Stabbed Pit Bull Puppy Adopted By Man Who Saved Her Life

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On May 18, a Pit Bull Puppy in Virginia got a new lease on life after a former police officer saved her. The former police officer known as Brad Chambers, a resident of Portsmouth, Virginia, found the puppy after she ran under his truck to escape from her attacker. Chambers reported that he found the puppy profusely bleeding from the stab wounds and was minutes away from her demise. The stab wounds penetrated deep into her neck, and they severely damaged her trachea. The former police officer added that the damage to the puppy’s neck caused air to escape from her trachea into her chest cavity and lung. Due to the Pit Bull puppy’s terrifying health condition, Chambers immediately treated her with a first aid kit in his truck before rushing the puppy to an animal shelter in Suffolk. Read on to learn more about the stabbed puppy adopted by a man who saved her life.


According to News Amomama, a former police officer Brad Chamber found the stabbed Pit Bull puppy hiding under his truck in downtown Portsmouth, Virginia. The puppy, who is known as Smoke, was escaping from her previous owner, who was attacking her and almost killed her. Her previous owner inflicted severe stab wounds on Smoke’s neck that penetrated so deep, damaging her trachea. Chambers claimed that as he was walking towards his truck, he looked under the truck and immediately noticed the sweet Pit Bull puppy hiding there and seemed terrified. He went on to pick up the puppy and was shocked to see her profusely bleeding from her neck; all you could see was blood pouring out everywhere and deep puncture wounds. Chambers also said that air was escaping the puppy’s exposed trachea into her lung and the area around her heart. Brad Chambers responded immediately, took a trauma kit in his truck, and began treating the severely injured puppy. After trying to reduce the rate of blood loss from the puppy’s neck, he quickly rushed Smoke to the animal hospital in Suffolk. Brad’s first aid actions played a significant role in saving Smoke’s life. Eventually, the Puppy had to undergo multiple surgeries at the North Carolina State’s College of Veterinary Medicine. The surgery and medical expenses were settled by good Samaritans who were moved by Smoke’s horrifying near-death encounter. Meanwhile, the Smoke attacker- her previous owner, was later apprehended by the local authorities and was charged with animal cruelty.


After undergoing several surgical procedures at the North Carolina State’s College of Veterinary Medicine, Smoke was discharged and is currently recovering well. Her new dog owner Brad Chambers said that Smoke has fully recovered from the surgeries, and she is very energetic. He added, saying that Smoke is one of the most loving and loyal puppies he has ever met. According to Kwtx, the stabbed puppy has exhibited no lingering side effects from the seven stab wounds inflicted by her previous owner. Smoke is gradually making her way to becoming a certified therapy dog. Her new owner claimed to take extra steps to continue ensuring the puppy’s safety and her overall health. Smoke’s new owner Brad Chambers claimed that it took about $15,000 for the puppy to fully recover from the inflicted stab wounds. This is because the puppy had to undergo several surgical procedures to help treat the deep stab wounds around her neck and also help regain a large amount of blood that was lost. Fortunately, Brad did not have to pay this medical expense by himself as part of it was met by Chambers and the rest by good Samaritans who were moved by Smoke’s near-death ordeal.

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Happy Ending

As soon as Smoke was discharged from the hospital, the former police officer Brad Chambers immediately swooped in to adopt the puppy. Chambers claimed that he was eager to share the next coming season of his life with Smoke and provide her with the needed care and love. Smoke is adjusting well to her new surroundings and is very friendly. Meanwhile, Smoke’s previous owner has been arrested by the local police and has been convicted for the violent incident.

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