Everything You Need to Know About the Black Pit Bull

Black Pit Bull

Searching for the perfect family pet or companion is a journey many of us have gone through, some of us more than once. Each time we begin that search, we have certain things in mind of what we want.

Some of us are searching for a top-notch guard dog, while others are looking for a tiny, little tea cup pup that could travel with them easily. Then again, some of us are looking for that special dog.

That dog that is jam packed of unique qualities that would suit us. For some it’s a German Shepherd, for others a trim cotton tailed standard poodle and for others, it’s the majestic, muscular, intelligent and fun loving black pit bull. If this dog is the one for you, then read on, for we’ve compiled some pertinent information on this dog, just for you.

One thing’s for sure, when people see a black pit bull walking down the street, their heads will turn. These powerful, well-muscled dogs attract attention wherever they go. Why? Because they are imposing in appearance, with a courtly, dignified air about them.

Magnificent, and surprisingly light on their feet, the black pit bull, or pittie, exudes a mystery all its own. Stunning and stately, like other pit bulls, they still must deal with all the negative rumors spun about them. While it’s true there have been incidents, that’s due to bad ownership, not the true nature of the dog itself.

What a Black Pit Bull is and What it is Not

The origins of today’s pit bull appear to be Great Britain during the 1800’s. Old English Bulldogs are thought to have been the foundation of the breed. These dogs were bred to fight to the death, as their purpose was to live to fight.

Bear baiting, bull baiting, ratting, dog fighting, you name it, the Old English Bulldog was put up against it, all to satisfy the publics taste for blood. it is believed that several terrier breeds, such as the Old English Terrier were bred to the Old English Bulldog, which sowed the seeds of the pit bulls we see today.

The words ‘pit bull’ do not signify a breed. In fact, ‘pit bulls’ refer to dogs which exhibit traits and appearance of what people think a pit bull is. In other words, ‘pit bull’ is nothing more than a generic word. However, when referring to he dog as a breed, it refers to Staffordshire bull terriers, American Staffordshire terriers, and American pit bull terriers.

To summarize, ‘pit bull’ is considered a blanket name for dogs of the that type and not a breed, whereas the terms American Staffordshire terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terriers are their correct names. There is a myth which abounds about black pit bulls. That myth states that black pit bulls are more menacing than those of any other color.

That Myth is False

Of course, that myth is false. The black pit bull is as sweet, and gentle as brindle’s, browns, whites, and so on. Just like other breeds, the pit bull needs to be socialized properly to put a stop to bad behavior before it starts.

However, because their false reputation precedes them, it’s even more important to train and socialize them early. Next, is the coloring. Those who are not familiar with the breed may see a blue pit bull and confuse it with a black pit bull, but such is not the case.

Both are different, as the black pit bull has absolutely no blueish tints, it is as the name implies: Pure black. Finally, some think that the black pit bull is a breed unto itself. That’s simply not true.

Black pit bulls are pit bulls which sport a deep, pure black coat, plain and simple. One final point. Know that a socialized, well-trained black pit bull is an amazingly loyal companion. However, no matter how sweet he is, he is also an incredibly strong dog. Therefore, know your ability and strength when it comes to handling a dog this strong before you buy.

Care and Maintenance of Your Black Pit Bull

Fortunately, the pit bull coat requires little in the way of care. In general, all they really need is a well-made soft bristle brush and a good brushing several times a week.

By doing so, you’ll ensure that your black pit bull will have a healthy, shiny and vibrant coat. Also, remember to tend to the ears, teeth and keep the nails trimmed. If you’re a super busy person, know that many veterinarians have no problem cleaning the ears, trimming nails or cleaning their teeth.

Proper Feeding

When it comes to eating, the first thing to think about is you must be watchful that your dog doesn’t gain weight. Pit bulls love to eat, and may be so appreciative of a few table scraps, that sooner or later, this super intelligent dog will have figure you out!

Meaning, he knows how to work you with those sweet eyes, that you can’t help but feed him table scraps. As always, please remember your dog can get extremely ill, or even die if you exercise them right after their meal.

To be on the safe side, wait an hour after eating before you exercise them after a meal, if at all. Please check up on this with your veterinarian, as you should with any medical statements regarding your dog. .

While many pit bull owners engage in “free feeding” others do not. Free feeding refers to taking dry kibble and leaving it out all day and night, so the food is always available, while others believe in scheduling feeding time to certain times during the day only.

Whichever one you choose, please be aware that leaving kibble out 24/7 may encourage weight gain in your dog. If so, then consider putting your pit bull on a feeding routine.

Consider Their Weight and Nutrition

When it comes to feeding your black pit bull, it’s crucial to consider your dogs ideal weight and the nutritional value of the food.

It’s not a bad idea to take your dog into the vet’s office in order to have him weighed, then ask your vet to give you an idea of how heavy your dog should be. Remember, your black pit bull risks experiencing knee problems as well as hip dysplasia.

In other words, if he’s too heavy, you risk aggravating those joint issues. If your black pit bull is already overweight, take him to the vet for a full checkup. This is important as you need to know your pup is healthy before you start him on an exercise regime. If the vet okay’s your pitties health, it’s now time to engage in some light, gradual exercise.

Never decrease the food intake while you increase the exercise, that’s not healthy. Instead, keep his food rations the same, while you slowly increase his activity level. Balance is the key. Pit bulls are a breed which suffers from allergies. Sometimes, those allergies are food related. As such, it might be beneficial to have a talk with your vet about making your own dog food.

Test for Allergies

In fact, it might be a good idea altogether to have your black pit bull tested for allergies at the vets office before you even consider purchasing a dog food brand or making your own dog food.

