Stray Puppy With Crooked Leg Rescued and Is Now Thriving

Breik the dog is lucky to have a forever home. As a matter of fact, when the dog was a puppy, she was picked up by animal control officers in Louisville, Kentucky. She was seemingly a purebred, but she had a noticeable deformity in her front left leg. It was bowed so significantly that individuals at the animal shelter strongly suspected that she had been bred with papers, but then when she was born with her deformed leg, was simply tossed off to the side because the breeder knew that they couldn’t get any money for her. That seems like a very sad existence, but it’s one that this dog has never let get in her way. As a matter of fact, her personality is literally larger than life, and she’s been fortunate enough to find someone that both loves her exactly how she is and is capable and knowledgeable enough of the breed itself to deal with the personality issues that commonly go with it.

A Special Dog with Special Needs

Some people would consider this particular dog to have special needs, but no one bothered to tell her that she was different. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned for individuals who see themselves as having some type of disability, as the dog has proven that there is no need for it to stop her from doing virtually anything she wants to do. These days, she’s all grown up and she’s got more energy than ever. Despite the fact that she only has three good legs, she’s a handful and her owner constantly reminds others that she is a dog worth loving, even though she does express many of the personality issues that are so commonplace with the Belgian Malinois. That includes being a little bit “insane,” as her owner puts it. It’s also worth noting that these types of dogs need a lot of exercise and they need to be challenged mentally. In other words, you have to work with them constantly or they have a tendency to get bored. The last thing you want is a bored Belgian Malinois because when they get that way, they have a tendency to be destructive. They can even become aggressive. After all, there is a reason that so many police departments choose to use them to apprehend suspects. It’s not because they prefer to be on your lap so they can be cute and cuddly all day long. They have this innate desire to hunt and chase and they will do so, so they require a firm hand that knows more than one or two things about this individual breed. Having one that has special needs can up the ante by quite a bit, but Breik the dog was lucky in the sense that there was an animal control officer in the town that knew a great deal about the breed and was willing to take her in. In doing so, the two have proven a lot of things to other people who see their social media accounts.

Is It Possible for Animals to Teach Humans a Few Things?

Anybody that pays even the slightest amount of attention to an animal knows that it is indeed possible for them to teach humans quite a few things about life in general. In fact, a lot of people would argue that animals have it figured out better than people. In this particular case, Breik the dog and her owner work to teach others about the need for unconditional love and to express determination that anything can be accomplished, regardless of the obstacles that tend to get in your way. This is important because it’s obvious by looking at Breik that she has some type of disability, yet she’s thriving. Perhaps if people learned not to label others and just accept them as they are in much the way that this dog has been accepted, they too could thrive, even in the face of significant adversity. In addition, you have the aforementioned behavioral issues which Breik’s owner openly talks about in many of their social media posts. The reason that these issues are brought up are twofold. First and foremost, it helps to make people more aware of the issues that are common to this particular breed so they don’t run out and buy one because they think it’s cute and then end up with something that they don’t think they can handle. Second, it’s a good lesson in learning that everyone, dogs included, have both positive traits and things that may be less than positive, yet every living creature deserves to be loved and accepted just as they are. That’s precisely why Breik’s story is so important. It’s not just about a cute dog, but about many of the lessons that most of us spend a lifetime trying to learn. While Breik and her owner are working on teaching these lessons, the two of them give some background on Breik’s condition and why this is more common than you might think. In Breik’s case, it was a genetic issue, one that resulted from breeding two dogs that were predisposed to the condition, yet didn’t actually show physical signs. They also actively try to make people more aware of the fact that puppies that don’t get the nutrition they need can also end up with this condition. In short, it’s a lesson in learning to care for animals that have disabilities along with teaching you to do everything in your power to make sure that the puppy you have grows up to be happy and healthy.

Are Disabilities Common in Dogs?

As it turns out, these and other disabilities are more common in dogs than you might think. On an average day, there are approximately 6.3 million dogs and cats that are sitting in shelters around the United States, just waiting to be adopted. Unfortunately, roughly 20% of those animals are suffering from some type of disability. That makes it very difficult for shelters to adopt them out, largely because most people are looking for a young dog that doesn’t have any behavioral or physical issues. Sadly, that leaves out dogs that have physical ailments, obvious deformities, behavioral problems or even dogs that are of an advanced age. The idea is to help make people more aware of these dogs so that some special soul will be more likely to come along and adopt them, thus giving them a chance at a happy life just like Breik. When people see Breik’s story, they will hopefully be inspired. That is the idea behind the social media post, after all. Her owner wants people to know that she may not be perfect, but she’s not any less deserving of the same love that any other creature should have. In fact, the two of them have a beautiful bond together and they hope that through making their story public, others will learn to have something similar as well.

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