Dog Instantly Relaxes In Family’s Arms After 5 Years Looking For Them

Upon receiving a call about a dog found in Cook County, Illinois, Tanya Ohanian, the director for canines at Evanston Animal Shelter, initially presumed it to be a stray dog in the vicinity. However, unbeknownst to her, the canine in question had been separated from its family and had been making efforts to return home for five years.

Upon the pup’s safe arrival at the shelter, the staff attempted to identify its owner by scanning for a microchip, but the information available was outdated, leading them to a potential dead end.

However, with the aid of Microchip Hunters, a local organization, the shelter was able to retrieve a comprehensive record of the dog’s history, which yielded surprising results. The new information disclosed that the dog was, in fact, not a nameless stray but rather had a family who had been searching for their beloved pet for five years. Furthermore, the dog’s name was Dottie.

Subsequently, Tanya Ohanian contacted Dottie’s family to convey the exciting news that their loyal companion had been located and was being cared for at the shelter. Overjoyed by the development, Dottie’s dad, George Loving, was initially taken aback by the surprising news, having spent countless nights longing for his beloved pet.

As recounted by Loving himself, “I cried many nights about it.” However, in a shocking turn of events, he was finally able to hold his dear Dottie once again. Ohanian further added that everyone involved in the reunion was incredibly elated with the outcome.

Initially uncertain whether Dottie would recognize them after an extended period of separation, the family was pleasantly surprised to discover that the dog had not forgotten them.

According to Ohanian, the reunion was a heartwarming sight, with no hesitation from Dottie as she immediately recognized her loved ones. The touching moment was captured on video and can be viewed at the provided link.

The overwhelming emotions of the reunion were not exclusive to Dottie’s family, as shelter staff members were also moved to tears while witnessing the heartwarming scene. While the specifics of Dottie’s journey over the past five years remain unclear, her family’s joy over her return is not dampened by the mystery surrounding her time away.

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