20 Things Only Boston Terrier Owners Would Understand

Although the face of a Boston terrier has the look of a back alley thug in miniature form, this rough and tough appearance couldn’t be further from accurately describing the temperament of this adorable breed. Boston terriers have a distinct appearance and personality type and although each dog is an individual, there are certain behaviors that are common among the group. They are by nature affectionate, playful, animated and entertaining. Here are twenty things that only Boston terrier owners would understand.

1. Dynamite comes in small packages

Boston terriers are small in stature, but they have the heart of a big dog. Even though they may not be very tall at the shoulder, this pup has a stout built and is very sturdy. You can tell by looking at the body shape that for a small dog, the Boston has a strong constitution and a meaty musculature. Bostons also have good strength for their size.

2. Your Boston could run you out of a room

It isn’t because of his houligan looking face that you might make a quick exit from a room that you’re sharing with him. It’s because of his disturbing flatulence. When a Boston terrier breaks wind the results can be so foul that you cannot stand to be in the same room. It’s a good idea to keep a can of air freshener handy. There have even been instances of one dog grossly offending another with the odor.

3. Your dog will be a one pup comedy show

Boston terriers have a comical face to start with, but they are wonderful entertainers outside of the fact that their huge eyes look too big for their smashed in little faces. Watch your dog when he sleeps and you’ll think that he’s a contortionist. This type dog is notorious for twisting in funny and bizarre positions in an attempt to get comfortable while napping or sleeping. You may catch him with one leg dangling from his bed, or his body flung across a comfortable pillow. You can depend on a Boston Terrier to keep you entertained, even when he’s asleep.

4. Boston terriers thrive in all kinds of homes

Boston terriers are highly adaptable little dogs. They do well in an apartment or duplex setting and just as well if you live a sprawling home with plenty of space They are small dogs so as long as they have room to stretch their legs and get a little exercise in the home, they will do well enough. They also do well if your family likes to travel in the car. As long as you have a safe and comfortable kennel aboard, your little guy will enjoy going for rides in the car with you.

Boston Terriers have an interesting background

5. Your dog doesn’t know the meaning of personal space

Personal space has little meaning to a Boston terrier, especially if he is your very own. They are affectionate little dogs who enjoy spending time with their owners. This also means taking an active interest in any activity that you may be involved in. If your pup is in need of a little attention and you’re not giving it to him, he is likely to insinuate himself between you and whatever you’re doing. He’s going to get your attention and he’s a very in your face fellow who seldom takes no for an answer. He’ll look at you with his big eyes and animated face and melt your heart so you’ll give in and give him some love.

6. Your pup frequently cracks you up

Boston terriers have the most unique facial expressions of any dog breed. Even when they’re not trying, you can almost tell what they’re thinking just by looking at the expressions that they get. They’re smart pups and always thinking of ways to get your attention. You can almost see the wheels turning in their heads. When they do something that they’re not supposed to, they get a guilty look. If you ask them about a misdeed, the reaction that you’ll get will have you rolling on the floor laughing. Boston terriers provide a consistent source of fun and entertainment and all they really need to do to make you smile is to just be themselves.

7. Your dog’s official name is misleading

Boston terriers are not recognized as a terrier breed by the American Kennel Club. It’s a little late in the game to try to change the name now. We have to admit that their appearance is more in line with a cute and tiny bulldog or pug combination, but we’re not going to stop calling them Boston terriers because there are too many cute shirts and jackets that are already printed with the name and we don’t believe in wasting.

Boston terrier

8. You’ll probably need a drool bib for your dog

Boston terriers are notorious droolers. Slobber is their thing and it’s a fact of life when you share a home with one of these pups. It doesn’t happen all of the time, but it will happen, especially if you’re playing with your dog and he gets too excited. In fact, he could put Pavlov’s dog to shame. When you bring out his favorite treat, don’t tease him with it because you’re going to activate his salivary glands and you’ll find out what slobbering is all about.

9. Your dog’s enthusiasm will impress you

For such a small dog, the Boston terrier is highly enthusiastic. When you get home from work, he’ll rush to the door to meet you and if you’re really nice to him, you might even be treated to a series of dance moves in honor of your arrival home. When he’s happy or excited, he’ll build up a decent head of steam and it’s best to just let him burn it off because he can’t help himself. It’s so cute when a Boston terrier starts tearing through the house. He may look like a pinball, springing off the furniture and circling around your legs. He will show his appreciation for you and will always be happy when you’re back home with him.

10. He gets lonely when he’s alone

Because of the highly social nature of this dog, he doesn’t like to be left alone for long periods of time. Boston terriers prefer to be around people or other pets. They generally get along very well with other dogs, and under some circumstances, cats as well. If the house empties out for hours at a time during the day, it may be a good idea to make sure that your Boston terrier has a companion to play with so he doesn’t get too lonely. When you’re home with him, make sure that you show him love and attention so he knows that he’s still your little buddy. This will help him to feel loved and secure.

11. He’s easy to train but he needs understanding

You dog won’t be hard to train if you are consistent and use a method that relies on positive reinforcement. Boston terriers do not do well if they are yelled at constantly or physically punished. They have sweet personalities, but if they are treated with violence you will either break their spirit or cause them to be mean dogs that respond with violence, or very shy dogs who are afraid to interact with people. Be patient with him during the training process, because he wants to please you, he’s just learning how and this takes time. You’ll get the best results when you take the time to praise him for his accomplishments and continue to encourage him as he learns new things.

