Loyal Dog Knows When Human’s Bus is Coming

Dogs have some of the best senses in the animal kingdom. It is for this reason that they are regarded as a man’s best friend. This was exhibited through a video that has been making rounds on the internet of a dog eagerly waiting for its owner’s arrival. As you probably already know dogs or rather animals can’t tell time. They have their own measurements of time to mark important milestones in a day. Such an important moment can be the departure of a family member until their arrival.

The Story

An emotional video of a Lab went viral on the internet. It showed a dog eagerly looking out the window awaiting her human brother’s arrival. The video showing the dog anxiously waiting for her human brother’s school transport to appear is evidence of the weight dogs put on their owners’ arrivals. The video was recorded by the mother of the child. According to The Irfo, the dog’s owner asks the pup if she is anticipating for Jonathan’s arrival as the pup’s brother is known.

The dog seems to be uneasy and she lets out a whimper although still manages to remain still. She eagerly stares out of the window hoping the bus appears soon. Finally, the bus nears the end of the road. As Jonathan approaches the house from the road, the canine seems more than happy. As he nears the house, the pooch suddenly bolts out of the front door towards him. She can no longer hold in the happiness she feels upon seeing him. The moment calls for a little festival in the house accompanied by some cuddling by the two, then dinner.

Similar Stories

According to the Rare US, a massive dog known as Gordon doesn’t take his big brother’s role lightly. Gordon accompanies his tiny human siblings to the bus stop where he waits for the bus with them. He then watches as they get on the bus and picks them up at the end of the day, every single day. After the little girls board the bus in the morning and the driver closes the door, Gordon feels assured of his siblings’ safety then turns around and leaves heading back for the house. His stride towards the house is an assurance to their mother that the girls are indeed safe. Gordon’s human mother Becky Lynn decided to capture the moment in a video to show how adorable the large mastiff was. She gushed about how protective 2-year old Gordon was of her baby sister and showed Gordon being successful at his protective big brother duties on yet another school day.\

So How Do Dogs Know When We Are About To Arrive Home?

Mutts don’t necessarily tell time but have an inclination towards regular schedules. They may not use the same timekeeping methodologies as we humans do, but they still can tell the progression of time. They, much like humans, tell time by looking at the brilliance and the position of the sun. Additionally, dogs use aromas and a sense of hearing to tell if their owners are back. In this case, the sound of the bus alerted the mutt that Jonathan was almost getting home. Generally, dogs review vocal tones and other sounds people make. The pooch in this video may have been reacting to the pitch of her owner’s voice asking her where Jonathan was and relating it to the sound of the bus.

Why Do Dogs Get Excited When We Get Back?

Neuroscientists at the University of Toronto associate the physical reaction of dogs to their wolf ancestors. Much like wolves who operate in packs, dogs also prefer having some company and thus don’t like seeing their owners leaving. According to iHeart Dogs, it’s unnatural for a dog to detach itself from the pack thus the separation from the owner isn’t voluntary. This means that biologically dogs would prefer to be with their owners at all times. The over-the-top excitement and greeting that dogs greet their owners with is most likely because the dogs haven’t accepted the possibility of an involuntary detachment. Additionally, Neuroscientist Gregory Berns hypothesizes that part of the dogs’ greetings could be attributed to curiosity. He noted that when a dog jumps up and tries to lick you in the face that could be either a social greeting or curiosity. The dog is simply trying to smell and taste you to try and figure out what you’ve been up to and where you have been during the day. He added that if he had been around other dogs, his dogs tend to pick that up and tend to sniff intensely.

How Do Dogs Know When Their Owner Is Coming Home?

While most people will attribute the dog’s anticipation to telepathy or the dog seemingly having a sixth sense, experts provide other conventional explanations for the phenomenon.

The reasons include:

  • The dog could have heard or smelled the owner approaching
  • A dog, for instance, may learn to recognize the sound of a specific car and learnt to await the arrival of the person associated with that car. To put it simply, the car’s sound acts as a trigger which eventually sets a ritual for the dog’s welcoming behavior.
  • The dog is simply reacting to established routines of arrivals and departures
  • The third explanation would be that the dog is simply reacting to cues relayed by those in the home that indicate the arrival of the other occupant

There is still debate however regarding if dogs can predict the occurrence of natural phenomena such as earthquakes. While the theory isn’t a proven science, some dog owners have reported observing their dogs being sensitive to environmental cues. Animal behavior researchers reckon that it might be possible that dogs could indeed predict weather and other natural occurrences.

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