Cute Puppy Refuses to Part With Pacifier: Carries It Everywhere He Goes

Kathryn, an ER veterinary technician, leads The Bottle Brigade initiative, and she is exceptional in fostering puppies with special needs. When she came across a post about five puppies in dire need of her assistance, she readily took charge.

Given the frequency of their feeding, every two hours, and the number of puppies, Kathryn devised a clever strategy using blankets to streamline the feeding process. She hoped that the puppies would soon be healthy enough to go to foster homes, but unfortunately, their road to recovery proved to be more extended than anticipated.

Kathryn gradually weaned the puppies off their bottles, employing her experience to ensure a smooth transition. However, when she switched them to syringe feeding, the puppies still exhibited a strong desire to suckle. In response, Kathryn introduced pacifiers, which quickly became a hit with the puppies, perhaps a little too much!

Now, it is time for the puppies to move on to their foster homes, where they will continue to thrive. Although it is bittersweet, Kathryn will bid them farewell, with a mix of sadness and joy, knowing that their forever homes are just around the corner. Check out these adorable pups below! We are grateful for Kathryn’s unwavering commitment to their care.

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