Boater Discovers Abandoned Puppies Crying from Starvation on Deserted Island

The province of Manitoba is considered to be a part of the Canadian Prairies. However, it is important to note that it encompasses a wide range of landscapes, as shown by how it is home to more than 110,000 lakes. As such, interested individuals shouldn’t be too surprised when they hear that a boater named Junior Cook was exploring the waters in the province of Manitoba when he discovered a set of seven puppies that were on their own on a deserted island. Something that was very fortuitous for the puppies.

In short, Cook and his friend were passing by what they knew to be a deserted island when they heard a strange sound. They used binoculars to check out the situation, but they couldn’t see the situation clearly because it was dark outside. As a result, Cook and his friend decided that the sound had come from wolves before leaving the scene. Fortunately, something about the sound bothered Cook, so much so that he decided to return to the deserted island the very next day. This time, he thought that the sound was something crying, which is why he got out of the boat to check up on the source. A choice that led him to the discovery of a set of seven puppies on their own.

Puppies being puppies, it should come as no surprise to learn that they weren’t doing very well. In fact, the puppies were doing so poorly that it seems reasonable to say that they wouldn’t have survived for much longer if Cook hadn’t come along. them, which was no mean feat considering their small size. In any case, he contacted Norway House Animal Rescue, which was able to get involved right away. However, the complexity of the case meant that Cook remained involved by providing the puppies with food on a regular basis, which was necessary because they were scared by the presence of humans. It wasn’t until the puppies had become accustomed to humans that the involved parties managed to rescue them so that they can get started on finding their forever homes.

Why Does This Kind of Thing Happen?

Unfortunately, this kind of thing isn’t that unusual. If anything, such stories are even more common in the cities, which are home to a much higher concentration of dogs than the wilderness. As for why this kind of thing happens so much, well, there is a simple explanation with no simple solution in sight.

Essentially, there is a huge number of stray dogs out there, so much so that there is an estimate of 200 million stray dogs for the entire world. Said animals don’t live the best of lives. Yes, some of them receive some level of care. However, most of them have to fend for themselves, meaning that it is very common for them to suffer from hunger, thirst, and other serious issues. As such, it is perhaps unsurprising to learn that stray dogs aren’t actually self-sustaining as a population because their juvenile mortality rates are too high. Still, just because they aren’t self-sustaining, it doesn’t mean that stray dogs aren’t adding more to their numbers on their own.

Besides this, the other factor would be the dogs that leave human control for one reason or another. Sometimes, they have been abandoned by their human owners. Other times, they have managed to get out on their own. Whatever the case, there are a lot of them, so much so that stray dogs remain a serious issue even though they aren’t self-sustaining on their own. These dogs don’t do very well when they become stray dogs. After all, they know nothing about living on their own in a less than hospitable environment, meaning that they can suffer even worse than those stray dogs that have grown up under such circumstances.

Regardless, there is no simple and straightforward answer to the problem of stray dogs. For starters, culling is out of the question in a lot of countries because of the very understandable outcry that would go up among dog lovers. Furthermore, even if such a course of action was taken, it would be both laborious and time-consuming, thus creating even more reason to choose otherwise. In an ideal world, there would be dog lovers to adopt every single one of the stray dogs that can be found out there, but this is impossible for two reasons. One, there aren’t enough dog lovers with enough resources to take care of all of the stray dogs out there, which is one of the major reasons that dogs become stray dogs in the first place. Two, a lot of stray dogs have either serious health issues or serious temperament issues because of their experience as stray dogs, meaning that they are wholly unsuitable for adoption in the first place.

Of course, the lack of a simple and straightforward solution doesn’t mean that there are no measures that can help out with the situation. For instance, while a lot of stray dogs can’t be adopted, there are also a lot of stray dogs that can. Even if this doesn’t solve the overall issue, every single adoption nonetheless makes for a world of difference for a particular dog. Similarly, spaying and neutering have been effective at reducing the number of stray dogs as well. The end of the issue is by no means in sight, but there is definitely progress being made on it thanks to the effort of countless well-intentioned individuals and organizations.

What Should You Do If You Find Abandoned Puppies?

As mentioned earlier, abandoned puppies is something that happens more than it should in an ideal world. Due to that, it can be a good idea for interested individuals to get a general idea of what they should do if they come upon abandoned puppies. Generally speaking, they are going to need to get the puppies to someplace that is both warm and dry, check them for potential medical issues, and meet their basic needs based on their stage of development. Most people won’t be prepared to handle all of this on their own. As a result, their best course of action should be contacting a rescue organization with the necessary expertise and experience to handle everything. The sooner that they act, the better the chances for the puppies to make it through their ordeal.

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