12. For such a little guy he can make a big mess

Boston terriers have built a reputation for being mess makers. This is why it is so important to keep the floors picked up and clean. If you leave a tissue box down low and within his reach, you are really asking for it. When you get home, you will probably have a mess of wet shredded tissues to clean up. The same goes for cardboard boxes, socks, slippers, shoes and anything else that they can sink their little teeth into. While adults will still make messes now and then, it isn’t usually as big a problem as when they are puppies who are in the process of learning right from wrong.

13. They depend on you to keep them healthy

Boston terriers, like any other dog breed need to have regular checkups at the veterinary. They need to have their immunizations, a worming and a thorough physical examination every so often Regular checkups can help in catching any health issues which may develop, early on. If your Boston terrier develops digestive or respiratory problems it’s a good idea to take him in for a checkup because he may have allergies. This is a common condition with Boston terriers. The treatments depend on whether the allergy is food related or environmental. In some cases, the vet may recommend a change in diet or removing certain chemicals or fragrances from the home.

14. He needs to have toys

This breed is very smart and playful. This means that he needs to have his own toys to play with, or he may go in search of something entertaining that doesn’t belong to him. When a Boston terrier becomes bored, his behaviors can become somewhat destructive. If he has toys that keep him challenged and entertained, he is less likely to make play things out of your personal possessions. When making the choice of which dog toys to get him, think safety first. Only purchase dog toys that are constructed from high quality materials. Avoid the ones that are small enough for him to choke on. Always check on the condition of his playthings and if they are showing signs of wear, it’s a good idea to replace them with new ones.

15. You have a best friend forever in your Boston terrier

Boston terrier owners know that their dogs love them without reserve. They are so eager to please and when they choose a special person to love, they are in it for life. Your dog will be loyal to you and will give you years of devotion as well as some great entertainment because they are also big characters. If you think that unconditional love is a great thing, then you’ll fall in love with your Boston terrier because this is what you’re going to get from him, without reserve.

16. Your dog only has you to depend on

Boston terriers are amazing little dogs, but they are also very dependent on their pet parents to take care of them. They cannot fend for themselves and it is a big world out there. They need supervision when playing outside, especially if there are larger animals around. They are not intended to be outdoor pets and you should not leave them outside alone for extended periods of time. Your pup looks up to you to let him out to go to the bathroom and to bring him back in when he’s finished. He needs you to give him healthy and nutritious food and keep him stocked in fresh water. Most of all, he needs your love and attention. When he’s learning how to behave properly in the home, he needs your guidance. Your Boston terrier just can’t do without you.

17. Boston terriers never forget

You’ll be amazed at how quickly this dog learns and adapts, but its important to know that he will remember how you treat him. When you bring a new Boston terrier puppy into your home, he needs to be taught how to act, what is wrong and what is right and you are the one who will need to do this for him. If you’re too harsh on him, he will remember. This dog does not tolerate harsh or physical punishment well. If he learns from an early age that humans cause pain and discomfort, he is less likely to develop into a well rounded and social dog

. There are a lot of responsibilities that come with having a Boston terrier but it is very important to treat him with love and positive reinforcement. This doesn’t mean that you need to spoil him. It’s okay to be firm when he does something wrong, just bear in mind that this is going to be a new experience for him too, so a little patience can go a long way as you and your new pup are getting to know each other better.

18. Your dog needs to hear your voice

Your Boston terrier is the kind of dog who likes to hear the sound of his owner’s voice. When it’s just the two of you in the house, don’t ignore him because he longs to hear your voice. Even though the two of you don’t speak the same language, he will get the gist of what you are saying as the two of you begin to bond and form a stronger relationship.

You can ask any Boston terrier owner and they’ll tell you that they have conversations with their pups. These dogs respond very well to the sound of their owner’s voice and they can recognize it over everyone else in a crowd. Don’t forget to ask him how his day has been going. You’ll either get the response of a tail wagging or he’ll talk back in doggy talk, but it’s a form of attention that your dog craves. Your voice will also soothe him when he’s scared. If there’s a big storm with loud racket, he may want to crawl into your lap for soothing and reassurance. Let him know that everything is going to be okay. This will make all the difference and it will set your pup’s mind at ease so he may not be so afraid the next time that it happens.

19. He needs his daily walk

Boston terriers don’t require a lot of hearty exercise, but they do need to get some. It’s always good for your dog to go for a daily walk or two. Leash training is recommended so you can keep your dog out of the road and under control because they do tend to become curious and may wander into places that they shouldn’t. A daily walk with his owner is just the ticket to give him his daily dose of healthy exercise and it will do the same for you. This is a great opportunity for you and your pup to bond because you’ll be out seeing the sights and having new experiences together as you stroll through the neighborhood.

20. Older Bostons need extra love and care

As Boston terriers age, they tend to have issues with stiffness and soreness in their joints. This isn’t a lot different than waht happens to human beings during the aging process. He may not be able to get around as quickly and he might need your help in getting up and down the steps to go to the bathroom. Be patient with him because he is doing his very best, his body just isn’t letting him do all of the things that he wants to do. It is still his strong desire to play with you and spend time with his special person, so if he can’t quite make the walk over to where you are sitting, it’s a good idea for you to go to him and give him the love and attention that he needs as an older dog.

You can help to ease his aches and pains by taking him in to see the vet, who an prescribe a joint supplement that is made just for doggies. It will help to lubricate his old joints and make it easier for him to move around. The aging process happens to all dogs, cats and people and just as you would care for a family member that is human, he’s going to need the same. He’s served you as a loyal pet for all these years so now it’s your turn to repay the favor by giving him the very best love and care when he’s old.

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