Ten Loving Traits About Pit Bull Breeds The Media Willingly Ignores

Pit Bulls are an amazing breed of dog who just seem to catch a really bad reputation in the media which causes them to get a really bad reputations world wide. There are countries that have banned the breed itself just because of some poor examples of terrible owners raising the dogs to be more like weapons than the loving and loyal dogs they naturally are. Those of us who have had Pit Bulls ourselves or have had the genuine joy of being in the presence of one know they are about as sweet and affectionate as a dog breed can get. Here are ten incredible traits about Pit Bulls the media willingly ignores.

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They are Incredibly Playful: All people want to talk about is Pit Bull attacks of how the breed is vicious, but that is not the truth. Pit Bulls are actually an incredibly playful breed that will be as content as can be if you just spend the day playing catch with it or letting them swim on a hot day. The media wants people to see them and fear them, but the truth is, 99% of Pit Bulls just want to lick your face and play with you. And regarding the other one percent….

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Vicious Pit Bulls are Raised As Trained To Be That Way: If you hear a case about an attack (which you know the media will force feed on anyone), I often look at the Pit Bulls as victims, too. 9/10ths of the time this is a result of the owners raising them and teaching them to be weapons. They teach them to be aggressive dogs, and then they get to just walk away when the dog reacts to how it was trained and brought up. This is not okay. This is animal abuse.

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They Are Actually Big Teddy Bears: Believe it or not, anyone who has seen someone who has had a Pit Bull for a long time can attest to this one. Pit Bulls are actually big teddy bears. They would be way more into snuggling on the couch then anything else if given the option. People see a muscly breed with a bad reputation, and they fear it.   I mean, honestly, they think they are lap dogs. But the media wont ever talk about that, will they?

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As Loyal As Dogs Get: This one may throw some people off, as they think this means they are all guard dogs and will attack anyone. No, when I say they are loyal, I mean it in the purest sense of the word. These dogs are sweet and loving, and will stand by your side, no matter what.

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Would Sacrifice Their Lives To Save Yours: This is the one that really gets me. There are thousands upon thousands of stories out there about Pit Bulls getting third degree burns trying to get their (human) family out of a burning house. There are even more insane examples like the dogs pushing kids out of the way of vehicles and getting hit saving their owners lives.

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More Silly Than You Would Know: The world seems to look at Pit Bulls the same way they look at bears or lions. Let me tell you, Pit Bulls are fun loving, silly dogs. They have so much personality, you spend five minutes with one, you want to take it home and love it forever.

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They LOVE Attention:  We know pretty much all dogs love attention, but Pit Bulls get this reputation like they are mean, loner dogs that want nothing to do but rip stuff apart and attack people, and that is just not close to being true. Most Pit Bulls (and variations of the breed) are just suckers for getting positive attention from those they love.

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They Just Want To Be Loved: The irony is, isn’t that what we all want? Well, this wonderful breed is no different. The problem is, the wrong people get their hands on them and train them to be like weapons. This will only change once we truly hold the owners and people who breed dogs to fight (*coughs* Michael Vick) to true justice rather than just slapping them on the wrist and blaming the dogs.

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They Are Super Healthy Dogs: May sound like a strange thing to point out, but there are many breeds who have natural dispositions towards certain diseases and afflictions (Dalmatians and deafness, for example), but the Pit Bull is one of he naturally healthiest breeds there is.

This means less concern about illness and less money on shots, and less vet visits. That, in itself, is pretty amazing.

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They Are Unfairly Vilified by the Media: Look at that face??! Do you know why he is so sad? Because he knows no matter what he does, or who he saved, or how sweet he is, the media is going to paint him and his breed as a monster. How would you feel if someone did that to you, your gender, or your race? I think a few of us know how that feels, and it aint cool.

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