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There are all kinds of pages worth following on Instagram, but these are some of the best. Forget fashion and travel. What we love about these pages is that they are filled with dogs. And we love dogs. Dogs of all shapes and sizes and located in all places. Some are all by themselves enjoying their lives as only children and others have a few friends with which to get into trouble and enjoy. That’s what we love about these feeds. They are filled with amazing animals that cannot be ignored, and we do love that more than you might know.

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bark box


This is not a Porsche. This is a dog that has some seriously cute pictures and beautiful scenery, and it will make your Insta-feed all that much more beautiful and glamorous in a very dog-lovers paradise kind of manner. This dog is worth it; from posing in the middle of a cool location to frolicking through meadows and fields and making life look that much more entertaining all the way through, this dog is worth the follow.

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This is a white dog with the most beautiful coat you will ever see. What that means for all of us is that we’re going to get some beautiful photos that make our day. This dog is one that may or may not belong to a photographer – we simply do not know. What we do know is that if his owner is not a photographer of some sort, he’s wasting his life not taking photos and making big bucks off of them. I’d hire him in a heartbeat to capture his beautiful photos with my four moving kids.

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He’s not very big in terms of his body, but his personality seems to make up for that in a major way. Leroy is the kind of dog that makes you want to sit back and enjoy the view with so much going on. This gorgeous dog loves to travel, and he’s very fond of Tahoe and San Fran, and most of his photos are there. He loves to pose for his owner, who clearly knows a thing or two about taking photos, and that’s what makes this dog particularly cool. Go ahead and follow Leroy; he’s worth it.

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Skyler, Blue and Willie Nelson

First and foremost, why would you not want to follow a dog by the name of Willie Nelson? What you get here is a couple of pit bulls that really love their cat, and that is enough to make you want to follow this page. The people that own these animals are probably some of the luckiest people around with a trio of adorable animals like this. But we’re not jealous. We get to live vicariously through these dogs without feeding them or cleaning up after them thanks to their Instagram feed.

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Haru posts pictures and videos, and they are all a work of art. This darling dog loves to go out and see the world and some of the most amazing scenery you might ever encounter. That, alone, is worth adding this particular dog to your feed. You will not find a day in which Haru is not making you smile with a beautiful photo of something amazing, and that is what makes this page so special and so worth the follow.

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sonny ray

Sonny Ray

What you are going to get here is a page filled with photos of a pitbull that is happy, smiling, hanging with kids and other animals and basically advocating for the breed everywhere. So many people feel that his breed is not a good one since they’re so ‘dangerous’ as painted by the press and the media, but this page is going to show you that this breed is anything but dangerous and scary. This is one friendly dog with one big smile and one goofy personality.

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Who doesn’t love a Boston terrier? This sweet dog is clearly spoiled, too, and he has the best Instagram account around. He just likes to pose for photos doing nothing more than just being a dog and enjoying life to the fullest. That’s what we love the most about him, too. This dog is hardcore into what he’s doing, and that’s awesome. He likes his life the way that it is, and that’s cool. He’s so cute you’re going to want to follow him regularly, waiting impatiently for new photos to crop up.

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jack jack


She loves bacon and she’s a dog. She has, therefore, won over the hearts of every person ever in the entire world. Who doesn’t love both? This adorable dog is worth the time and lack of effort it takes to follow her Instagram page because she’s about as cute as they come. And she wears a hat on a regular basis. She’s kind of a superhero, and she’s going to make you laugh, smile and want a dog like this of your own (every single day).

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Loki, Otsu and Rohn

These active dogs are cute, active and have a good life. They have a bit too much fun at times, so it seems. These are the dogs that all other dogs want to be, but cannot be. These dogs are seriously so cute that everyone is a little bit envious of their amazing lives, and that’s just too bad for those who aren’t these three. Of course, that doesn’t mean they’re not worth following. They’re totally worth following with their awesomeness.

