20 Things Only Chiweenie Owners Would Understand

Chiweenies are a popular new mixed breed of dog. Often referred to as a designer breed, they are puppies whose parents are a Chihuahua and a Dachshund. All the physical characteristics which make these two purebreds distinctive turn up in one way or another in Chiweenies. The interesting fact is that you never know exactly how these traits will be dominant. The breeding mixes both physical and behavioral traits, and the puppies are each born with a mixed bag. Owners are enjoying these affectionate dogs, as they make wonderful companions. Owners also are comparing notes, because each Chiweenie is very different from another-even within the same litter. Chiweenies are apparently a wonderful celebration of love and admiration between dogs and owners. Here are 20 things which only the most dedicated Chiweenie owners would completely understand.

You discover that your Chiweenie has three legs shaped like a Chihuahua and one leg shaped like a Dachshund.

One owner posted this condition on a Chiweenie forum and another responded that the unusual pup “must be worth a lot of money”. The owner wanted to be certain that the pup had the right medical care in the future. The one bigger leg could create an imbalance which would affect the pup’s ability to walk comfortably. This is common among Chiweenie owners. They often deal with irregularities in their pups, but they often look for great vets who can help their pups live the healthiest lives possible. That’s because the mixed breed is known for producing dogs which grow up to look completely unique. All Chiweenies look different from each other and there is no breeder guarantee that one genetic trait will be dominant. Having one leg different from the other three is just part of the breeding potluck.

A Chiweenie named Tuna had 400,000 followers on Instagram.

Tuna was abandoned in San Diego. He had a huge overbite, which rescuers believed was the result of unfortunate breeding. He was adopted and given plenty of love. Then, his photo was posted on Instagram, and became so popular that an entire line of merchandise named after him was created. Part of the profits from his designer line were given to the ASPCA so that other “designer breed” misfortunes might have the kind of help Tuna had. Tuna’s fans checked in on him regularly, as they were fascinated to learn how he was doing. Tuna’s overbite is just one of many different anomalies which can occur in Chiweenies, but in his case, his happy “smile” brought him fame.

You don’t mind if your Chiweenie is extremely spoiled.

When you start to feed your Chiweenie people food from your own plate, then you get an idea of how truly spoiled this mixed breed can be. It can happen so quickly. The pup looks at you longingly as you are eating, and you hand over just a tiny bit. On the other hand, it could be that you begin to treat your pup like it’s a child. One owner admitted that the puppy had a bowl of food and water placed near his bed at night, and a night light nearby to help him see when he woke up at night. Another owner carried her Chiweenie inside her purse when she went shopping because her pup was used to going with her wherever she went. Still another hired puppy sitters to stay with her Chiweenie so the dog wouldn’t have to stay home alone. She was working on getting her Chiweenie used to being with other people, and needed help from professional baby sitters to accomplish that goal.

Chiweenies are burrowers, wiggling their way under towels or blankets to sleep.

Though much of Chiweenie behavior is charmingly unpredictable, one habit they have seems to run through all of them. They like to burrow so much that owners need to be careful where they sit or lie down. Chiweenies find warm piles of clothes irresistible. You cannot be too careful when you have a load of clothes fresh from the drier piled somewhere. You must check under them when your dog goes missing. Family members cannot have the habit of leaving dirty clothes in piles either, as Chiweenies will burrow under those, too.

Many owners hate the name “Chiweenie”, and don’t care if non-owners do, too.

The problem is that the name doesn’t fully describe both breeds which are mixed to create the Chiweenie. The first part, “Chi” obviously comes from Chihuahua. But, the second part “weenie” is a nickname for Dachshund, and not always the most endearing. So, some owners have created their own names for their Chiweenie. One woman described hers as a “Doxihuahua”. This made-up name makes sense because it includes parts of the actual parent breeds true names rather than nick names. Other owners go with the humorous flow and call theirs “Mexican Hot Dogs”. As far as not caring what others think about the name, many owners are free-thinkers who prefer their affectionate “mutts” over a “poncy purebred” any day.

Chiweenies can have long and dopey, but adorable ears, which they can stand sideways.

When they do, those ears will stay flat while they are relaxed. But, when they are excited, those same ears can stretch up perfectly straight when they are excited. The floppy ears are a Dachshund trait. Some Chiweenies take after the Chihuahua trait, and their ears are smaller and pointed. But, it’s the floppy ones pointing straight up that are hilarious. Their ears often appear to be longer than their bodies. It’s always a bit kooky to see their wing-like ears straight as a board over their heads. They shouldn’t be able to stay balanced with such big ears, but they do somehow. They keep them perfectly straight when they are curious about something or listening intently. They can also straighten their ears independently, and point them sideways, too. It’s one of their strangest physical characteristics.

