Shelter Records Touching Moment Rescue Dog is First Bathed

Any story of animal neglect is heartbreaking for animal lovers to read. Cases of neglect vary significantly. Often, those who rescue animals never find out the background of who owned the dog and the circumstances that lead to the dog being neglected and ending up in their care. One case that distressed animal rescuers involved a dog called Blossom, who they believe had never even had a bath before.

Finding Blossom

Blossom was first spotted sitting on an abandoned house’s porch, and she did not look in a good way. A few of the kindhearted local people attempted to catch Blossom so that they could help her, but their efforts were to no avail, as Blossom heavily resisted any attempt to catch her. Eventually, one of the neighbors, Erika, realized they needed extra help. Therefore, she decided to ring the local pet rescue so they could come and help the dog, says Ron Project.

The Rescue Attempt

At first, the pet rescue team experienced the same difficulties as the neighbors in catching the dog. She was clearly terrified and continued to resist any attempts to rescue her. The pet rescue team said that it was not an easy catch, and she ran away every time they approached Blossom with the catch-pole. In the end, they were able to catch Blossom using the catch-pole, although the frightened dog continued to resist her rescuers all the way to the cage. Once she was in the cage, the pet rescue team took Blossom to the WOOF animal shelter. By the time they got Blossom to WOOF, she had calmed down a little and was more willing to allow humans near her, although she was still timid and cautious. The staff from WOOF wrote on the rescue center’s Facebook page  that the dog gradually became more comfortable with human contact.

Her Visit to the Vet

Just after Blossom arrived at WOOF, she received a visit from the veterinarian on duty at the facility. The first thing that the vet discovered was a bad case of mange, and this was a priority of Blossom’s treatment plan. Other than the mange, the veterinarian, fortunately, did not find any serious injuries on Blossom’s body. Based on the examination, the vet determined that Blossom would make a full recovery if she had love and care.

Recovering in the Rescue Center

It was now down to the staff at the rescue center to make sure that Blossom got all the love and care she needed to make a full recovery, and the first step was to give Blossom her first bath. The staff suspected that it was the first bath that Blossom had ever had. At first, Blossom did not really know what was happening, and she seemed a little nervous to take her first bath. However, the staff helped her to relax, and Blossom soon began to enjoy her time in the bath. Blossom enjoyed the bath so much that when the staff had finished bathing her in her medicated shampoo, she decided to stay in the bath for a while. She seemed relaxed enough to simply stand in the water, enjoying the relaxing experience. Not only had Blossom enjoyed the bath, but she also looked so much better than she had done before.

The staff was so overwhelmed by Blossom’s reaction to her first bath that they wanted to share the experience with others. So, they posted a video of Blossom’s bath on YouTube. Not only is the video a chance to see Blossom experiencing her first bath, but it is also a chance for them to see the love that rescue center staff give to the animals in their care. It was a good thing that Blossom had taken to having a bath so well, as it was an important part of her recovery. She needed twice-daily baths with medicated shampoo to treat the mange. Thankfully, Blossom was more than happy to jump in the bath twice a day, and she seemed to enjoy the attention from the staff.

To complete her treatment, Blossom needed to spend a further two weeks at the rescue center. During that time, her fur continued to grow back, and she looked so much better. Blossom’s confidence also began to grow during that period, and she began to show her lovely personality. She soon became a happy, friendly, and fun-loving dog that loved spending time with both humans and other dogs at the shelter.

Finding a Home for Blossom

When local people had first discovered Blossom outside the abandoned house, there was one family that had assisted in her rescue who had become friends with the dog. They continued to visit Blossom at the rescue center during her recovery. Blossom soon began to look forward to the family visiting her, and she would wag her tail excitedly whenever they arrived at the rescue center for their visits. It was clear that Blossom was developing a bond with the family. Thankfully, the family felt just as strongly about Blossom as she felt about them. Their feelings for the dog led to them deciding that they would like to adopt her and welcome her into their family. As soon as Blossom completed her treatment, she was ready for her new family to adopt her.

Now, Blossom has settled into her new home with her loving family. Her life is completely different from when she was found unloved and suffering from mange outside an abandoned house. According to her new family, Blossom loves to cuddle up on the couch with her family. She also loves to play fetch with her human brother and sisters. Blossom is one of the lucky ones because she has gone from being an abandoned dog to finding a forever home and becoming a beloved member of a family that adores her. She finally has the happiness she deserves.

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