Dog Found on the Side of the Road with Muzzle Taped Shut

Butler County Dog

Dogs are special creatures. They are wonderful pets, provide us with companionship, keep us protected, and are incredibly resourceful all at the same time. At the same time, they are often dependent on humans for their well being. They need to be cared for and treated well. This is why most civilized countries in the world have strict laws governing the treatment of many kinds of animals, dogs definitely being among them. America is a place where dogs are cherished and are to be cared for properly. This is why when we hear of a case of animal neglect, the blood gets boiling in many people around the country. You do not have to own a dog to understand that they are not to be abused. It should be noted that if you are found to be abusing a dog, you will find that law coming after you. You might also find a bunch of dog loving individual not caring for you very much either. Such is the case of one dog that was recently found on the side of the road with its muzzle taped shut and its throat slashed.

The Story

This took place in Butler County, Ohio. A dog was found on the side of the road. Its condition was appalling. This was not a dog that was simply neglected. Somebody had actually taken the dog and taped its mouth shut. As you know, dogs depend on their mouth not only to eat but as a defense mechanism to protect itself. When you tape it shut, most dogs become defenseless. This is was the act of a cruel individual who obviously wanted nothing else but to see the dog suffer. Beyond that, as if to add insult to injury, the dog’s throat was slashed and then it was just left by the side of the road. Rather or not the person who did this intended for the dog to die was not clear, but the silver lining is that the dog was rescued and is currently recovering from its injuries.

What is Happening Now?

The local sheriff of Butler County has issued a statement in the wake of this finding that these actions are not to be tolerated. He will never let them stand on his watch and he is actively seeking the person or group of people who are responsible. This is to be commended. Too often we take animal abuse as something that is not that serious It is allowed to go unchecked, then society will devolve into a place where pets are no longer to be cherished and respected. Thankful, the residents of Butler County to be fully behind the sheriff.

For his part, the sheriff is a big dog lover. He does not want to see any of them abused on his watch. He has a big platform by which to speak out against animal abuse and he intends to use it. He is taking the search to the public. Social media in Butler County is filled with comments condemning the abuse of this dog. The public is imploring anyone with information to come forward and contact local law enforcement officials. This is how the abuse will stop. People cannot believe that another human being would do something so horrible to a defenseless dog. The hope is that the perpetrator of this crime will be caught and made an example of as soon as possible.

Where Did the Dog Come From?

Most dogs in America have an owner, even if it is a shelter. Dogs are not just allowed to roam freely. If a dog is loose, it will be picked up and cared for by somebody. This is what the Sheriff was hoping for when it was discovered that the dog had a CHIP implanted in it. The CHIP, ironically, would lead the police to a local shelter in Cincinnati. Records from the shelter would reveal that the dog was actually adopted out back in 2011. The owner has not yet been located, but you can be assured that the police are on top of it. Surely, the person that adopted this dog from the shelter is not the same individual who abused the dog. At least, we can hope that is the case. However, it is also the hope that finding this individual can help the police get that much closer to finding the individual responsible for this horrible abuse.

What Can You Do?

You might be reading this story and thinking about how horrible cases like this are. You are not alone. It is a horrible thing to abuse a dog, and something must be done. The first thing that you can do is to speak out against abuse. Let your friends and family members know how you feel. Ensure that they are taking care of their own pets and work towards making your own community a place that respects and cares for cats and dogs, along with all animals under the care of humans. If you do see a blatant sign of abuse taking place, do not hesitate to contact local law enforcement to let them know what is taking place. You can do so anonymously if you wish, but the key is to get the ball rolling.

Abusers Beware

The key part of this story to highlight is that abuse will not be tolerated. While this story has a silver lining in that the dog is going to be okay and hopefully adopted by a caring family, most abuse cases do not end so happily. If you are found to abusing a dog, not only should you feel guilty for your actions, but you will feel the power of the law coming down against you. This is how it should be. We cannot have a civilized society if we are going to allow people to tape a dog’s mouth, slash its throat, and then leave it by the side of the road. This is sick behavior, and abusers should beware that they will be found and prosecuted.

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