20 Things Only French Bulldog Owners Would Understand


There is absolutely no denying the fact that the French bulldog is a special dog, and we cannot get over how amazing this particular breed really is.

You need to understand just what a special dog this is before you get one of your own, and no one is better equipped at understanding this breed than those that have one of their own, so they’re kind of experts. If you have a French bulldog, you certainly understand a few things that others simply do not. Read on to find out what’s up with these dogs.


1. How do you sit like that?

No, really, how do you sit like that? It’s beyond our comprehension how anyone could possibly call what French bulldogs do sitting – or comfortable at all. They’re like little tiny dolls that are shaped all wrong and perpetually uncomfortable. I just don’t get it. It’s not something that makes any sense. No one can sit like this and possibly find it relaxing. Do you see the issue here?


2. Please Don’t Leave Me

Please, please don’t leave me. These are sweet little dogs, and they do not like to be left alone. Prepare for a feeling of guilt and upset every moment of every single day. They do not like to be left. They know you’re coming home, but they don’t want to see you go at all. They want you home, and they want you home now. So stay home, because this dog is going to make you feel awful about leaving.


3. Puppy Dog Eyes

If you want to know where the phrase, “Don’t give me those puppy dog eyes,” comes from, you might want to check out the eyes of this breed. I mean, I might have made that up and I might be totally incorrect in so many ways, but we like to think that these are the dogs with the eyes that make all things impossible to say no to. Be very careful. Maybe you should wear sunglasses when you’re making eye contact with this breed. No, on second thought; don’t make eye contact.


4. Need. More. Dogs.

Once you have one of these dogs, you will need more. I mean, need. This is not the kind of dog that allows you to just stop at one. This is the kind of dog that forces you to get more. They’re so sweet and affectionate that you will find it very difficult to stop at one. You’re going to think you’re crazy, and you probably are. But that doesn’t change the fact that you are very quickly going to want to have more of these dogs.


5. The Overwhelming Urge to Take them Everywhere

They’re small and you can absolutely fit them into a reasonably sized handbag, and that absolutely means that you should. Well, maybe not. You probably should not shove your dog in a small purse and carry him all over the place when you leave home, but you’re probably going to want to. It’s also important to remember not all people and places are necessarily all that interested in your dogs, so that’s something.


6. So Much Attention

One thing that French bulldog owners understand like no other is the complete amount of attention that these dogs register. You will not be able to go anywhere without people stopping you and talking to you about this dog. It’s just what they do. They love this dog. They want to be a part of this dog’s life in some way, even if that means stopping you in public and trying to talk to you about it. People don’t care how much of a hurry you are in, just that you respond in kind.


7. French Bulldogs Train You

It’s so cute when people say that they are training their French bulldog. We know you are not. Anyone that has ever had a dog like this knows that if anyone is training anyone, it’s the dog training you. You are the dogs you-know-what and that is just what your life is going to look like for the next forever. It’s really sweet, though, that you think otherwise. That’s a fun story you’ll get to tell someday to someone else with their very own first French bulldog.


8. The Smell is Real and so is the Struggle

This is a gassy dog. Sure, it’s very cute, but it is quite gassy and there is very little about which you can do to get rid of the gas that this dog likes to emit. What makes it kind of cute and a little bit acceptable, however, is the fact that this dog has no idea it’s gassy and, therefore, it makes the most hilarious faces and the cutest little expressions when this happens. It is just as shocked and grossed out as you that something like this could possibly happen to it.


9. Exercise is Good…In Moderation

Most people assume that small lap dogs are anything but interested in exercise. This is not the case, however, with the French bulldog. This little breed actually really enjoys exercise, and that’s a nice thing. This dog loves to work out and play, but it really needs to do it only in moderation. It’s not the kind of dog that requires too much exercise, especially as it pertains to the heat. Keep him entertained and healthy with some exercise, but not too much.


10. They’re Happier than they Look

This is a dog that has an expression that makes it look a bit unhappy. All the time. But don’t let the looks of this dog fool you. It’s actually a very happy dog with a very sweet disposition, and it’s going to make you a very happy camper. We love this dog and its sweet personality, and the look on its face has nothing to do with how happy and wonderful this dog is in real life. It’s a very happy dog, and why not with so much to be happy about?