It doesn’t bother owners a bit that their Chiweenies look completely different from other Chiweenies.

The Chiweenie is definitely a mixed breed dog. It’s impossible to know in advance what traits the puppies will inherit from their parents. There’s nothing normal or average about what to expect. In fact, the only things you can expect will be that your Chiweenie will look like no other Chiweenie. The variations in coat color are infinite, and the traits are often very mixed in one dog. Though some Chiweenie fans are working to gain acceptance for the mix as a true breed, it’s unlikely that it will gain formal recognition. But, they do protect their dogs from verbal abuse, agreeing that Chiweenies are a mix, or a designer breed. The fact that Chiweenies are not uniform in appearance seems to delight their owners. 

You think your Chiweenie’s love for chasing the family cats is funny.

Chiweenies can be so attached to the one person they love that they won’t play with other dogs. They may hide behind your back or start to shake uncontrollably when other dogs are near them. They can avoid big dogs like the plague. But when it comes to cats, that’s a different story. If you own cats, and a Chiweenie comes home to live with you, your cats may quickly become toys to chase. Some Chiweenies will chase cats around the house until the cats hide in defense. Other Chiweenies will try to include cats in play time, which is never a great idea, because cats have their own schedules. Part of what makes the racing through the house hysterical is that cats can outweigh Chiweenies by several pounds. It’s funny to watch a determined little pup chasing after a cat twice its size. When you get to the point that “the Chiweenie wagging the cat” seems normal, you will have become a full-fledged devotee of this tiny dog.

You don’t mind when your Chiweenie adores dozing almost all day.

They are confirmed lap dogs. They will curl up right next to their humans whenever they get the chance. They like to snooze most of the day, and they can help keep their favorite humans warm at night, too. Their coats are not thick, so they enjoy some extra help keeping warm. They’ll climb under the covers and snuggle as close as they can manage to wedge their little selves next to you, and you won’t mind a bit because they are just so darned cute.

You believe that potty training your Chiweenie is a labor of love.

One Chiweenie owner stated that these adorable dogs “can be a pain in the butt to potty train”. It’s because they are intelligent, and potty training requires that owners can handle the discipline which the puppies need to become housebroken. There are many stories about Chiweenie’s who’ve come from previous owners who did not properly train them. Then, the next owner must work even harder to succeed with developing a dog who learns how to “potty outside”. The length of time it takes to perfectly house train this breed varies from owner to owner, but many say that it took them about six weeks. Some less fortunate owners report that it took them more than 12 weeks; and counting.

You are over the moon because your Chiweenie was on a TV show about Chiweenies.

Of course, most dog owners would be happy to have their pets featured on TV. But, Chiweenies are admittedly not purebreds. They are often criticized for it, and it’s one of the prime reasons many don’t like them. Chiweenie owners know this, and accept that their pets may be underdogs in the world of dog breeds. To have the mixed breed featured on TV is somehow comforting… as if it has finally been accepted in dogdom, rather than featured because it is a curiosity. Non-owners might view it all as circus sideshow stuff, but when you are a Chiweenie owner, you are proud of your pet’s debut and are going to brag about it. After all, your Chiweenie is amazing, and should be on TV. Just like all the other dog owners, you are going to watch that TV show over and over, and tell all your friends about it, too. They may think you’re crazy, but you don’t care.

You don’t mind it when your Chiweenie takes a shower with you.

Okay, it’s common knowledge that Chiweenies hate being apart from their owners. They tend to get attached to you right away, and once they’ve decided who they like best, they rarely leave them alone. When you get to the point that your dog climbs into the shower with you, then you have arrived. You may have left the shower curtain open just a bit so that your dog can know where you are. The little fella may have been eyeing you from a few feet away for a while. But, once he decides to join in the shower, you know that he adores being with you, and it’s all okay. You would rather avoid his separation anxiety and give him a spot in the shower than try to keep him out.

You discover your Chiweenie is a very picky eater, but the cost of finding the right food doesn’t matter.

There are plenty of Chiweenies who are giving their humans anxiety because they won’t eat the food that’s in front of them. Or, to make things complicated, they decide they like one food one month and then dislike it the next. Some Chiweenies refuse to eat dog food, so their owners feed them vegetables and chicken stock. Others refuse to eat dog kibble unless it is very tiny and a certain brand. Others needed to be hand fed when they were puppies. Some really love peanut butter, but won’t eat dry dog food. Even more won’t eat food that has been sitting out in their dish for a while. So, their owners resort to putting out tiny amounts of food around the clock. But, true Chiweenie lovers have discovered that one simple solution may be to feed their pet in a different location. The little dogs simply don’t like to eat alone. Moving their food dish to a place where they can be with their favorite human while they eat can solve the finicky issue. Some have discovered that the living room is the best place to feed a Chiweenie, because he can be with the people he loves.

