you will need to look for extra covers to keep them warm. Many people criticize dog owners who clothe their pets, but for Blue French Bulldog owners, this is more of a necessity than a fashion statement.

15. The blue French bulldog has few natural births

Blue French Bulldogs have big heads and smaller bodies. The size of its head makes it hard for these dogs to give birth naturally. Many breeders are particularly careful with these dogs; once they notice they are almost due, they will schedule a C-section in advance.

If they give birth naturally, many end up with health complications. Because of this reason, it is hard to find a Blue French Bulldog that is born naturally.

14. They need a lot of care

As you have already seen, these extremely delicate dogs add to this point. The Blue French Bulldogs are sensitive and needy, and they love affection. If you are the type that is hardly at home, you cannot survive with this breed.

This dog thrives in an environment where there is lots of care. They don’t like to be left alone, ignored, or feel like they are missing out on anything. If they notice you are ignoring them, they will begin to act out and have dog tantrums. Owning a Blue French Bulldog is like having a kid altogether.

13. They are expensive

You have to differentiate the regular French bulldog from the Blue French Bulldog. Apart from the color and pricing, there is little difference between the two. If you want a Blue French Bulldog, expect to pay twice the amount you will pay for a normal French bulldog.

The dogs are overpriced because they are rare or difficult to find. As we have already seen, it is hard to breed these dogs because they don’t give birth naturally. Breeders know the complications with these dogs, so they put such a high price tag.

12. They easily get allergies

The Blue French Bulldog is a small dog, which makes them prone to allergies. Besides these, they are generally sensitive dogs that require much care. Should anything go slightly wrong, you will find that they tend to experience health problems or get allergies. Be prepared that having these dogs as a pet means more visits to the vet because they need regular checkups.

They are likely to get skin allergies, and most vets will advise you to have a special diet for them. According to Animal Corner, some allergic symptoms that they display are puffy eyes and skin rashes.

11. They snort

This is because they have a flat head, a phenomenon called brachycephalic. The shape of their heads makes it difficult for them to breathe. If you want to own one of these dogs, you have to be comfortable because they snort very loudly and have heavy breathing. It gets worse at night, and snorting can easily disrupt your sleep if you are not used to it.

10. A recessive gene causes the blue fur

Scientists say that the blue fur in Frenchies is caused by a dilution gene responsible for the four main colors blue pied, blue merle, blue brindle, and blue fawn. Whatever color of a Frenchie you choose, you can be sure they are stunning small dogs.

9. They are stubborn but easy to train

This trait cuts across all French Bulldogs. They are highly intelligent dogs who tend to display stubborn characteristics. If you are a trainer, you know how these dogs can easily get on your nerves, but once they master a habit, it will stick with them forever. Training them requires a lot of patience, but it pays off in the end. If they realize that you are being patient and affectionate during training, they will make the training an enjoyable experience.

8. They don’t need regular exercises

Dogs are more or less like humans. To stay healthy, they require daily exercise and a proper diet. Different dogs have different degrees of exercise that they need to stay healthy. This is not dependent on the size but purely on the traits and health complications. Contacting your vet will help you to understand your dog’s breed better.

According to Facts, when it comes to the Blue Frenchy, regular exercise is not paramount. These dogs are naturally lazy, and if you force them to be super active, you will interfere with their natural wiring. Don’t expect them to be playful or to run around constantly. A simple walk weekly will keep them in good shape and help them maintain their bodies.

7. They sleep for 10 to 13 hours

Blue French Bulldogs are lazy dogs. They love to sleep and lie around doing absolutely nothing. An adult Frenchie can sleep up to thirteen hours daily and spend the rest of the time lying on the couch.

6. Friendly with other dog breeds

Keeping a pet can be a tricky situation depending on the surrounding circumstances. If you love pets, there are several factors that you have to consider before keeping different breeds together. Some dog breeds don’t mind co-pets, but others are, so they find it hard to adjust to other pets. The Blue French Bulldog is a breed that can coexist with other pets.

One thing you need to consider is having your own home before you have multiple pets. This is more particular with the Frenchie because it has sensitive needs. They are friendly to other dogs, but you might need to do some supervision whenever they are around other breeds. Some experts say the Frenchie is a jealous dog, and anything small might trigger this feeling.

5. They require little grooming

One of the things that deter people from dogs is the fact that they require regular grooming. Some people equate caring for a dog to caring for a small baby. You have to do everything for them.

According to Wag Walking, this is true for breeds with many furs, like the terriers and the Old English sheepdog with a double coat. Regarding the Blue French bulldog, occasional grooming is the bare minimum. If you can go over and beyond, that will be awesome. You only need to give them occasional baths and brush to freshen up. This might be a suitable choice if you are not so into grooming.

4. They don’t bark at all and communicate differently

Barking is the natural form of communication for dogs. The bigger the dog, the louder the bark, and vice versa. Unlike other dogs, Blue-French Bulldogs communicate more through talking and not barking.

Their communication system entails gargles, yawning, and yipping. They will use any of these methods to communicate what they want. If they yawn, you will know they are either hungry or sleepy.

3. An average lifespan

The average lifespan of dogs is usually between 10 and 13 years. The lifespan of a dog usually depends on its breed. Some have long lifespans, while others have shorter ones. Lifespan is an important factor to consider, especially when looking for a family pet.

According to Petmd, the Blue French Bulldog has a lifespan of 10 to 12 years, but this depends on other factors like health, diet, and nutrition. If they are well taken care of, they can live longer.

2. They don’t like to be criticized

For those who are not aware, these dogs are extremely sensitive, so everything about them has to be handled with extra care. Dogs are intelligent animals and can pick both verbal and non-verbal communication from their owners. So if you own one of these dogs, you must know that yelling is out of bounds.

These dogs don’t like to be shouted at or have any form of yelling. They have sensitive feelings, and if you yell at them, they tend to be cranky until you apologize or find some appeasing. That is the Blue Frenchie for you. The best way to discipline these dogs is through encouragement and positive reinforcement.

1. They reproduce through artificial insemination

If you have read the other points, one thing is for sure: most of these attributes are due to the physical features of the Blue French Bulldog. One of the features of these dogs is that they have small bodies, which makes it difficult for them to mate like other dog breeds.

This makes it hard for a male Frenchie to mount on a female one. For a female Blue French Bulldog to reproduce, you must take your dog to the vet for artificial insemination. This also explains why they can’t give birth naturally and undergo a C-section.

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