Dog Bravely Saves Owner Who Had a Seizure During Walk

Dogs are the epitome of compassion, loyalty, and unconditional love. It has been said that the dog is happiest when it is with its owner and that only the dog is able to love another being more than it loves itself. It thus isn’t a surprise that the dog has been labeled man’s best friend. According to this survey, people who own dogs are happier than those who own cats or other kinds of pets. Since the beginning of time, there have been thousands, maybe millions, of cases where the dog has saved the owner from life-threatening conditions, such as drowning and fighting off predatory animals. The raison d’etre of this article is to highlight one of these cases, one that happened fairly recently.

One morning in early spring, Haley Moore was walking her dog, Clover, along the streets of Stittsville, a suburban area in Ottawa. Halley was used to taking her dog for a walk, and on this normal morning in March, she did what was now part of her habit and routine. That being said, something happened that wasn’t quite normal. Out of the blue, Haley suddenly collapsed and began having a seizure. At the time this was happening, there was no one on the street who could offer Haley the help she so desperately needed. Nobody except for her dog, Clover. A CCTV footage obtained from a security system from a neighbor’s house shows Haley dropping unconscious. Immediately after this happened, Clover swung into action. The video footage shows the pup jumping into the middle of the road, which prompted a passing driver, Dryden Oatway, to stop his vehicle and exit. Once he had done so, he put one and two together after he saw Haley collapsed on the road’s pavement.

Apple of my eye

One of the most interesting things about this situation was that Clover never removed her eyes and concentration from Haley. Even after she jumped smack in the middle of the road, she did so by backing in. This initially surprised the driver, Dryden. Additionally, even though Glover knew that Dryden could offer her mistress in distress help, she kept her distance from Dryden, while also ensuring that her owner was okay and being taken care of. It wasn’t long after that Clover was able to track down another passerby for help. From the eyewitnesses’ account, it was perfectly clear that Glover did not want to leave her guardian. Eventually, though, after it became evident that help had arrived and that Haley would be okay, Glover decided to head home and inform the rest of the family of what had happened. When Haley’s parents noticed that the dog was at home without Haley and that the dog was angsted up, they decided to follow her. Glover leads Haley’s parents to the scene of the incident, where they were greeted by paramedics.


Once Haley eventually awoke, she was fairly surprised to find herself in the back of an ambulance that was headed to the hospital. Initially, she did not comprehend what exactly was going on but was eventually filled in on all the details of what happened. At the moment, Haley has been discharged from the hospital, and she is at home taking care of herself. That being said, the cause of the seizure and eventual collapse was not identified. Notwithstanding, Haley’s parents, and Haley herself, have said that if anything were to happen, they feel ten times safe knowing that Glover is around to save the day. Not all heroes wear capes, goes the adage.

Glovers all around

As mentioned earlier, there is a myriad of cases where dogs have helped when their owners were in distress. A quintessence of this can be seen with guide dogs. For those that are visually impaired, using dogs to move about is an effective and efficient way to do so. There are also mobility assistance dogs that offer support for those having difficulties moving about. There are a plethora of other trained dogs that help disabled people. Dogs such as allergy detection dogs, seizure response dogs, and autism support dogs are each trained in order to complete specific tasks, thus making it easy to move about. Having appreciated this, it is important to understand how to deal with the situation in case you are approached by a dog, as is the case with Glover and Haley. As Forbes reports, a dog can help you live a long and healthy life.

A service dog is easy to identify. Though the color may change from state to state and country to county, most service dogs have a ‘guide dog’ or ‘service dog’ vest. They are trained to make sure that their owners get what they need, and can also make sure that help is sought in the event that the owner is in an accident. If a service dog approached you without an owner nearby, you need to know that it is asking you for help in relation to the condition of the dog’s owner. You need to pay extreme attention to the body language and the cues that the dog may be throwing at you. Service dogs are trained to look for help in case of emergency, and thus you should not swat the dog. It is essential that you keep calm throughout the process. Once you are as certain as possible that you are needed, follow the dog to where it will lead you. Do not be scared to where the dog is leading you to.  Once you get there, make sure that you call for the paramedics as quickly as possible. If you cannot help the person, don’t even try to, lest you aggravate the injury, or injuries, already incurred. If you have basic first aid training, you can go ahead and try and make sure that the person is breathing properly, and as comfortable as possible while you wait for the paramedics to arrive.

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