Dog is Unrecognizable After Missing in the Woods for a Month

Lost Dog

Could you imagine what it would be like to go on an outing with your beloved pet and endure the heartbreak of losing them in the forest? For a few days the hope of their return would still be strong, but with the passage of time, reality begins to set in that they may not be coming home again. After a month of days passes the hopes of ever seeing them again would dwindle down to an acceptance that the likelihood is slim to none of having a blessed reunion and a happy ending. This was the case for the gentleman who was the owner of Sandy, a ten year old Chow mix. She was staying with her owner at a deer lodge when she wandered off into some fairly rough terrain in the mountains of Montana. Sandy had wandered eighteen miles away from her starting point and she remained lost for a full month. Here is more about this touching story and how she came to be reunited with her owner.

Making her way back to civilization

We can only speculate about the hardships that Sandy must have endured in her time alone in the wilderness of Montana. What is known is that the month which she spent out there on her own took a terrible toll on her health and her appearance. It was by chance that the Chow made her way to a campground located near the Little Black Foot River called Kading campground. It just so happens that a veterinarian technician was camping there and she spotted Sandy as she staggered along her way through the woods.

Help found Sandy just in time

Sandy’s condition was dire. She could barely stand because she was so physically weakened by her experience. She was in tough condition and taken to the Alpine Animal Clinic. She had lost considerable body weight and looked much like a bag of bones. Her fur had become heavily matted and she was covered with ticks, feces and she also had grass seeds embedded in the mass. This all had to be removed. As the technicians shaved the matted fur from her body, she was clearly emaciated. The vets assessed that just a few more days in the wilderness would have resulted in her death. She underwent medical testing and was given nourishing foods to help nurture her back to health.

Searching for her owner

Thanks to social media, the photographs and story of the dog were circulated until somebody who knew the owner saw the post. It took roughly five thousand shares before her owner became aware that Sandy was alive and well. After receiving the news, he went to the clinic on a Friday morning and the two were reunited. The scene was a touching one as the man’s eyes filled with tears of joy at the sight of his beloved pet. Sandy also showed the first signs of joy. There wasn’t a dry eye in the clinic.

This story stands as a testimony to the power of social media. It also shows how deeply the bonds between a pet owner and their dog can run. It seems that miracles still do happen and Sandy’s story stands as a good example.

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