You only take long walks because your Chiweenie likes them.

Chiweenies really like to take long walks. Owners often plan for a mile or two each day. Some take one walk, and others break up the day with two long walks. The twice-a-day routine works well with retired owners, but each family is different. Chiweenies need plenty of exercise and play time. They are agile and athletic, and walking is great for them. But after the walk, boredom can creep in, and that’s when a well-timed game of fetch comes in perfectly.

You won’t care if most people don’t like Chiweenies.

The truth is that there are many people who don’t like them. One top complaint is that blending the Chihuahua with the Dachshund is an odd mix which can result in the puppies having the weak genetic traits of both. One idea was to breed out the Dachshund’s typical back problems. The longer spine on the Dachshund breed has resulted in many problems with their lower backs. The shorter backs which result from blending the Chihuahua with the Dachshund is thought to be one way to perhaps “breed out” this trait. But, purist breeders believe that the blends shouldn’t take place at all. Ultimately, if you own a Chiweenie, you love it just the way it is, and you don’t give a hoot what others might say. Your Chiweenie is so affectionate, so cute and perfectly for you that you would never consider caring about whether it is a pure breed or not.

You have started to collect misspellings of “Chiweenie”.

There are plenty of wrong ways to spell Chiweenie. Observant owners collect the misspellings. They see them often. Here are a few of the most common ones: Chweenie, Chaweenie, Chiwinnie, Chawennie, Chiwene, Cheweenie, Chiweene, Chihweenie and Chihiweenie. It’s pretty easy to spell the name of this breed wrong. It’s hard enough to understand that the breed is ½ Chihuahua and ½ Dachshund. That seems very much like a rare pairing. Even the parent breed names are difficult to spell on their own. But, if you own a Chiweenie, you might smile when you hear folks struggle with the name, and gladly help them to get it spelled right. Once that problem is solved, it will give you a chance to share some trivia about Chiweenies with them, and that’s even better.

Cuddle is the Chiweenie’s middle name.

This breed is almost intuitive. It seems to understand how its humans are feeling. A Chiweenie is very likely to lick its favorite human to show its affection. It’s often a needy kind of dog who is happiest when it gets to crawl under the covers and cuddle right next to its human. When you are the lucky human, you get to enjoy a small, warm dog right next to you. Having your good friend nearby can make a dreary day better, and sharing time together on a good day is why you’ve become friends in the first place. You’ve probably come to appreciate your Chiweenie’s cuddly self because it’s what you wanted to have all along.

You won’t mind clowning around to keep your Chiweenie happy.

Playing A LOT is the Chiweenie’s standard MO. After they’re finished with their daily walks, they like to play. There are hundreds of variations on favorite games Chiweenies love, but most require your participation. Indoor games are hugely important for Chiweenies. Playing fetch with a pair of old, tied-up socks is the perfect Chiweenie boredom crasher. You might throw a tennis ball or plushie toy around your den so that your doggie can play fetch. You might put that tennis ball into a knee sock and run around the couch; dragging the toy so she can try to grab it away from you. You might let her skateboard through the house (because you learned that another Chiweenie owner does it, and you’ll try anything to keep yours entertained).

You can’t leave a Chiweenie alone outside for hours.

Even when a Chiweenie puppy has grown up to become a dog, he probably won’t like being left alone for hours. If you arrive home from work and don’t play with him, he will feel lonely. You may think that he’ll get tired of barking while he’s alone, but he won’t. He will continue until the neighbors get upset. Even if you can take the barking, they won’t like it. Even if you play with him for a short time, he will not be satisfied. You will end up bringing him inside. Why? Because he’s lonely, and he may be cold. Chiweenies really don’t have thick coats of fur, so they’re not well insulated from even the slightest cold. So, you will give in, and let him snuggle next to you or let him curl up on the sofa nearby. Either way, it’s much better for him, and for you and your neighbors.

The love for a Chiweenie often exceeds understanding.

Those who own Chiweenies love them, even though many people call them “mutts”. There is a lot of negativity about the mixed breed. Some people say that the negative comments come from breeders who resent that people are buying Chiweenies rather than purebreds. Other negative remarks are from folks who think it’s irresponsible to buy these hybrid dogs when there are so many other mixed breeds in shelters needing homes. The fact is that those who love their Chiweenies “couldn’t care less” that others consider the dogs “mutts” rather than a true breed. The reasons are simple. Chiweenie owners appreciate that their own pups are wonderful companions, affectionate, enjoy being held, and have personalities that are the best they’ve ever had in a pet. To most Chiweenie owners, there’s nothing to say about the mixed breed that’s more important.

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