Dog’s Annoyed Response to Newborn Baby Crying Is Cracking People Up

Nothing compares to the sheer adorableness of a baby, especially when they’re peacefully asleep, snug and tranquil. Emphasizing the tranquility.

You need only inquire with the dog belonging to TikTok user @amandamatuszewski, who adores the baby but isn’t quite as fond of the baby’s sounds!

LOL! Oh boy, we can totally relate! That baby is undeniably precious, but we could all do without the crying, and we’re willing to bet that Mama feels the same way!


He loves the baby but hates the crying.. LMAO #babyanddogs #momsoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #bernedoodle #newborns

♬ original sound – Amanda Matuszewski

TikTok users are wholeheartedly sympathetic, and Lani comments, “At first, the dog tried to comfort the baby, but then gave up!” @Leslie chimes in, saying, “The dog is like, ‘I’ve had enough.’ LOL! Maybe the dog felt bad that it couldn’t help the baby more.” @Stacy contributes, “The dog is probably thinking, ‘Can you please be quiet for just one minute?'” @Crown amusingly adds, “The dog is afraid it’ll be blamed.” LOL! @Daynell shares their own experience, mentioning, “I played this video for my dog, and he’s fast asleep, didn’t even flinch.” @Victoria humorously suggests, “The dog is probably wondering, ‘Where can I return this?'” Sorry, pup, no refunds or exchanges!

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