Mobile Pet Groomer Makes Career of Lifelong Love of Dogs and Other Animals

For a lot of dog lovers, being able to spend their day grooming dogs and making them look and feel beautiful, would be a dream come true. For one dog lover, Amy Lupcho, she has not only gotten to make that dream a reality, but she has taken her dream job on the road.

Lupcho recently talked with The News-Post, saying she has always loved dogs and after spending time working in a retail store as a groomer, she’s now recently opened her own mobile dog grooming service that allows her to go to customers’ homes and give them the services they need, whether it’s just a bath or simple trim they need, or a full cut, or a bath and a cut. Lupecho calls her business, Classy Cuts and she does all the grooming right in her van. Depending on the type of groom the dog needs, it can take an hour or two to complete the job, she says. Then they go right back into their home, and Lupcho is on her way to the next. No driving is needed on the owner’s part, and the dog doesn’t have to go far from home.

Lupcho was asked more details about her business. The News-Post wanted to know if she groomed any size dog, which the answer to that was, yes. She says that she grooms any type of dog, from a Chihuahua to a Newfoundland. The news reporter was also curious to know if any type of dog was harder than the others. Lupcho’s answer to that, was “no.” She says that all dogs are good to groom, although short-haired dogs tend to be quicker and easier to groom as opposed to long-haired breeds, and longer haired dogs will cost a bit more to groom due to the extra time and detail it takes. But she says that the extra money is worth it for the owners because they don’t have to drive anywhere to get their dog groomed. For a lot of people who find it hard to get their dog to the groomer, starting with just getting the dog in the car, then the gas and time it takes to get there and back, plus the pick-up drive, this is a much more convenient way to groom your pet.

The News-Post wanted to know how she got started in the business, to which Lupcho replied, saying that it was about two years ago when she owned a Golden retriever named Rusty. She would take Rusty to a local retail pet store for grooming and upon one visit, they told her they were hiring grooming apprentices if she had an interest. They explained that they would teach her how to groom dogs, and everything that goes with it. She thought it sounded interesting and why not, especially because she’d always wanted to try it and she loved animals. Lupcho said that she soon found out that she really loved doing it. Now, it’s her heart and passion. She explained how she really loves seeing the clients and the animals and making them all “happy and squeaky clean.”

Lupcho said that she had pets all of her life. Right now her pet is 11 year old Rusty, whom she’s had since he was 6 weeks old. As a kid, she was always raised around dogs and cats, even farm animals and exotic animals. She told the news channel that she knows a lot about a lot of different animals and even more knowledgeable about dogs, the different breeds, and what they were bred for.

When asked about her grooming van, Lupcho described how she came to getting the van, which she said was through Wag’n Tails Mobile Conversions out of Illinois, which is located near South Bend, Indiana. Lupchos flew to Chicago and drove the van back home. The vehicle is a diesel van and is equipped with everything she needs, like a full-sized stainless steel tub, a hydraulic table, water, electricity hookup, a dryer, A/C and heating, and radio system. She says that she keeps it neat and clean, doing a deep-clean on the van every night. Not only does she want her clients to step into a clean van for their appointment, but this also prevents germs and bacteria from getting spread from one dog to the next.

The News-Post wanted to know what Lupcho thought was the hardest part about dog grooming, which she explained was that it’s some dogs, they are just not the most patient. She said that dogs are really a lot like people in that they all  have their own personalities. Some dogs may not like grooming at all, some may tolerate it, and still others may love it. She says that for the ones that don’t, you just have to be more patient with them. You have to figure out a dog’s strengths and weaknesses and work with them.
Right now, Lupcho just grooms dogs. She currently isn’t grooming cats or other animals, but when asked about cats, Lupcho says that she has helped with cat grooming before but she’s never personally or physically done cat grooming before. And since she hasn’t really ever done cats before then she will just stick to dogs, for now anyways.

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