This Pocket Pitbull Has Been Waiting Nearly 1000 Days For A Home

We all know about those sad commercials with the dogs that are stuck in shelters, waiting for their forever families to come to the rescue to bring them to their new home. Well, we have found a puppy that has been waiting over 1000 days to find his forever home with a new family. That is over three years. This pup has been through quite a bit since 2016 when he was first brought to the initial shelter, and the hope is that this light that is shed on his story will bring him the family and love that he so badly deserves. With that said, let’s get started with the story of little Meatball.

1. Where Troubles Began

Meatball’s story begins in the summer months of 2016, when he was brought to a local animal shelter in Los Angeles by his owner, who was unfortunately having to surrender him. Although it is tragic to see an animal have to go through such a time, it was only a matter of days before one of the local rescue groups in the area decided to take Meatball under their wing to help him find a brand new loving home. However, his story doesn’t end there. Meatball was with the rescue organization for about a year when the group went belly up, and was shut down.
Without knowing what would become of Meatball and the other dogs that were part of the rescue organization, it would take a lot of prayers to find him a new home. Fortunately, the Santa Clarita Tails and Scales Animal Rescue swooped in to save the day, and they brought Meatball to their organization to once again look for a forever home for the pup. But even with a new in between home while the search continued, the volunteers saw weeks go by with all potential adoptive families turning the other cheek. For the time being, Meatball still resides with Tails and Scales, still in search of a family and a house to call home.

2. Meatball is a shorter and stockier Pitbull mix

He may not be much of a looker, but he truly has a heart of gold. There are also other settings in which Meatball would be much happier. For starters, it would be best for the pup to find a home where there aren’t any children or any other pets in the mix; This is not because he is aggressive by any means! However, Meatball has a tendency to not realize his size or spacial recognition, and will bulldoze anyone who might be in the way on accident. Meatball is always ready to play and go on adventures, and will always be there to show his loyalty and make you the happiest human you could possibly be. Although he does have some flaws, and some unique features (such as his cropped ears), he is truly one of the sweetest dogs that you could ever meet.
Meatball is also completely ready to be in a home health wise! He is neutered, and is also completely vaccinated. Meatball is also microchipped in the event that he would get loose, and is also completely kennel trained. The volunteers at Tails and Scales Rescue have also offered his new owners a total of nine free training lessons to enroll Meatball so that he is ready to go in his new setting.

It can be hard not to feel sorry for pups, and other animals, who get abandoned by their owners, left to lead a life of uncertainty when it comes to finding a forever home or owners that will love them unconditionally. However, in this case, we have hope that Meatball the Pocket Pitbull will find his forever home in no time. Although he has been finding it difficult these past three years to find that special someone, there is no stopping this friendly and loving pooch. If you were moved by Meatball’s story, or would like more information on him or other animals that are part of the rescue organization, you can contact the Tails and Scales Animal Rescue in Santa Clarita for more information. You can also find information on how you can help the organization through donations and other volunteer support as well.

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