“Stranger Things” Puppies Found in a Bucket Are Safe Now

Stranger pUppies

When people think of puppies, words such as cute, adorable, and lovable spring to mind. A puppy can bring great joy into a home and become a member of the family. Therefore, it is surprising that anyone would wish to do any harm to tiny and harmless puppies. Sadly, there are those who are willing to neglect or abandon puppies rather than taking the time and effort to find them loving homes.  One shocking example of this behavior was reported in The Dodo. A family went into their yard one morning and saw that there was a blue bucket sitting on their lawn. They were surprised to see the bucket there as they knew that they did not own a blue bucket. When they went over to investigate further, they were horrified by what they saw. Inside the bucket were four tiny puppies that were distressed and in desperate need of help.

The first step that the family took was to report their finding to the RSPCA. They spoke to RSPCA Inspector Rebecca Timberlake who immediately drove to the family’s home on Wasp Green Lane in Outwood, Surrey, to collect the puppies. When she saw the puppies for the first time, she could hardly believe what she was seeing.  Timberlake said that the puppies were in an appalling state. They were almost completely bald with mange, and their skin was red and itchy. She went on to say that letting an animal get into this state is completely and that it was even more horrendous that someone had let a litter of puppies suffer in this way before abandoning them.

As soon as she saw them, Timberlake knew that they needed immediate medical attention and took them straight to a local vet. After giving the puppies a thorough examination, the veterinarian confirmed that all four puppies were suffering from mange. Furthermore, they were also significantly dehydrated and some of the puppies were suffering from problems with their eyes, says Surrey Live.

Bald Puppies

The pups began immediate treatment before being transferred to the Millbrook Animal Center where they continued their course of treatment and began to recover. Timberlake said that it would be some time before the pups would stop taking medication. They will also need regular baths to heal the mange for the foreseeable future. She went on to explain that they could not rehouse the puppies until they had recovered from their ordeal, so they still have some challenges to face. However, the staff at the rescue center are hopeful that the puppies will have a bright future. Once their fur has grown back and they are fighting fit, the center will find the puppies forever homes. In the meantime, the staff has given the puppies names. They are called Lucas, Dustin, Mike, and El. These are the names of characters from the hit television series ‘Stranger Things’. It was decided to name the puppies after these characters because the puppies look like strange things without their fur when they arrived.

Now that the puppies are getting the love, care, and attention they need from the staff at the rescue center, it is hopeful that they will make a full recovery soon. The staff is also hopeful that loving families will come forward wanting to adopt the puppies and give them the forever homes they deserve.  While this may seem a sad story, it is unfortunately far from the only case of puppies being neglected and abandoned. Another example of a puppy getting a bad start in life is Casey, a puppy from Detroit. According to Dog Time, Casey was also found abandoned in a bucket, just like El, Dustin, Mike, and Lucas.

The puppy was left in a bucket on the front porch of an abandoned house in Detroit, and he was discovered by a man called Chevelle. The bucket had a sign on it that said ‘free puppy’, and Clavelle knew immediately what he needed to do. Clavelle already had three dogs of his own, but his financial situation had made it difficult for him to care for them. Therefore, he had turned to a charity called Dog Aide who help people who are struggling to care for their dogs properly. He knew straight away that he needed to get in touch with Dog Aide to see if they could help. Dog Aide is an organization that was set up to support dogs in need living in Detroit. In this city, feral dogs are a common sight, and there are many families who are in difficult financial circumstances who find it difficult to support their dogs. Dog Aide helps out in these situations to make sure that dogs get the care they need.

When Chevelle contacted Dog Aide, the organization’s President Jennifer Clarkson went to visit the abandoned puppy. On seeing Casey for the first time, she did not believe that the puppy would survive. He was starving, shivering, and laying in feces and vomit.  Clarkson wrapped the puppy in a blanket and sought the medical treatment he needed. She then cared for the puppy until he got healthier and stronger. Surprisingly, Casey made a full recovery, despite the bad start he had in life. His condition improved beyond expectations, and he grew into a happy and healthy dog.

The happy ending of this story does not end there, though, as Casey was eventually adopted by a loving family. He has now settled well into his forever home, and he is finally living the happy life that he deserves.  The one positive that can be taken from these stories is that the original owners of the puppies did not deserve to have them and they now have the opportunity to spend their life in a forever home with owners that are happy to care for the puppies properly and to love them like members of their family.

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