The Ten Best Dog Reunion Stories That Will Warm Your Heart Forever

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There is little joy in the universe that can match up with the joy a dog lover feels when they think they may have lost their dog forever, and they reunite with it. Take all the joy you have ever felt in your entire life and triple it. That STILL would not summarize the joy of that moment. Thinking the one thing you love more than anything is gone, only to find out you get more time with it. That is like a gift from the universe, and if you have ever experienced it, you know just what we are talking about. The thing is, to experience that joy, you first need to experience the heart breaking feeling of thinking you may have lost the dog. Honestly, that is a feeling we would wish on no dog lovers at all. That is the opposite of elation. That is sadness and despair. But we do not want to focus on that aspect today. Instead, today, we want to focus on dog reunion stories. We just want to shine our light on the happiest moments. The moments when these people realized they had not lost their dog forever.

As we often warn you before our lists, you may want to get a box of Kleenex for this. Most of these will be videos, and they will thaw even the most frozen of hearts.

Presenting, to ten best dog reunion stories ever, presented in no particular order.

(Photo by Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

Dog Lost in Storm Re-Emerges (Caught on Tape)

This is the big one. This is the one you can show any one you know, and if they don’t tear up, you know something may be wrong with them. A woman is talking about how a storm came without warning and tore her house apart. Amid the chaos, she lost her dog, and had not seen it since. She feared it was dead in the wreckage.

But then, who emerges, live, during the interview? Seriously, this is the the video we show the most. It is also what we watch anytime we need to remember to never lose hope.

Gives us chills, every time.

Dog and Solider Reunion

You know there are a ton of these, and you know what? We could literally never get sick of watching them. Ever. Just seeing the dog react to seeing that person they love for the first time in so long. It can be quite emotional to watch.

Many of these videos have the one same thing stand out. all the dogs are weeping uncontrollably. Like the dogs are overwhlemed, thinking they would never see that person again.

How can that NOT move you?

Dog Lost in Storm Returns Two Weeks Later

So tornadoes are a big problem, as this list proves. In this case, the tornado came and the dog went missing during the storm. Though they looked and searched, after a few days, it was hard not to lose hope.

So imagine their surprise when their loyal dog came walking up to their house, a whole two weeks later? Talk about believing in miracles.

Dog Reunites After Stolen During Car Jacking

You are driving along, dog in the back seat, when suddenly, you get car jacked. Before you have time to say anything, they take off, dog in the car. Can you imagine the feeling that would give you in the pit of your stomach?

Well, what about if you got the word out and people worked feverishly to find your dog. Then they did, and brought it back to you, unharmed? Suddenly you realize the car meant nothing to you, and you are just truly grateful to have your best friend back.

That is why we love these dog reunion stories so much. They always seem to bleak, but then they have the best endings ever!

Dog Lost in Sub-Zero Temps Returns Just Fine

Well, this story had some help from a very kind human, too.  Hooch ran away on New Years Eve during a very cold stretch of weather in Milwaukee. After a few days, sadly, the owner was thinking no domestic dog could survive that cold. But one kind utility worker heard barking and found Hooch, hiding under a bridge.

The owner and dog were reunited, and the best part, Hooch is tough as nails and was just fine.

Dog Missing For Three Years is Found

Okay, it is one thing if your dog is missing for weeks. Heck, even with cold temps that adds a bunch of worry. But what about if your dog had been missing for three years? That is just the case with Cassie, who, when all hope seemed lost forever, was found and reunited with her grateful owner.

Man, if we thought out dog was gone (and had been for three years) and suddenly we got a call that she was fine and was coming home to us, I don’t think my heart could handle it. We told at the start you would need tissues.

We weren’t kidding.

Marine Reunited with Dog He Served With in War

As much as we all love dogs here, most of us will never know the bond between a service worker and their dog. From Cops to Marines, animals serve a very special and essential part of this world’s history, and we have no idea how intensely the people who work with these dogs bond with them.

Well, after watching that reunion video, I think we do now.

A quick moment to salute all the brave men, woman, and dogs, who serve to make this country safer and more livable for us all. We thank you, whole heartedly for your service.

Reunion After Storm

We love stories like this one, where the news station helps to reunite the dog with its owners. This is another tale of a tornado separating a dog from its family.

But much like all the others on the list, this one has a glorious and happy ending, too.

A Compilation of Soldiers Reunited with their Dogs

You know we could have filled this list with just dog and solider reunions, but we decided to find a nice compilation of those and give them to you all at once.

There is so much love in this compilation. Man, this world would be so much less enjoyable without dogs.

Dying Man’s Final Wish (For Dog Reunion)

I am sorry, but I cannot even muster the strength to talk about this one. Just watch the video above, and be prepared to sob like a small school child who just scraped her knee. That is beautiful, and incredibly moving. A very fitting final note to a list inundated with emotional and inspiring moments.

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