Poor Dog Still Needs a Loving Home After 700 Days in the Shelter

The primary aim, whenever a dog arrives in a shelter, is always to find them their forever home as quickly as possible. Spending a prolonged period in an animal shelter is far from an ideal situation for a dog, and it is nothing compared to living in a comfortable home with a loving family. Sadly, there are many dogs that have difficulty finding someone who wants to take them home, and this means they will remain in the shelter until a home is found. One example of this is a nine-year-old Pit Bull called Jack Sparrow, says I Heart Dogs. Jack Sparrow had once been a bait dog involved in a dog-fighting cruelty case in Syracuse. When he was removed from his owners because of animal cruelty, he was taken to a local animal shelter.

Like any animal that arrives at a rescue shelter, the aim of the staff at the CNY SPCA aimed to find the dog a new home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, they have been unable to do so thus far, and he has now spent more than 700 days living in the shelter. Even worse, nobody is quite sure when he will be rehomed or even if somebody will be willing to take on this poor dog. A possible reason why potential adoptees have been reluctant to consider offering Jack Sparrow a home is that he has suffered many injuries. These injuries are the result of the time he spent as a bait dog. Not only does he have scars all over his body, but he is also blind in one eye. When he arrived at the shelter, the Pit Bull had been suffering from heartworm. Although he has now been treated for this condition, he will need medication for the rest of his life. This is another factor that may have deterred people from adopting him.

It is also possible that people are put off by his past involvement with dog-fighting, even though he had no choice in this matter. People may possibly believe that he is an aggressive dog that is likely to fight. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to the staff at the CNY SPACA, Jack Sparrow is a big softie with a huge heart and a lot of love to give. One of the volunteers who has got to know him particularly well is Dee Schaefer, who is the CNY SPCA Humane Educator. She has spent a lot of time with Jack Sparrow while he has lived at the shelter, and she has not given up hope of him finding a forever home. In fact, she believes that it will happen sooner rather than later.

Schaefer has described how she is determined to find the dog a forever home as soon as possible because he deserves a second chance in life. Life has not been all bad for Jack Sparrow in the shelter as he is fed, warm, and has lots of love from the staff. However, this still does not compare to living in a family environment. Not only has this poor dog won the hearts of those who volunteer at the shelter, but he has also won the hearts of many other people. Journalist Farah Jadran was so touched by his story that she shared it on her Facebook page. Her post was shared more than one thousand times, so it reached a wide audience. Using social media to attract attention to a dog in need of a home is a popular strategy as it reaches lots of people and the stories pull at people’s heartstrings. Sadly, in this case, the Facebook post was unsuccessful in finding Jack Sparrow a home.

Initially, there were a few people who expressed an interest in adopting Jack Sparrow, but those people could not go ahead with the adoption due to the breed restrictions in place in the areas they lived, says CNY Central. Fortunately, there was something positive that came out of the Facebook post. One of the families that had expressed an interest in the dog but were unable to adopt him came forward to offer to sponsor Jack Sparrow. This meant that they covered his adoption fee so that when someone finally came forward for him, his new owners would not need to pay a fee. For some people, this can make adopting a dog seem a more appealing prospect.

This family was not the only ones who wanted to do something to help the Pit Bull. Another person came forward with enough money to buy him an orthopedic bed which he can take with him to his new home. As a result, he will have greater comfort during his stay in the shelter, and the bed will become a familiar item for him to take along to his forever home. Another strategy used by the staff at the shelter was to take Jack Sparrow out for the day so that the locals could see him. They took him along to watch the carolers singing around the Syracuse Christmas tree. They even put him in a holiday sweater to make sure he looked as cute as possible for his day out.

During his day trip, Jack Sparrow met a lot of new people and made plenty of friends. All the locals thought that the dog looked adorable, but nobody offered to give him a home for Christmas. Therefore, the search is still on. Jack Sparrow doesn’t need a lot from his new home. All he needs is a loving family that is willing to give him the second chance he deserves. The staff of the shelter is still hopeful that this will happen soon. The only stipulation that has been set relating to his adoption is that he is the only dog in his new home. This is because of the traumatic experiences he had with other canines while he was working as a bait dog.

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