Watch these Dogs Sing the Law and Order Theme Song

Ever since Law and Order: SVU premiered in 2003, fans have never gotten over it. Who can, though? The crime-solving drama had us with their catchy theme song that spelt business. Every time the song came on, you knew a mystery was about to be solved. However, if the recent viral videos of dogs singing the Law and Order theme song are anything to go by, it seems we aren’t the only Law and Order fanatics.

The Story

Twitter was set ablaze by one user who posted videos of his dog howling every time the law and order theme song went on. The user, Peter Schultz, a comedy writer, posted the videos that prove that even our canine buddies are not immune to the charm of the thriller show. Schultz shared a video of his dog, a German shorthaired pointer, singing along to the iconic theme song, and the post instantly went viral due to its hilarious nature. He captioned the post stating that he felt it was a good time as any to let everyone know that his dog is a talented singer of the law and order theme song. It gets even better learning that Schultz’s canine friend is named Odafin Tutuola, aka Fin. Those familiar with the show know that the name Fin was Ice-T’s beloved character on Law and Order: SVU. According to Country Living, Peter had chosen the unique name for his canine long before he even discovered that Fin, his dog, was a fan of the show as well.

It is seemingly clear from the name that it was a perfect choice. Schultz went on to post two more videos of Fin singing accompanying the first, each with witty comments. He captioned the last one stating that those videos take up most of his phone’s spaces. It’s quite understandable as to why that would be the case because the dog is very adorable as he tries to catch up with the song in all the videos. While Odafin was a twitter sensation afterward, it turns out he isn’t the only canine fan of the hit show. Other dog owners came forward to say that their dogs too liked the show, and every time it came on, they couldn’t help but sing along. The hundreds of dog parents responded to Schultz’s thread with videos of their pets howling along while the show’s opening credits played in the background. One dog owner even had a pun to accompany the hilarious situation she witnesses with her dog calling it Paw and Order. In another video, one dog even went closer to the television to be able to make his performance more noticeable.

Can Dogs Sing?

Dogs are direct descendants of wolves, and it is understandable as to why they have behaviors such as howling. Howling is a form of communication for wild wolves. According to Wag Walking, the most prominent reason why wolves howl is usually to announce their locations to the rest of the pack. Most of these howls are quite loud, and the rest of the pack uses them as location services for the other lost ones. Other times, wolves howl in celebration. The general theory is that dogs howl to mimic another dog’s howl. The howl of one particular dog serves as an encouragement for others to join in. This means that one cry is likely to impact the howl of several other dogs. A good example is the midnight bark from the Disney show Lady and the Tramp. The howl of a dog varies with the breed of the canine. Siberian husks howl longer than the rest of the kinds. Some dogs mimic talking sounds with some owners reporting that they had heard a dog utter some words. Other dog breeds such as malamutes, use howling as a way to express anxiety or excitement. Other times, dogs howl due to loneliness or boredom.

So, Do Dogs Like Music?

According to Maxim, dogs are just like humans when it comes to music choices. While they do have a superior sense of hearing, they can be sensitive to music. Some dogs have a musical sense, while others do not. For those who dislike music, experts note that the dogs take the songs as white noise. Experts also state that just because your dog howls whenever a song comes on doesn’t necessarily mean that that they enjoy the song. Individual dogs respond positively to musical instruments, while others are agitated by them. Garret Russo, a dog training expert, stated that he worked with a particular police dog that hated jazz music, the Law and Order theme song, and the NY1 jingle. Russo added that every time either of these came on, the dog would howl. Some dog owners theorize that sometimes their dogs howl since the pitch of the song hurts their ears. This theory is incorrect since dogs have various ways of displaying pain or discomfort, including covering ears or running away entirely.

What if Your Dog’s Singing Causes a Problem?

If your dog’s howling causes a problem with the neighbors, you can try and desensitize them from loud music. Desensitization works in the form of introducing your canine buddy to softer and quieter music that doesn’t trigger the howling. Desensitization helps your dog adapt to quieter environments. Rewarding your dog when it does not howl is also an effective method of ensuring that he or she doesn’t cause an inconvenience. The reward could be a treat that would help your dog associate it with softer music. However, it is essential to learn that howling or singing is part of their instinct, and if you don’t have an issue with your pup doing that, then, by all means, let them sing away. Remember, howling is a form of communication for them.

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