World Loves Dog Who Makes First Trip to Target

Most puppies love to explore new things and environments. When dogs are young, they have naturally inquisitive natures, and this means that anything new is exciting for them. One dog who loves to have new adventures and visit new places is Zira, a four-month-old Corgi/ Aussie Mix. This little pup has recently had her first trip to Target. When her mom captured Zira’s reaction to her day out and then shared it on social media, the world fell in love with the young pup. According to I Heart Dogs, Zira’s human mom is Jesse Donovan, and she loves to go shopping. One of her favorite shops is Target, and she decided she wanted to share her shopping experience in this store with Zira. There are millions of people who are dedicated Target shoppers and love to shop in these stores, but Jesse could not have predicted that Zira would become one of the store’s biggest fans. The second that Zira laid eyes on the store, she perked up and put her feet up on the shopping cart so that she could get a better look at her exciting new surroundings.

Jesse has described Zira’s position in the cart as being like that of Rose in the iconic scene in ‘Titanic’ when she stands on the ship’s stern. Just looking at Zira, Jesse could tell that her little dog loved the store so much. Jesse drove Zira through the aisles in the cart, and the dog just continued to get more excited as she traveled through the store. At one point, Zira’s jaw even dropped as though she was so delighted by what she was seeing. As Zira and Jesse walked around the store, Zira’s reactions to her surroundings began to attract the attention of the other shoppers. Seeing the dog so happy as she traveled through the aisles encouraged many shoppers to go over to meet her. As Zira is such a friendly dog who loves meeting new people, so many friendly shoppers coming to introduce themselves made her trip to Target even more exciting.

Jesse describes how one woman saw them as they were rounding the corner. According to Jesse, the woman totally freaked out and repeatedly told Jesse that she couldn’t believe how cute her dog was. Of course, Zira lapped up all the attention, and she began licking the woman. This made the woman all in love with Zira even more, and she decided to pick her up so that Zira could kiss her face. As Zira’s reaction to her visit to Target delighted the other customers so much, Jesse decided that she would also share the experience on social media. Jesse posted some of the pics of their visit to the store on the family Instagram account. When people saw the picture of Zira riding in the cart with her eyes lit up in delight and her jaw hanging open in amazement, everyone fell in love with her. It wasn’t long before the Donovan family’s Instagram account had more than 52.1 thousand followers.

On the Instagram account, Jesse and her husband Kasey post a wide variety of updates relating to the family’s adventures together. Followers can learn about the lives of Jesse, Kasey, Zira, and Zira’s Corgi-Mix sibling, Ellie. Zira’s sibling is just as adorable as she is, so this Instagram is a fantastic one to follow if you want to see a regular dose of doggy cuteness. Zira and Ellie are not the only reason to follow this Instagram account, as there is another cute member of the Donovan family for people to enjoy watching. Jesse and Kasey, from California, have also presented their baby son to the world on their social media accounts. They have called him Atticus Flynn, and he is absolutely adorable. The long list of followers of this account are enjoying seeing the regular updates of what the family gets up to, and they love the adorable photographs of Zira and her sibling. Others love to see how baby Atticus Flynn is growing. Whatever your preference, there is something cute for you to enjoy if you follow this account.

Since Zira attracted attention to herself when she took her first trip to Target, very little has changed about her life. She now continues to enjoy taking regular shopping trips with Jesse and Ellie, which is something that still delights both dogs. They love riding around in the cart, enjoying the different surroundings, and meeting new people. Zira and Ellie are far from alone when it comes to animals becoming online sensations with their own Instagram accounts simply by going about their daily business and being naturally cute. There are many pets with millions of followers, something that most humans can only aspire to achieve. According to TIME, the most popular doggy Instagram account in 2019 was that of Jiffpom, a Pomeranian. Not only has this dog got more than nine million followers, but he is also the holder of several Guinness World Records. The dog is now so famous that human celebrities, including Ariana Grande, are queueing up to have their photograph taken with the dog.

Another canine Instagram star is Doug the Pug, who has 3.7 million followers. Like Jiffpom, Doug the Pug’s Instagram account also includes celebrity cameos, including photos with Chrissy Teigen and Halsey. Doug the Pug is loved so much because of his cute wrinkles and his trendy dog outfits. It is not just dogs who are making their name on Instagram, as there are many famous cats, too. The biggest celebrity in the feline category is Grumpy Cat, whose real name is Tardar Sauce. She has become a star of social media simply for having the grumpiest cat face you will ever see. To date, the cat has around 2.4 million followers on Instagram.

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