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Willow and Corbin

Love the names, love the feed. Willow is the animal that gets the most attention on this feed, and it’s clear to see it’s because she has the biggest and most fun personality of the other animals you will see on here. She looks more like a wolf than anything else, and she loves to hike with her family. She’s always in the photos of the family hiking and it’s fun to see her and the landscape in the background. It’s the perfect Instagram account for those who love not only animals but also hiking and nature. Go ahead and follow these dogs. They’re kind of cool.

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Jazzy and Cooper

Other than the fact that these dogs have the coolest names around, they are also really fun to follow on Instagram. They have big personalities, and they show them off on a regular basis. Every time one of these photos pops up on your feed, you will smile. These two have an owner with a seriously good eye for fun photos, and you can see that their personalities are captured in every photo in which they are captured in. Some are posed and some are not, but they are all fun and amazing to see.

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Bark Box

So, technically, this is not the page of a dog. This is a service that delivers an awesome package of surprises to your dog every month for your own personal dog’s enjoyment. But the feed on their Instagram page is too cute to pass up. What we love about this one is that you get a new dog every single day, and that’s kind of awesome. It makes things exciting and surprising, and that’s what really  makes people use this service in the first place, right?

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JackJack, Lady, CharlieBucket, EmmaLous and Sam

This is the life of someone who has so much love for dogs that it’s obvious. There is so much dog cuteness happening on this page that it’s impossible to find yourself in a mood that is anything but good on a regular basis. This is an amazing page to follow since you get to see the dogs growing up, how they interact together and what their lives are like. It is a great page for anyone that loves variety, dogs and happiness.

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Do you love labs? Well, if you do, then you will really love Gracie. She is the picture of perfection in all her Labrador beauty, and she’s impossible not to love. She’s got a personality that clearly shines through her photos, and she will make you smile on a daily basis. She’s so pretty that you won’t be able to ignore the fact that she is right there on your feed every single day. We love this do g because she’s beautiful, and we love everyone that loves her enough to follow.

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Niner is a doggie model that’s been all over the internet for a while now, but that is not why you should follow this dog. You should follow this dog because he is totally awesome. He’s got a seriously amazing owner who really does know how to take some seriously amazing photos, which  makes the feed so great. Additionally, this dog is one that goes on a number of adventures, and that means you’re going to get some great photos and ample entertainment.

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Zero, Roy, Woody and True

Do you love the herding breed? If so, you are just like the people that created this account for their dogs. This is a breed that does love a job, and these people have take that advice to a whole new level asking their dogs to do the unthinkable. It’s cool, though, that they were able to get their dogs to do some of the things portrayed on this account, and we very much appreciate the fact that they were able to do this with minimal effort. What a cool concept, and what a fun account to follow on Instagram.

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Boston, George and Gertie

Aside from wondering where their names came from, this is one of the most fun doggie Instagram accounts around. These three are fun to watch since they love to cuddle and spend time together. It helps that their owner has a knack for capturing amazing pictures of all three together on a regular basis, and clearly has a bit of knowledge about photography and what it takes to capture an amazing pictures. You can see that these dogs are really best friends in every single pose.

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Momo is so cute with her very “Where’s Waldo” theme, but so much more fun. This dog’s owner likes to hide his dog in plain sight and then let people wonder “Where is Momo?” If you’re a dog lover like so many people on Instagram, you’re going to find that this one is so much fun to follow, and you’ll find yourself wanting to play along as often as possible. This dog is worth the follow.

Photo by Instagram



I don’t know if it’s Auggie himself or the amazing timing and photography of his owner that is so amazing. He’s what you might believe to be a trouble-maker thanks to some of his photos, but we prefer to think of him as a dog with a huge personality and a bit of precocious behavior going on. We love this dog, and he is certainly one of the best dogs that has ever created an Instagram account that we know of.

Photo by Instagram



If  you love props, outdoor beauty, dogs and great photography, this is the account to follow. This adorable little dog is so cute and so sweet, and she is absolutely worth following on social media. We love her and we think you will, too.

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