Two-Year Old Boy Adopts Shelter Dog with Same Birth Defect

It’s difficult to explain how humans feel certain and unique connections with their pets. Only pet owners can truly attest to this fact. Some people even say that pet owners are drawn to their pets by unexplainable forces—that pairs are almost always meant to be. That might exactly be the case with Bentley Boyers and his newfound pup. The 2-year old Michigan boy recently met a dog that was going through the same affliction he was.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of such a story. Oftentimes, people adopt pets that have gone through or are going through similar difficulties. Some people that might’ve lost their limbs might be drawn to adopt pets that have also suffered the same. In Bentley’s case, the affliction that have drawn him to his pet is one that’s typical to humans but not so much in dogs—cleft lip. As young as Bentley may be, he has already undergone through two surgeries in order to correct his cleft lip. The condition is likely to be corrected better if addressed earlier on. It’s easier said than done, of course, because any type of surgery has risks. Bentley proudly sports a light scar above his upper lip, a sure sign of his bravery and courage at such a young age.

Bentley is also fortunate to have such a loving family to support him. In fact, it was Bentley’s father, Brandon, who went to the Jackson County Animal Shelter and found the perfect pup for his son. Upon first sight, Brandon knew right away that his son and the puppy were meant to be together. It just so happened that the pup also had a cleft lip. The odds couldn’t be any more rare, and Brandon didn’t think it was mere coincidence. Cleft lip in dogs look very similar to how they do on humans. However, it’s more of a genetic affliction when it comes to puppies. At the moment, we’re not aware of the puppy’s background, and it also remains unnamed. But we do know that cleft lip in dogs happen more frequently with certain breeds.

As described on PetMD, canine cleft palate is often a congenital disorder that causes an opening in the roof of the mouth. The condition is likely inherited from generation to generation, and it happens more frequently among various brachycephalic breeds, beagles, cocker spaniels, dachshunds, German shepherds, Labrador retrievers, schnauzer, and Shetland sheepdogs. Looking closely at Bentley’s new pup, you could easily see that it has some of the breed characteristics of those mentioned above. The black and white pup is clearly of a mixed breed, but treatment of its condition will not depend on its genealogy.

The adoption of the pup has been more than a blessing for Bentley. It has also made a difference for the entire family. The two-year old boy now has a two-month old furry friend that he can grow with and spend time with. It’s a good way for Bentley to know and understand that there are others like him in the world and his affliction is not anything that cannot be overcome. With the support of his puppy, Bentley can grow with confidence. At the same time, Bentley can also learn to reciprocate the love and support his pup would bring. Because of the adoption, the puppy will no longer have to be alone. Just the fact that the puppy now has a family is already an incredible situation.

Bentley is overjoyed with his new puppy. Although Bentley was already a joyful kid, the puppy brings out even more smiles and laughter for the boy and the entire family as well. Although the relationship is fairly new, Bentley’s family is already grateful at the meaningful connection made with the adoption. They’re hoping for many years of friendship between Bentley and his puppy, and they’re also looking forward to a healthy future for both. According to the Animal Services Director from the animal shelter, Lydia Sattler, Bentley’s puppy shouldn’t have any health problems in the future. There’s no information as to whether the puppy underwent any surgery to correct its cleft lip, especially since surgery is usually recommended around 3 to 4 months. It’s also unclear whether Bentley’s puppy’s cleft lip is also associated with a cleft palate. Either way, Bentley’s puppy is expected to live a healthy and normal life.

Care for a puppy with a cleft lip or cleft palate will be a little different than caring for a normal dog . In more severe cases, feeding might be a little difficult. Some dogs with cleft lip might require feeding through tubes or even the use of bottles or syringes. For one, nursing or breastfeeding will have to be avoided due to risks of aspiration. The first best thing pet families can do for a dog with cleft lip is to take it regularly to the veterinarian for regular check ups and updates. The second best thing families can do for dogs with cleft lip is even more important. Dogs that live with cleft lip can live healthy long lives with the care and affection from a loving family. Love always beats the odds; and in the case of Bentley and his pup, love clearly exists. Bentley’s family claims that love was instant between the two. It’s clear that nothing—not even a cleft lip—can stop Bentley or his pup from living their best lives. In a few years’ time, they’ll look back at pictures and realize how fateful their meeting had been. Their shared disability will never hold them back. Bentley and his pup are both young; they have much to look forward to in the future, including a meaningful and deep relationship with each other.

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