11. Is that a Pug?

If you own one of these dogs, you know that people like to mistake it for a pug. How is beyond me, since they don’t look much like a pug and I don’t happen to own either. However, so many people confuse these two dogs, and it’s kind of funny. By the time the 16th person of the day has asked you about your ‘pug’ of course, you’re a little bit over it. Resist the urge to glare and call people names under your breath. They don’t know any better.


12. They’re so Stubborn

If you thought your kids were stubborn with the potty training and the fact that they don’t want their favorite blanket washed like, ever, you were totally wrong. Those are kids with no issues whatsoever in comparison to this dog. This dog epitomizes stubborn, and that is something you have to learn to live with. Fortunately, this dog is so cute you will learn that his stubborn nature is not really anything you have to worry about.


13. So Many Health Problems

The sad fact is that this particular breed is often riddled with health issues. Some are minor and easily handled, and some are more concerning. And like any dog, they can develop any health issue at any time. However, there are some very breed-specific health problems that one has to deal with when owning a dog of this nature, and it can be quite costly, stressful and even shorten the life of your sweet dog. But you already know this with one at home.


14. Besties with All

The French bulldog is one that is so sweet and so much fun, and it’s so very friendly. This is a dog that is going to make friends with everyone, so you never have to worry that someone will not like your dog. In fact, we’re willing to bet even the meanest anti-dog lovers will find that this dog is perfectly amazing and super sweet. You’re going to want to prove this, so once you get one go ahead and invite over all your favorite dog-hating friends and win them over. Oh, what am I saying? You don’t have time to be friends with dog haters.


15. The Hatred of Summer

French bulldogs hate summer; like, a lot. They are not fans of this time of year. They are easily overheated and easily exhausted when the weather is not as comfortable as they’d like. These are dogs that really do prefer the lazy comfort of spring and fall and winter (assuming you do not live in Florida where the weather is summer, summer, summer, a little bit less summer). Regardless, they’ll adapt easily, but make sure you have air conditioning.


16. The Allergy Issue

I’m not sure what it is about this dog, but those who have it know that it’s prone to allergies. In fact, the list of things that this dog is not allergic to is probably a lot shorter than the list of things that it is allergic to. Of course, your dog might seem all right and less allergic than others, but for the most part these are dogs with severe allergies. I mean, everything makes them sneeze. Aren’t we all sort of adapting that personality, though?


17. Hey, Stranger!

Hey, French bulldog owner; how tired of you of your dog making friends with every single stranger ever to walk the face of the earth? Pretty tired, right? These are dogs that do not know a stranger. And while that might sound fine in some instances, it’s kind of a pain in others. For example, that one time a stranger came to the door and the dog did not let you know there was a gun-wielding criminal standing there since it was too busy making friends? Well, that might be a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the point.


18. The Snoring is Brutal

My husband kind of snores. He doesn’t really make snoring noises so much as he suddenly breathes so loudly when he falls asleep that I sometimes understand why some couples choose to sleep in separate bedrooms. I mean, I’d miss him, but I wouldn’t miss punching him and kicking him and pushing him all night to get him to be even remotely quiet. I think that’s beyond annoying, but there really is nothing more annoying or louder than the sound of a French bulldog. Prepare yourself.


19. Harsh Words are Not Welcome

Everyone knows that dogs require a firm hand and a very strong personality to keep them in line, but this is not a dog that does well with harsh words. Sometimes you have to get a little harsh with a dog that is not behaving, but not with this one. Like that one time our short-lived pitbull mix was eating our cat, I had to forgo firm and yell like a lunatic. But this dog does not respond well to that kind of behavior. It’s sensitive. But it’s probably also not going to eat the cat, so you’re probably all right.


20. You Gotta Love ‘em

You do. You just have to love this dog. Crazy antics, personalities and traits, this is a dog that is going to make you smile all day long, every single day. It’s a friend, a companion and a constant lover. You do love this dog. You will always love this dog.

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  1. Yes ,as proud owner of 2 Frenchies I concur ! Especially about the gas . My male looks behind himself every time . I might add never start playing laser pointer with your pup . They can not help themselves and will forever chase every reflection or light beam they see . Even to their own peril and your insanity ! Also ,mention that they are usually unable to swim .

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