Runner Rescues Puppy During Marathon and Carries Her 19 Miles To The Finish Line

Now and then you hear a story that melts your heart. Khemjira Klongsanun is a marathon runner who lives in Bangkok, Thailand. She spent months training her body and preparing to take on a trek that is more than 26 miles in duration. After the race began, the runner just happened to spy a puppy sitting along the road. She was just 7 miles into the race when she saw the lonely pup who appeared to have been abandoned. Her heart took over and instead of continuing on the race she had spent so long preparing for, she took the time to stop and help the little guy. She picked her up then with the pooch in tow, continued to finish the remaining 19 miles of the race. She could have stopped to hand him off to one of the members of the crowd of spectators, but instead, she cradled him in her ars and didn’t let her go. The result is that Klongsanun did not win the race, but she did gain a new family member. Klongsanum took the pup to the vet to get a checkup after naming her Nong Chom. She took the puppy back to the place she found her to see if her mom or any other puppies were around. Sadly, there were no others around. She decided to keep the dog and give her a forever home

Why this story means so much

Nong Chom’s story shows us that there are people in this world, like Klongsanum, who are so selfless and willing to help when they see a dog in need. While others may pass by and say it’s not their problem, some, like her, can’t just walk by and leave a defenseless animal to fend for themselves. The runner had made a huge investment of time and effort in preparing for this run, but she put her own desires and ambitions to the side to help a puppy in need. In a time of turmoil and violence in the world, we see how humanity can shine and that there are still people who are motivated to do the things that they consider to be right and moral. This is a story that we all need to hear right now. It’s not the only example of selfless love. They’re all around us, but sadly, most of the news we hear is disturbing and unsettling. We don’t’ get to hear about nearly enough of the wonderful things that decent people do.

The case for animal rescue

Although not every family is prepared to take a pet into their homes, those who can so so should consider adopting a dog that has no one to love and care for them. According to Dog Copilot, the number of adoptable animals that are euthanized in the US annually is disturbing. Approximately 2.7 million are put to death because rescue shelters are overflowing with dogs and cats that have no place to call home. Every dog or cat that is adopted from a shelter or pet rescue is one less that has to needlessly die.

Other perks for adopting versus buying a pet

Most dogs are sold from puppy mills. Although there are still a few reliable breeders out there, up to seventy percent of them are puppy mills that are only concerned with making a profit and not for the wellbeing of the animals they produce. Many of these animals are born into poor living conditions in unhealthy environments. They often experience malnutrition and develop behavioral issues because of their early weeks and months of life. Every rescue pet that is adopted cuts into the business of these disreputable operations and if more people would adopt, puppy mills would no longer be profitable. You can help make these dastardly businesses obsolete, and put them out of business. We should all stop supporting these ventures by refusing to purchase dogs and cats from them.

Every adoption benefits several animals

The cost of adopting a dog or cat is usually far less than purchasing a so-called purebred from a puppy mill. When you adopt from a shelter or pet rescue, the nominal price that you pay in adoption fees helps numerous other animals. It removes one pet from their care and makes room for another. It also helps to pay for food, shelter, and medical services for dogs and cats that are living in the shelter. Millions of stray, lost, or abused animals end up in these shelters. Some shelters obtain pets that have lived in homes and come to them fully trained. There are some amazing dogs and cats there who come to these places because their owners have died, can no longer afford them, or some wander off and are picked up by animal control. The chances of getting a dog or cat that is family ready are very good. Dogs and cats eligible for adoption come with their first vaccinations, along with the cost of spay or neuter already built into the adoption fees. When you adopt, you’re usually given a voucher to take your pet in for these services at no cost to you. Some of them are even microchipped.

Final thoughts

The selfless young runner who stopped her race then slowed the pace to help a lost and lonely puppy has set an important example for the rest of us. She put the needs of a puppy in peril ahead of her personal desires. In the end, she gained a new family member who will give her unconditional love for the rest of the fur baby’s life. This story encourages us to consider all of the animals who are just waiting for someone to offer them the opportunity to show how much love they have to give. There are a ton of benefits associated with adopting a rescue pet for those who have the resources to properly care for them.

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