Dog Sitting Service Deemed Essential in Durham

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people keep indoors to help curb the spread of the disease. The situation, as it is, makes medics the most critical personnel in the professional world. Following closely in order of importance, are those working in the security and food processing and supply industries. However, there is one service that many would not expect to be essential during this period. It is the dog sitting service to those who own a poodle. Well to those who do not own dogs or pets, it may seem like a non-issue. The case is not the same for pet owners, mostly those who need to work during the pandemic.

The Situation At Hand

Dogs are just like babies, and they need your unrivaled attention. You need to take them for walks, train them, feed them and ensure they are clean. If you are busy, it means that you won’t offer much time to your animal friends, the result is weakened bonds. Here is where dog sitting comes through. It has a similar setting as babysitting services or daycare facilities, the difference being that instead of a baby, the attention goes to your dog. In Durham, Northeast England, one dog care facility is now an essential service as declared by the city’s leaders. According to, the employees of Camp Bow Wow in Durham had initially taken an off as per the stay-at-home orders. However, with time, the owners of the dog sitting facility saw how vital their services were and recalled their employees.

Camp Bow Wow

Camp bow wow is one of the leading dog sitters in Durham and offers the best services when it comes to taking care of pups. According to the facility’s about page on its website, commitment and love for dogs are its driving factor and sets it atop of its competition. Through its website, you can learn more about Camp Bow Wow and also make a reservation for your dog.

Its Clients

One driving force behind Camp Bow Wow’s growing popularity during this pandemic is its clientele. According to workers of the facility, some pet parents pull up to bring their dogs when clad in their scrubs. Scrub talk means that the clients are most probably medics, who are very busy try to control the viral attack. Due to their schedule at the moment, they have little time to spend with their fuzzy friends. Instead of living the pets on their own, where there is a chance of loneliness or mischief, Camp Bow Wow offers to keep a watch on them. The service is not only targeted at the medics but also other professionals who work from home. The busy schedules take much of their time, and there is not much left to take care of their pets and give them the attention they want. Among the targeted working-class include teachers who conduct online classes, security personnel and also students who are busy with their school work.

Services Offered

Camp bow wow provides various services that will have your fuzzy buddy all comfortable and waiting for your arrival once done with your shift. Below are some of the perks that your dog enjoys while at Camp bow wow.

  • Dog Daycare – Dog daycare is suitable for those who work during the day and want to provide a haven for their poodles. The daycare program improves your dog’s social behavior, both to people and other dogs. The employees have experience in dealing with canines, so you are sure that they will get the best company while you are away.
  • Dog Boarding – If you take night shifts, you can work in peace without the speculation that you will find your house in a mess, the dog boarding offers your pup a place to chill out at night as they wait to get in touch with you at the end of your shift. The place is also comfortable meaning your dog will have a nice time.
  • Training Services – Your dog may also benefit from the training program that the dog sitter company offers. It is an enrichment schedule that will improve your dog’s obedience, socialization and wits. A trained pet is a great companion and is easy to take care of.
  • Dog Grooming – Your canine can get a touch of elegance once it comes out of the dog sitting establishment. The employees give the dog a bath, spring cleaning and also a nail trim to have it clean. With your dog settled, you can have a calm time at work, knowing that it is enjoying its time even if away from you. If you want to keep an eye on your animal pal, the dog-care business will webcam a view of your dog’s any place anytime. With such services, it is not a surprise that the dog-care establishment takes a spot of essential services in Durham. A dog in their hands is safe and has the best environment for its growth.

Bottom Line

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a chain effect on a lot of things, including work schedules. For others, the timings are a bit easy, while others have tight ones. If you are a dog owner and you are in the latter group, then a dog sitting service is something to consider. In Durham, one dog sitting entity is making a name for itself as one of the most prestigious. Known as camp bow wow, it offers some of the best dog daycare and boarding facilities. Most of its clients are medics, and the employees take pride in seeing some of the pet owners drop them when clad in scrubs. The employees of the dog-care business observe thorough hygiene standards to help keep the virus at bay as they continue offering vital services to dog owners. The news of Durham city’s leaders’ declaration of dog sitting services being essential is no surprise when you look at the impact the service has during this time.

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