Pit Bull Brothers Emotionally Sing To Deceased Father After Getting Adopted

In early 2020, a group of hikers at Mee Canyon, Colorado, observed smoke emanating from the bottom of the canyon. Upon closer examination, they discovered a man in distress, calling for assistance.

Due to the inaccessible nature of the location, the hikers contacted the authorities, prompting the dispatch of a helicopter to survey the area. The rescue team, aboard the helicopter, subsequently located the individual, who was visibly gesturing for help in the vicinity of a fire he had started.

This action not only resulted in the successful rescue of the individual, but also the preservation of the lives of two accompanying canines. It is unfortunate to note that the man’s companion did not survive a tragic hiking incident, however, the survival of their two dogs was a silver lining in the situation.

An Unfortunate Fatal Fall

Prior to the incident, an individual by the name of Kris Busching, a professional tattoo artist, had been participating in a hiking excursion alongside his two canines, Tonka and Little P, and a companion named Mark.

Unfortunately, the group became disoriented and were unable to utilize telecommunications to request assistance. In an effort to extricate themselves from the predicament, Mr. Busching attempted to descend the canyon with his two dogs, however, he unfortunately lost his footing and all three individuals were precipitated.

Dogs Brought to Safety

Upon impact of the fall, Kris Busching unfortunately passed away. However, the two canines, Tonka and Little P, were able to survive the incident. Mr. Busching’s companion, Mark, was unable to reach them and subsequently hiked as far as possible.

Despite his efforts, he was still unable to establish communication with emergency services. In an attempt to signal for assistance, he constructed a fire which was subsequently noticed by nearby hikers.

Emergency medical care was immediately provided to Mark as soon as he was airlifted by the helicopter. Subsequently, the remains of Kris Busching were recovered and the two surviving canines were also rescued.

Tonka and Little P, the two canines involved in the incident, remained at the side of Kris Busching throughout the entirety of Mark’s absence. Tonka sustained significant injuries, yet his devotion to his human companion never wavered.

Mark, in turn, remained by the side of the canines during their medical treatment at the veterinarian until they were sufficiently stable for travel. He subsequently brought them to the bereaved family of Kris Busching.

Unfortunately, none of the family members were able to commit to long-term care for both canines as they already had their own pets to care for.

In light of this situation, Kris’ cousin, Crysti, who had recently adopted a canine from the rescue organization, Mr. Bones & Co., informed them of the predicament faced by Tonka and Little P.

The rescue organization promptly took the two canines into their rehabilitation program. Tonka’s injuries were more severe than Little P’s, requiring extensive medical treatment. Little P, however, displayed a remarkable show of affection towards his brother, consistently showering him with kisses before every procedure.

My family and I knew we couldn’t keep them because we all had other dogs, and learning to be around other dogs at this point of Tonka’s life would be too much for him,” Crysti said. “Not only that, but we needed someone who would give them a similar life to what my cousin did.”

Due to the nature of Tonka’s injuries, it was necessary for the brothers to be temporarily separated during his recovery process. Tonka was placed in a foster home while Crysti temporarily cared for Little P at her own residence.

Despite the affection and love shown towards the canines by Crysti and her family members, it was determined that they were unable to provide the level of care and quality of life that the duo deserved.

As a result, the decision was made to seek a new, permanent home where the two canines could continue to reside together.

Fortuitously, it was not a prolonged process for Tonka and Little P to find an appropriate home. Once both had fully recovered from their injuries, a couple, Brandon and Heilea, expressed interest in adopting them both.

Upon meeting their potential new guardians, the Pit Bull brothers both emitted joyful howls. Tonka, who is typically more vocal, and Little P, who is typically more reserved, appeared to be expressing their contentment in a manner reminiscent of singing to their previous companion, Kris Busching.

Brandon and Heilea have taken significant efforts to ensure that the memory of Kris Busching remains present in the lives of Tonka and Little P.

They have prominently displayed a photograph of Kris with the canines in their home and utilize food bowl stands crafted by Kris’ cousin, which bear the inscription “In loving memory of Kris Busching” on the wooden surface.

Both canines, having experienced much adversity, are now thriving in their new home with their new family. Brandon and Heilea are making every effort to ensure the well-being and happiness of both dogs.

Although their lives have undergone significant change, the memory of Kris Busching remains an enduring presence in their hearts

Sadly, Tonka passed away around Halloween that year, but he was blessed to have several wonderful months with his new family. Now, he’s reunited with his dad again.

Here’s the emotional video. 

Little P misses both Kris and Tonka greatly, but he’ll keep getting spoiled in his forever home. To see what the sweet Pit Bull is up to, you can check out his Instagram page.

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