A Homeless Dog Highlights the Work of Animal Services

The United States Humane Society disclosed that there are about 70 million stray dogs and cats trying to survive in the streets on any given day in America. It, therefore, makes sense that animal services will do everything in their power to stop this number from going up; hence, the first thing shelters do upon rescuing stray animals is spay and neuter. They still try to find suitable forever homes, and one homeless dog highlighted the work of animal services after being rescued and almost being spayed. Check out Della’s story that will make you look at animal services in a whole new light.

Spaying Appointment Turns into Maternity Care

When Mesa County Animal Services found one-year-old dog Della on the streets, they took her in, and since no one claimed her, they had to find her a home. The animal services partners with Grand Rivers Humane Society, a non-profit that rescues strays and helps them get new forever homes after providing necessary medical care. Della was no exception, so the non-profit prepared her for the adoption event. The preparation involved spaying and neutering all animals; thus, Della was taken to the veterinarian, who cut her open. Much to their surprise, the canine was pregnant, and eight puppies would be born once she reached the end of her pregnancy term. It was, therefore, important that she took priority over the others to find a suitable home. That is when the President of Grand Rivers Humane Society, Nan McNees, stepped in, doing all she can until the dog was well-settled.

Finding the Perfect Family

Fortunately, Kathleen Recker, together with her husband and two children, found Della to be the ideal fit for their family. According to the Daily Sentinel, the canine gave birth to her puppies on the morning of March 28, 2020. The Recker family was a godsend and monitored the puppies every day, ensuring they grew properly and socialized them. They did not tire of taking care of the new mother and kids; they had Della for two weeks before giving birth and then catered to the dog’s entire family for an additional nine weeks. With the assurance that the puppies were ready for adoption through preparation that included immunizing them, the Grand Rivers Humane Society started receiving adoption applications. The Recker family was in charge of vetting the prospective dog owners, taking on the task of calling back the applicants and interviewing them. With time, they found the ideal families. The puppies were adopted on the same day; seven puppies were adopted by Mesa County families, while a Californian family took the remaining one. On the other hand, Della was adopted by Kathleen Recker’s best friend, who changed the dog’s name to Sunny.

Happy Reunion

After one year of being separated, Sunny got to see six of her puppies during a reunion that the Recker family coordinated. The event was held at the Canyon View Dog Park. McNees could not hold back her joy seeing how an incident that initially seemed so bleak had turned into one of the most splendid occasions probably she had ever witnessed in her career in animal services. The best thing about the adoption was that clearly, the puppies were being taken care of well, considering that Sunny’s male puppies had grown to be 100 pounds, quite big compared to their mother’s 60 pounds. Kathleen’s daughter outdid herself by baking pup cakes for the puppies.

Kathleen said that the puppies helped keep her happy amidst the pandemic, reminding her every day with their showers of kisses and endless hugs that everything would be okay. It is not just Kathleen that got to benefit from Sunny and her puppies; McNees used the opportunity to highlight the importance of animal services. According to NBC11 News, she explained that fosters play a critical role in the humane society’s mission, referring to dog and cat fosters as life-savers. Just like the Recker family provided specialized care to the pregnant dog and puppies, fosters go out of their way to offer the attention that the rescued animals need. Therefore, if you would like to offer a dog the chance of living a comfortable life, you can contact them through the Grand Rivers Humane Society email address ([email protected]). The humane society has been dedicated to assisting rescued animals in finding forever homes since 2005. The non-profit holds an adoption event on 1649 Main Street at the Kitty Corner every Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm. Their efforts pay off, and in 2020, they helped place 360 cats and dogs in suitable homes.

About Mesa County Animal Services

According to the Mesa County Animal Services website, the organization has between 125 and 200 pets of all ages at any given time. Due to the constant influx of displaced animals, they have to look for agencies and shelters to transfer the adoptable animals and create room for the incoming ones. If you visit the website and find a particular animal you would like to adopt, they advise that you fill out an interest sheet because they cannot put an adoptable on hold. With your interest expressed, they make an effort to contact you by the end of the day before placing the animals in adoption. Still, you are not obligated to remain with animals whose behavioral issues you cannot tolerate. Although they try to get you the history of the animals’ behavior as reported by their previous owners or as assessed by the staff, future behavior is never guaranteed. Therefore, if you find the adopted animal’s behavior to be too aggressive, you don’t have to abandon them; instead, Mesa County Animal Services encourages pet owners to use the organization’s resources to address such behavioral issues. They can send the dog to an animal rescue agency with the necessary training resources. They do not advocate for euthanizing aggressive animals, and if you are interested in any of the animals, you can read all about the displaced pet program here.

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