If a food is the culprit to your dogs allergies, then by making your own dog food, you can eliminate the harmful ingredient. Again, we can’t stress enough to check with your vet before trying out this or any other regime on your dog. That being said, if you need to know now, then consider a home allergy test for dogs.

Black Pit Bulls Require Lots of Exercise

Just one look at these dogs with their muscular appearance and lively behavior should tell you that these are dogs that love and adore being active. If you don’t have time to exercise a dog, then this isn’t the breed for you. In other words, you’d probably be better off with a great dane, or standard poodle.

Not only that, but if you don’t exercise your pitbull, they’ll probably try to shake off that energy inside your apartment or home, which could be a bit disastrous. After all, when a dog like the pitbull is kept from exercising, all that pent up energy has to go somewhere. Sadly, this is where some behavior problems arise.

Like most dogs who have been turned into couch potatoes by their owners, the black pit bull risks getting chunky. An overweight dog isn’t a happy dog, and can even become depressed.

Also, a the health conditions alone should be a warning. Illnesses that can come from a sedentary lifestyle include diabetes, arthritis, and cardiovascular issues.

If you live in an apartment or small home, there are some things you can do inside the home to keep your pittie fit.

For instance, were you aware that there are treadmills specifically designed for dogs?

Well there are, and a good example is the The dog PACER LF 3.1 Dog Pacer Treadmill. These treadmills are scaled down to size to fit inside a your home or apartment, and is a great way to help rid your pit bull of any pent up energy.

Another great home exercise product for your black pitbull is the Varram Pet Fitness Robot that you can operate remotely using an app! The point being, if you want a black pitbull as a companion, you need to plan everything ahead of time, and that includes exercise time.

Weight Pulling Competitions

Along the line of canine fitness for the black pit bull, lies the world of weight training and competitions. In the past, it was the great dogs of the North, such as the Siberian Husky that championed weight pulling competitions.

But that was then. Today more and more pit bull owners are tossing their hat in the ring, and hitching their dogs up. Whether you see these competitions cruel or not, the fact remains it is a part of the pit bull world.

Weight pulling competitions involve a heavily padded harness being placed on the dog. The dog is then attached to a trolley or cart, which sits on a set of tracks. Next, weights are placed on the trolley.

Each dog must pull the trolley for 15 feet for it to count, and must do it in under 60 seconds. Each dog has a handler who cannot touch or interfere with the dog in any way.

Common Ailments of the Black Pitbull

Below we’ve outlined some of the more prominent illnesses that can affect your pitbull. By knowing the health issues and risks your pittie can face, makes you more aware of any symptoms and signs so you can catch them early. After all, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Thyroid Disease

Pitties are often the victims of hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism usually hits your dog during his middle aged years. Your first sign that this may be an issue is consistent weight gain, as well as skin problems.

Knee Issues

Pitties are often afflicted with knee issues. Some believe that this is due to the dogs muscular weight combined with activity. They cite that this combination may be too much for his knees to bear over time.

Hip Dysplasia

Hip Dysplasia is a condition which singles out certain breeds like the great dane, German shepherd and pit bull. When it occurs, your pittie will have a tough time climbing up on your bed, going up stairs, and so on. Signs your dog has hip dysplasia are limping, bunny hopping, and lameness.

Aortic Stenosis

Pit bulls can suffer from heart issues like aortic stenosis and valve inflammations. To keep your pit bull in tip top condition, regular visits to the vet are a must in order to catch it early.

Pit Bull Euthanasia

Whether we like it or not, the pit bull is one breed which has suffered at the hands of the ignorant. Mention the pit bull to most people, and chances are they’ve heard some sort of horror story about a past incident involving the dogs.

As previously stated, incidents do exist, but they are generally the result of bad dog ownership, and not the dogs nature. Be that as it may, these sweet pitties are on the top of the list when it comes to euthanasia.

The main cause of pit bull euthanasia is over-breeding, creating more dogs than can find homes. While adoption is a fabulous solution, it is only a partial solution.

What should be done is to limit the number of black pit bulls bred each year. As such, it’s in the hands of responsible pit bull owners to spay and neuter their dogs.

Logic dictates that the more pit bulls which are ‘fixed’, means the less dogs will be put down in shelters. Also, keep in mind that the pit bulls reputation is a huge barrier when it comes to adoption.

No matter how sweet the pit bull in the shelter is, its reputation will precede it. In other words, if a family comes in looking for the perfect family companion, chances are they’ll pass right over the pit bull without even looking twice, based on reputation alone.

According to the Save a Bull organization, “A study by the organization Animal People reports a 93% euthanasia rate for pit bulls and only one in 600 pits finding a forever home.”

Black Pit Bull Rescue Organizations

Now that we know the state of pit bulls and euthanasia, it’s important to acknowledge the importance of adopting and fostering them. If you’re interested in owning a black pit bull, then we strongly suggest that you visit an animal shelter or pit bull rescue organization.

A good place to start your search for a black pit bull is the Pit Bull Rescue Organization, or PBRC. Keep in mind that no matter the breed, whether black pit bull or black spaniel mixed mutt, the fact remains that black dogs are passed over in shelters more than any other color.

As you can guess, that doesn’t bode well for the black pit bull. In fact, it means that they are on the bottom rung of the ladder even at an all pit bull rescue organization

Final Thoughts

The black pit bull is a stable, fun loving and loyal companion. Any negatives in their personality is to be seen as a fault of bad ownership, and not a breed trait.

In fact it’s quite fair to say that the pit bull is the most misunderstood breed in the U.S., if not the world. It’s because of this misunderstanding that you take precautions such as proper training and socialization of your black pit bull.

Even if its the sweetest thing in the world, that won’t protect him from prejudiced people, and that’s a fact. Black pit bulls are not only stunning to look at, but a joy to have around, a great companion and loyal family member.

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