Pit Bull Rescued After Being Trapped in a Porta Potty

When you use a portable potty in a public place, you never quite know what you will find inside in terms of cleanliness and condition. What you would not expect to find is an abandoned dog. However, that is exactly what happened to a woman who was using a portable restroom in a park in Michigan. I Heart Dogs reported that the woman was walking through the Michigan park when she suddenly needed the toilet and decided to use the portable restroom. When the woman opened the porta-potty door, she was met with a shocking sight.

Inside the porta-potty, a dog had been abandoned and was shut in a crate that had been sealed with sip-ties. The dog had not been left with any food or water, so it was hungry and dehydrated. The temperature outside was cold, so the dog was sat shivering in its manmade prison. As soon as she saw the dog, the woman immediately sprung into action. She cut the zip-ties on the crate straight away and called for help. The Pit Bull was then taken to the Harbor Humane Society, and they decided to call the dog Jon. The staff and volunteers at this shelter hailed the actions of the woman, describing her as a human angel. They said if she had not acted when she did, then the dog may have died. Therefore, it is likely that the woman saved Jon’s life. Jon was also grateful that he had been rescued from the porta-potty as he smothered the staff at the center with sloppy kisses.

It is unclear how long Jon had been left in the porta-potty, and nobody knows his background. However, it does not seem as though he was physically abused in any way as he seems a happy and healthy dog. It looks as though he had been previously well cared for before he was abandoned. This is what makes his case so strange as most dogs that have been abandoned in such a heartless way have been abused in the past. Since arriving at the shelter, animal control has been made aware of the situation and they have been trying to find out more about Jon’s background, including trying to trace his former owners. Unfortunately, their search has been in vain and nobody has come forward with any information. In the meantime, Jon has settled in well at the shelter and is adjusting to his new life.

Now, the staff at the shelter are working hard to find Jon a forever home, and they hope it will not be too long before someone falls in love with the adorable dog and wants to take him home. Despite his rough past, Jon has an adorable personality. Not only is he extremely happy, but he is also a friendly dog that loves spending time with human companions. Jon also enjoys playing with his toys as he has a playful nature. Jennifer Nuernberg is one of the staff at Harbor Humane. She says that he is a sweet and well-mannered dog that everyone working at the shelter has fallen in love with after spending time with him. Although they all think he has a wonderful personality, there is still a lot to learn about the Pit Bull.

They are not sure if the dog is up to date with his vaccinations, so this is something they need to arrange. Also, they do not know his age or if he suffers from any health conditions. Jon will have a full health check before he is ready for adoption. Once he has been given a full bill of health, the team can concentrate their efforts on helping him to find a new home. Nuernberg is confident that Jon is a healthy dog, so she doesn’t envisage any issues in finding him a new home. She has said he is in good spirits and it seems that he is in good shape. At the moment, the staff is just taking good care of him and making his life as enjoyable as possible until he has a forever home. While Jon’s story may seem surprising, dogs being abandoned in strange places is more common than you think. Many are just tossed away like trash with no care for the dog’s future well-being.

An example of this is the puppy who was found in a dumpster by waste management employees. ABC Action News reported that the six-month-old puppy was found in a dumpster at a gas station in Bradenton. The puppy was first spotted by two waste management employees when they were about to empty the dumpster into their truck. As soon as they saw the dog, they stopped emptying the dumpster and pulled the dog free from the trash. Although the dog was scared, she had not suffered any injuries. They handed the dog over to a Manatee County Animal Service officer who took the dog inside the store for some food and water. The officer also checked for a microchip, but the dog was not fitted with such a device. The dog was then taken to a shelter where her health was fully assessed. Thankfully, the dog was given a clean bill of health and she is now awaiting adoption.

Those who found the dog said that it had angered them to think that someone could just toss a harmless puppy into the trash, knowing that it would most likely lead to her death. Thankfully, this was not the case because she was spotted and rescued. If the waste management employees had not seen her in time the story would have a very different ending. It is important to note that it is illegal to abandon a dog in a public place, like Jon and the puppy found in the dumpster. Any person found to have abandoned an animal in such a way faces criminal prosecution which may result in a hefty fine or even imprisonment.

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