Dog Refuses to Leave Porch After Family Moves Away

Dogs are known as being animals that are very loyal to their human companions. Once they are a part of a family, they want to spend as much time with them as possible and will protect them no matter what. In some sad cases, a dog will continue to show its loyalty, even after a family has abandoned them. I Heart Dogs reported the story of a dog from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. When the brown dog’s family packed up their things and moved to a different area, they didn’t take their dog with them. He had seen them packed up their boxes and drive away from the house, so the dog thought that he would just wait until they came back for him. Although his family had abandoned him, the dog continued to show his loyalty by sleeping on the porch of his home. It was as though he was waiting for his family to come back for him, and that he thought if he sat there for long enough they were sure to return. Heartbreakingly, his family never returned.

Several neighbors called the Speranza Animal Rescue to report that it appeared the dog had been abandoned. The founder of the shelter, Janine Guido, told The Dodo that although the neighbors had reported the dog had been abandoned, nobody seemed to know any more about where the family had gone or why they had left their dog behind. Guido spoke to several people in the local area, and nobody knew anything about the dog and only that the family had moved. When Guido arrived at the property, she attempted to approach the dog, which they have since renamed Cupid. As soon as Cupid saw Guido, he ran back to the front door of his home and began scratching on the door begging for someone to let him inside. Of course, nobody came. He was clearly confused about the whereabouts of his family and who the strange woman was who was trying to interact with him.

With nobody at home to feed him, it is believed that Cupid survived by eating out of dumpsters. As it was unlikely that Cupid had enjoyed a decent meal since his family moved, Guido decided that food was a good strategy to use in capturing him. She spent the next half an hour trying to entice Cupid with food and chasing him around the nearby alleys. However, this strategy did not work, and Cupid was still reluctant to allow Guido to approach him. She needed to think of a new strategy to make Cupid trust her enough for him to get into her car. Guido then came up with a genius idea, as she realized that what Guido needed was some comfort. So, she started to say comforting things to him in a calming voice. It seemed to work as Cupid walked right up to Guido and allowed her to put the leash on him. Guido said that she is sure that Cupid could understand every word she was saying and that this made him understand that she was only trying to help him.

Guido shared Cupid’s story on the Speranza Animal Rescue Facebook page. She posted multiple heartbreaking photographs of the dog accompanied by a caption in the form of a letter aimed at the family that abandoned the sweet dog. In the post, Guido describes how she cried as she put Cupid in her car and how she had talked to him all through the journey back to the shelter so that he was comforted. She knew that it made her sound a little crazy, but it was important to her that Cupid knew what was going on. She went on to say that she was sorry that Cupid had been let down by his family, but she was there to help. Sadly, Cupid is not the only dog that is abandoned in this way. Sometimes people are not interested in having a dog anymore, others cannot afford to care for them any longer, and some people who move are unable to take their pets due to housing regulations and breed-specific rules in some parts of the United States.

Even if a family has a valid reason for not taking their dog with them when they move, to simply abandon them is heartless. There are many other alternatives that mean a person could give up their dog in a way that ensures their safety and well-being. For example, they could hand their dog over to an animal shelter or ask around to see if friends or family are willing to give the dog a loving home. This way, you are free to move on with your life, but the dog also has a safe place to stay where they are cared for and fed. By leaving a dog with no home and without a fresh supply of food and water, you are putting them at risk of dehydration, starvation, hypothermia, accidents, and infections. All these situations could ultimately lead to the death of a dog.

After reading this story, you are probably wondering what happened next after he was rescued by Guido. According to an update from the shelter, Cupid is settling into the shelter well. However, he still needs to settle a little more after his ordeal, and the shelter are arranging for him to get neutered. Cupid will not be ready for adoption until he has been neutered. Despite not being ready for adoption, the shelter has already received more than 50 applications from people wanting to welcome him into their home. He has clearly attracted a lot of attention and there is a strong chance of a successful adoption. Although Cupid has gone through a terrible ordeal, he now has the opportunity to start over with a new family in a loving environment. He would clearly make a wonderful dog for any family, as he has already demonstrated his loyalty.

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