Woman Gets Hateful Comments About Her Pit Bull Service Dog: Spreads Positivity

When Asha Leo first received her Pit Bull Pirate as a rescue dog, she didn’t think she’d be receiving the kinds of vitriol she does on Social Media.  But instead of letting it get to her, she decided to promote all the positives. 

Instead, she created a TikTok and Instagram page to spread positive awareness around her Pit Bulls and their ability to be useful service dogs.  

Below is her story:

Pirate is a 3-Year-Old Rescue Pit Bull who is was designated as Asha’s psychiatric service dog.

Asha is a sexual assault survivor and Pirate helps her alleviate her PTSD

With Pirate by her side she feels more comfortable and safe. 

But things weren’t always so sunny and rosy. 

Asha hears a lot of hateful comments when people see her with her pit bull. 

Not only was it hard to find a dog day care that accepts Pit Bulls, it even got to the point where Asha and Pirate were kicked out of a dog park. 

Asha decided that she’d had enough of the hate and negativity towards Pit Bulls. 

Using Pirate’s Instagram account she’s showing just how awesome these breeds can be. 

Unlike the stereotypes, they are sweet and gentle as well as intelligent and highly trainable. 

Not to mention kind and goofy.

Most of all, Pirate is loving and loyal. 

Asha believes the best way to educate the public about Pit Bulls is to train them, advocate for them, so we can help promote the positive image of Pit Bulls. 

Although having to defend Pirate takes a toll on Asha’s mental health….

She knows just how incredible her dog is and how much respect he deserves.

Asha and Pirate continue to post in Instagram to educate, advocate, and celebrate all Pit Bull dogs.  Asha says, “Any dog, any breed, raised wrong can be dangerous.  Ban bad owners.” 

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