Man Who Left Pit Puppy to Drown Sentenced to 1 Year in Prison

There is little that animal lovers hate more than reading stories about animal neglect. Except, that is, for stories about animals that have been left to die. Back in August 2018, there was one story that hit the headlines that left animal lovers shocked and heartbroken, and now there have been recent updates in relation to that case. Many websites and newspapers reported a story about a man leaving his Pit Bull pup to die, including CBS New York. It was a story so shocking that it attracted a huge amount of attention and it went viral on social media. The story sent shockwaves across the United States as people were so horrified by the actions of one cruel man. The initial reports stated that the authorities in Monmouth County, New Jersey, had issued a warrant for the arrest of 36-year-old Aaron Davis of Long Beach. It was claimed that Davis had left his Pit Bull puppy trapped in a cage on Highlands Beach. Monmouth County Prosecutors took to Twitter to ask for any witnesses with information to come forward.

It is believed that Davis left the dog on the beach on a Sunday night. As the river rose, the pup was trapped partially underwater for three hours. Effectively, the pup was left to die by Davis as if the water had risen any further, the pup would have drowned. It is only thanks to the tides being relatively low that the pup survived. The following morning, a woman was walking her dog in Veterans Memorial Park when she spotted the poor pup on the rocks. She climbed over to rescue the pup and take him to safety. She decided to call the dog River, and she said at the time that she intended to adopt him herself. The authorities were able to identify Davis as the pup’s owner, as it was fitted with a microchip. This led to police putting out statements on Facebook asking for people to come forward if they knew of Davis’ whereabouts. They also asked for people to get in touch if they knew anything about the exact events of the night when River was left in a cage on the beach to drown.

Since the initial reports, 18-months have passed with little or no information relating to the story making it into the media. This left many people who had read the initial reports wondering if Davis was ever brought to justice for his actions. Now, new information has been released regarding this case. According to I Heart Dogs, Aaron Davis appeared in court for sentencing in December 2019. The jury found Davis guilty of his charges, and the judge sentenced him to one year in jail. Hopefully, animal lovers will think that justice has now been served to a man who condemned his pup to such a cruel fate. At the sentencing, Davis’ attorney, Adamo Ferreira, pleaded for a reduction to his clients’ sentence. He argued that Davis had already served 44 days in jail since his arrest. He asked for a reduction in the sentence to the time he had already served. He also referenced Davis’ former good character and the fact that he is a loving father and son with family responsibilities.

However, sentence reduction was denied by the sentencing judge, Judge Marc LeMieux. He defended his decision by arguing that Davis’ act of cruelty meant that the pup was left in a situation where he was fearing his own demise as every wave lashed against him. Leaving the pup in a location where he could drown was despicable. Judge LeMieux also said that many people see their dog as a member of their family. This is something that was highlighted in another report by I Heart Dogs about a state law in Alaska being passed so that dogs are treated in the same way as children during divorce settlements. Judge LeMieux likened Davis’ actions to taking a child away from its home and family. Davis had also denied his own children of their family pet.

Furthermore, Judge LeMieux berated the way that Davis heartlessly disposed of the pup, stating that there were other options open to him that were more humane. For example, he could have given the dog to another family or handed over the pup to a shelter for rehoming. Instead, Davis opted to torture the dog and leave him to die. Although Davis was given the opportunity to respond, he made no further comment to defend or explain his actions. While animal lovers are probably pleased to hear an update about this story and to learn that Dais has received a prison sentence for his crime, many have been left wondering about the fate of River. The last that people heard was that he had been abandoned in a cage, almost drowned, and then was rescued by a woman walking her own dog.

Well, there is a happy ending to this story as River is now safe and well. His life could not be any different now than from when he was a pup that was so unwanted that he was left to die a horrific death. Now, River is a happy and playful dog that is living in a loving home environment with people who want him and love him very much. He has everything he needs in life to keep him safe, happy, and healthy. River is extremely lucky that the tide did not rise any higher that day or he would almost certainly have drowned. He is also lucky that the woman who rescued him was walking her dog when she was, or the little pup may have succumbed to hypothermia. Thankfully, the events of that morning led to him being rescued so that he can now enjoy his second chance in life. Despite having a rough start in life, things are now looking up for River.

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