This Is Bolivia’s Dog Savior: Fernando “Ferchy” Kushner

There is a growing pandemic throughout not just the United States, but much of the world as well, when it comes to animals being left on the streets to fend for themselves. There are many times where he respects me coming along, or getting dropped off at shelters, or even just getting left in a cardboard box on the side of the road, end it has led to a problem that seems difficult to solve. These stories we hear about often tell the story of innocent, stray dogs and cats, and in many parts of the globe, they are growing by the numbers at an exponential rate. Luckily, in Bolivia, there is a man who is dedicating his life’s work to making the lives of the animals better, as well as helping the cities to calm down with the amounts of dogs that are on the streets. In this article, we are going to tell the story of Fernando “Ferchy” Kushner, and why he has become Bolivia’s dog savior. Let’s get started.

1. Where It All Began

So, what makes a man want to save and reduce the over 350,000 stray dogs that are roaming the streets of just the city of La Paz, Bolivia? Well, according to Fernando himself, it all began with an encounter that he had with a dog named Choco. He says that he could feel a personal connection with the dog, and could feel that his hunger was taking over. He later brought food to Choco that same day, end it helped him to realize that he want to help other dogs that were in the same situation. His end goal is to illuminate the entire homeless dog issue that has taken over the country of Bolivia, and to find forever homes for each dog that he interacts with. That is where his drive, his determination, and his foundation all began.

2. Alimenta Perritos de la Calle

With the inspiration from his encounter that you have a dog name Choco (as we mentioned before), he was ready to begin and dedicate his life to helping these poor animals. Alimenta Perritos de la Calle, or Feeding Street Dogs, Is the organization that Fernando began. While it is still a fairly new foundation, just over three years to be exact, Ferchy and his volunteers have already worked to find forever homes for over six hundred dogs, and have also been able to sterilize about eight hundred dogs, all of which are found on the streets. These rescues, so to speak, all took place in the city of La Paz, Bolivia, where there are over 350,000 stray dogs living on the streets, as we mentioned before. To top it all off, Ferchy also gets the help of donations from local restaurants and other good samaritans to help feed these animals every day.

His reaching out doesn’t stop there. Ferchy also find it extraordinarily important to visit local schools and other areas to spread awareness about the homeless dog situation in Bolivia. These visits also allow him to teach young children in the communities about caring for a dog responsibly, and any other pet for that matter. Ferchy also uses his social media platform to spread awareness about his foundation, and well as regularly posting the pups that are rescued and ready for adoption. All in all, Fernando is making one of the greatest efforts to rescue these helpless animals, Ana to better the lives of those living in Bolivia as well.

In just a few years time, Fernando “Ferchy” Kushner has been able to change the lives of both dogs and people in La Paz, Bolivia. With the help of many volunteers throughout the communities, he has been able to find forever homes for so many dogs, and only time will tell how this foundation continues to save the lives of so many innocent creatures. If you would like to find out more information about Ferchy‘s organization, Alimenta Perritos de la Calle, Find ways that you can help to donate, or even look at some of the dogs that are up for adoption, you can find everything that you need all across social media, especially on their Facebook page.

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