Woman Is Scared Of Neighbor’s Pit Bull Until He Saves Her Endangered Life

Pit bulls are often stigmatized due to their reputation for being fierce, but not all pit bulls are aggressive. In fact, some pit bulls are true heroes, like Simba, a friendly pit bull owned by Arjanit Mehana of Sweden.

Simba saved the life of Arjanit’s elderly neighbor, who initially disliked the dog. Arjanit shared with Bored Panda that Simba is a happy dog who enjoys eating Dentastix, swimming, and playing with other dogs. Despite their reputation, pit bulls can be loving and devoted pets, as demonstrated by Simba’s heroic act.

Look at that face!

One day, when Arjanit and Simba were returning home, the pit bull began barking and ran towards the neighbor’s apartment. Upon arriving at the neighbor’s door, Arjanit and Simba heard the neighbor calling for help.

It was discovered that the neighbor had collapsed on the floor and suffered a broken hip. In response, Arjanit promptly contacted emergency medical services to transport the neighbor to the hospital.

It is likely that the neighbor would not have been discovered for an extended period of time without Simba’s alert barking and quick response from Arjanit.

She fell down and broke her hip

Once Simba helped her, her attitude changed.

In an interview with Bored Panda, Arjanit shared that he did not anticipate the story of his dog’s heroic actions to garner widespread attention. He merely hoped to share a positive message about pit bulls with the public.

Arjanit stated that he has received numerous messages from people around the world expressing their appreciation and support.

Simba caught digging music.

Arjanit reported to that he spoke with one of his neighbor’s relatives, who informed him that the neighbor had undergone surgery and is now in the process of recovering. Arjanit also stated that his neighbor’s previous negative perception of pit bulls has been completely altered as a result of Simba’s heroic actions.

Here’s a great shot of Arjanit and Simba outside

Additionally, Arjanit believes that it is often the owner, rather than the dog itself, that is responsible for aggressive behavior. He noted that any breed of dog, including labs and shepherds, can exhibit either aggressive or friendly behaviors, depending on their upbringing and training.

Arjanit emphasized the importance of giving pit bulls a fair chance and recognizing that it is not the breed that is problematic, but rather the actions of the owner.

Photos via Arjanit

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