This Adoption Ad For a Woman’s Dog Goes Viral


Christine Clauder has been fostering dogs for some time now, but she’s never had one quite like Hank, the Siberian Black Mouth Cur with piercing blue eyes who has challenged her in every way possible. As such, she recently made a lot of waves when she created a very unique social media post in an attempt to try to find a permanent home for him, one that she says is well-suited to Hank’s personality. According to Clauder herself, it all comes back to finding someone who would be the perfect owner for this unique and challenging dog that has made her question whether or not she should have ever fostered him in the first place, in all the best ways possible.

How It All Began

Clauder wasn’t exactly searching for a dog to foster when Hank came into her life. In fact, she was just going about the normal business of her day when he ‘introduced’ himself to her. He accomplished this by literally jumping through the open window of her car, crashing into her and other members of her family, all while grabbing the snacks that the family had taken with them for the day and devouring them all in a matter of seconds. Clauder felt sorry for the dog because he had clearly been abandoned for some time. She says that he was extremely malnourished and completely covered in fleas. Not wanting to leave him to fend for himself, she ended up taking him home so she could nurse him back to health. As a matter of fact, she says that it took her several months to get him to a point where he was ready to be adopted from a physical standpoint. Of course, during that time she has worked to try and give him as much training as possible, something that she says he hadn’t had any experience with when he first came to live with her. She also notes in her social media post that he is intelligent and is trainable, but he is not yet fully trained, as she doesn’t have a lot of extra time to donate to the process.

A Uniques Post for an Equally Unique Dog

There is no question that Clauder’s post on social media is one of the most unique adoption posts to come along in quite some time. It’s funny, it’s quite tongue-in-cheek and it’s filled with expletives. This might put some people off, but CLauder is quick to point out that anyone who is put off by the way the post is written is probably not the best fit to adopt Hank. In fact, she wrote that post the way she did after a great deal of thought, wanting to create a post that was reflective of the type of person it might take to give Hank a forever home where he will be genuinely loved. She says that the dog is intelligent, loving and even clingy. He likes to get into things he probably shouldn’t get into and he’s headstrong, like most dogs that have a bit of Husky in them. According to Clauder, anybody that is planning to adopt this dog needs to have some experience with dogs and needs to know exactly what they are getting into before they take him. That is precisely why she wrote the post to be unique, as she wanted it to reflect both his personality and the type of personality one might need in order to successfully deal with him.

Hank Just Wants Love

One of the things that Clauder has repeatedly pointed out in her interesting and funny post is that Hank gets along well with children and other pets, including cats. In fact, he likes to play with the cats in Clauder’s family so much that they often see him coming and decide to seek refuge from his antics. It isn’t that he tries to hurt them, he just likes to play a lot more often (and for a lot longer) than they tend to want to. Clauder has repeatedly stated that Hank needs someone who has a great deal of energy and time to spend with him, as the dog has almost endless bounds of energy and wants to be by your side all the time.

A Post with Genuine Personality

The post that Clauder created for Hank has so much personality that it’s bound to make most people laugh out loud when they read it. It includes information about Hank’s personality, but it’s written like you would write a monologue for a comedian on a late night talk show. One of the lines in the post says that everyone in the family is ‘tired of Hank’ because of sheer exhaustion and that it is ‘like he drank all of their coffee.’ A little bit further into the post, she comments on how blue Hank’s eyes are, saying that they look like the ocean. She then follows that up directly with a comment about how that same pristine ocean was also responsible for the sinking of the Titanic. The post has been created in conjunction with a rescue organization called Friends4Life, and so far they have had a lot of inquiries. That said, Clauder isn’t quick to let Hank go to just any home. She wants him to go to the right person, someone that will love him for the rest of his life. As such, she plans on holding on to him until both she and the organization she is working with are positive that they have found the right individuals. Considering the fact that Hank can be a bit of a challenge, it’s probably a good idea that they are taking things slowly. No one wants to find themselves in a situation where Hank is adopted, only to be rehomed a few short months later. Worse yet, no one wants to find out that Hank has been turned out onto the streets once again. Clauder knows there is someone out there with a personality that will perfectly match Hank’s. It’s just a matter of finding that person.

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