What is a Chiweenie and Is This Dog Right For You?


Hybrid dogs, sometimes referred to as designer dogs, are all the rage; especially the chiweenie. People just adore this little dog. It’s the cross between a Chihuahua and a dachshund. It is such a darling little dog, and people love it because they already know they love both breeds that were crossed to create this little darling. The only thing that you should know about a chiweenie, and it’s that you have no idea what you’re going to get with this kind of designer dog. The chiweenie could take on any mixture of characteristics from either of its parent breeds, and it’s impossible to know right away which ones this dog will inherit. The good news is that most people really do adore both breeds, so it’s not unlikely that you will find this is a sweet dog with a lot of affection and love to give, and that will make you feel more confident in your decision to have this dog in the house.

Before you bring this chiweenie home to call your own, do yourself a favor and get to know the breed a bit first. The more you know, the more certain you will be that you are making the right decision in bringing home a dog of this nature. When you go blind into a new dog, you might find out too late that the dog does not work well with your family dynamic and that you are not the right family for this little dog. Get to know the chiweenie and then make your decision.

Personality and Temperament

As we previously stated, it’s almost impossible to know what you are going to get as far as personality when you go with a chiweenie. It might be more like a Chihuahua, more like a Dachshund, an excellent mixture of both or any type of mixture of each one. It is a risk you take when you opt for a designer dog like a chiweenie. However, it’s a good bet your chiweenie will be quite friendly. Dachshunds are very friendly dogs, and Chihuahuas are with those they are familiar with. They’re very smart animals with a high level of intelligence, which makes them easy to train and very obedient.

However, you do have to be consistent and firm with this breed since they do have a stubborn streak. With so much energy, the chiweenie is known to bark from time to time, especially when something drives by or someone comes to the door. Very loyal and very affectionate, you are going to be hard-pressed to find another dog with as much love to give as this little dog. He has a lot to offer in the love department, and he will work very hard to please you so that you will offer him the love and affection that he so desires and deserves. Like a Chihuahua, though, the chiweenie is likely to pick favorites in the family and want to spend the most time with that person. Don’t be offended if it’s not you; it’s not you, it’s just the dog.

Lifestyle and Expectation

The first thing to know about the chiweenie is that it’s not a big dog at all. It’s a small dog all the way. With a long body and any number of features that might appear more like one parent than the other, or very similar to both, it might look like anything you might be able to imagine these two dogs might look when put together. There is a chance you might have a very small one if you have a dachshund that is a miniature to breed. However, the chiweenie could be as big as 24 pounds, and it might even be smaller. The face might look like either, or a mixture of the two parent breeds.

The good news is that the chiweenie is a very healthy designer breed. It’s often known that many hybrids suffer from a number of health issues that their parents bring to the genetic table. However, this is not a dog with any health issues of that nature. Relatively healthy with the exception of common health problems or the diagnosis of any disease or illness that could happen to any dog, you’re going to like your chances with the chiweenie. Some actually believe that the chiweenie is healthier than its parent breeds due to selective breeding, but there is no proof that this is accurate information.

You might expect to spend the next 12 to 15 years living with the chiweenie. They are long living dogs with good health and a lot of love. This is a breed with a lot of energy, however, so exercise is a must. The chiweenie is fond of long walks and time in the yard playing and having fun, so consider how much time you have for these activities before you bring your dog home. He is not as much a lap dog as some other breeds that are this small in stature. Daily exercise, however, is required since this dog is so active. If it’s left to its own devices and not paid proper attention, you can expect that your chiweenie might find itself in a little bit of trouble, so it’s a good idea to keep it exercised and spend some time with it doing fun activities on a daily basis.

Breed History

A very new breed, there is not much to say about the chiweenie except that it’s a dog that hasn’t been around that long. It was discovered by breeding a Chihuahua and a dachshund together and forming a dog that people love. Since it’s a highly coveted breed, it is unlikely you will find this breed just hanging out in rescues and shelters looking for a new family. However, you will find plenty of breeders and prices range from as little as $100 to over $500. While we always recommend adopting and not shopping, we can’t tell you what to do when it comes to choosing a new dog for your family.

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