Iowa Dog Adopted after 900 Days at Shelter Helps Owner Recover from Breakup

During this pandemic, pet owners have realized how much their furry friends can impact their lives in the most positive ways. However, as much as we want to give animals a forever home, it takes time to find the right fit. Still, no matter how long it takes, whatever is written in the stars will come to be. There is no need for more proof of fate playing out as it should, than when an Iowa dog adopted after 900 days at shelter helps his owner recover from a breakup. Here is the beautiful story of Leo and Evens and how pets help us recover from breakups.

It was mutually beneficial for Leo and Evens

Leo did not expect to live another day, but his knight in shining armor came along and whisked him off to safety. Linda Reynolds heard that Leo was about to be put down, thus contacted the person in charge of transport on August 10, 2017. She took care of him at Dogs Forever and posted beautiful pictures on social media asking people to adopt him. However, fate kept him from getting adopted until he found the right person. Although Linda said that Leo was a difficult puppy, David Evens fell in love with him the moment he saw him on the Dogs Forever website. He even took the initiative to visit the shelter, confirming what he knew all along- that Leo was meant to be his furry friend.

Therefore, before taking him home, Evens had to develop a bond with the dog; thus, a month was the ideal recommended training period. However, Evens was not taking any chances; therefore, out of his own volition extended the bond development to three months. The commitment to giving Leo a forever home was further reinforced by his willingness to build a fence and put a kennel inside since the dog was known to be very active. The persistence to get Leo is because Evens had just gone through a breakup and thought a furry companion would help heal his aching heart. He was right, and loneliness is a thing of the past.

Other cases that involve dogs mending broken hearts

In 2018 Hazel wrote a story published by Telegraph about how she lost her husband of 21 years. Phil’s health deteriorated over one year before he finally passed away in May 2014 after a long fight with blood cancer. Hazel was at the end of her rope, and loneliness crept up on her since her sons were away at university. For months, she barely left the house, let alone the bed, and her friend who saw Hazel’s anguish thought a dog would help. Hazel took her friend’s advice and fell in love with Zuki when she first laid eyes on his brown eyes. Zuki helped her adjust to life without Phil and also gave Hazel a reason for living since she resolved to create a website reviewing how canine-friendly the hotels she and Zuki visited were. Before long, Zuki helped Hazel find her new husband, Glenn, who happened to provide dog sitting services.

On the other hand, Katherine planned to foster Stella for a night to see if she could handle dog ownership. Therefore after taking her home, Katherine promised Stella that she would find her forever home and be loved. However, since the plan was to foster for a night the next morning, Katherine drove the dog back to the shelter only for Stella to disapproving look at the human. By the time they got to the adoption center, Katherine had cried her eyes out, and she ended up giving Stella the forever home she had promised. Everything happens for a reason; the next day, Katherine’s relationship was over, and Stella was there to pick up the pieces.

Even cats can mend your broken heart

While dogs are known to be loyal, and cats think of themselves as royalty, they still can help your pain subside as Rebecca found out. According to SF Gate, Rebecca’s son, Alexander, had grown up alongside a cat, Poosey Gato, who unfortunately was hit by a car. Losing his father and “twin brother” was devastating for the teenager, but Rebecca felt so bad that she resolved not to have any pets.

However, she saw how much Alexander was hurting since his father had died, too; thus, Rebecca took him to a shelter where he could volunteer. Alexander took home a cat with two kittens, but having lost a pet and a man she was so attached to, Rebecca was careful not to do the same with the new felines. She even had her parents adopt the kittens while the mother remained with Rebecca; thus, she ended up falling in love with the feline. Learning to love the cat also helped Rebecca open up to the possibility of loving another man, which she did.

How do pets heal broken hearts?

Michelson Found Animals explains the various ways in which pets mend our broken hearts. First of all, they change the chemical levels by facilitating the release of serotonin and reducing cortisol, the stress hormone that will have you wallowing in your sorrows. Pets allow us to stay active since you will have to walk them, feed them and play with them; thus, the movement gives you enough encouragement to do tasks you would have otherwise put away. Hazel confessed getting out of bed was nearly impossible, but the minute she got Zuki, everything changed.

Evens would have sunk into depression after his breakup, but Leo made him feel alive again. Pets reassure you that even if that person was not meant to be your soulmate, you can love, and be loved. Moreover, it enables you to become more sociable, and it is in those moments that you find your purpose. Hazel and Rebecca found men to love them after losing their husbands all because they took a chance and adopted a pet.

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