Senior Dog is Adopted After 2,461 Days at Shelter

While some dogs are adopted from a rescue shelter almost straight away, others have a longer wait for their forever home. Sadly, it is often senior dogs that have the greatest difficulty finding a loving family who is willing to adopt them despite their age. This is because people generally want a younger dog to spend more time with and because people do not want to deal with the costs of health care that are associated with senior dogs. Thankfully, there are some kindhearted people in the world who are willing to take a risk by adopting an older dog. One senior dog who had a long wait to find a forever home was Sandi, a 12-year-old dog that spent more than half her life at Marion-Grant Humane Society. From arriving at the shelter when he was six, Sandi spent a whopping 2,461 days at the shelter. The older the dog got, her chances of finding a forever home were gradually reducing.

Although Sandi had become accustomed to life at the shelter, the staff knew that she deserved so much more. Eventually, a dog-loving couple came forward who fell in love with her and were willing to overlook the fact that she was a senior dog to give her the forever home she deserved. I Heart Dogs says that Sandi first arrived at the shelter when she was found as a stray at the age of six. Sandi was a healthy, happy, and friendly dog, so the staff thought that she would soon find a home. For some reason, she was always overlooked by potential adopters. Sandi loved spending time with the staff and playing with them. However, the staff said that as she had been there for longer than many of the employees, it was almost like she was the boss of the shelter.

During Sandi’s time at the shelter, the staff made numerous efforts to find the white and spotted pit bull-boxer mix a forever home Sadly, their efforts were to no avail. As time passes and Sandi was getting older, the staff began to fear that the loveable dog would never find a new home. However, they did not give up hope that someone would come forward. Finally, a couple arrived to view the dogs and they fell in love with Sandi after the very first meeting. When they went home, they could not stop thinking about her and couldn’t wait to bring her home, says ABC News. The couple who decided to adopt Sandi is Erin and Carrie Rhodes. They had decided to welcome another dog into their family after the recent death of their dog. Life didn’t feel the same without a dog running around the place, so they decided to visit the rescue center to see if they could find their new family member. That was when they came across Sandi.

The day that the couple arrived to take Sandi home was a special occasion for everyone. Sandi was finally getting the home she deserved, Carrie and Erin had a new family member, and the staff was delighted to see the dog getting a second chance at life. To mark the occasion and make it feel more special, Erin and Carrie presented Sandi with a crown, which she wore as she climbed into their car. As Sandi said goodbye to the shelter to begin her new life, all the staff cheered. Sandi was clearly loving all the attention as she wagged her tail the whole time. Sandi’s new home is comfortable and full of love, so it is hardly any wonder that she has settled into her new environment quickly. Carrie and Erin are enjoying having her as part of their family, and they spoil her whenever they can. Life is now good for this once stray dog, and she is very happy with life right now.

Since bringing Sandi home, Erin and Carrie have set Sandi up with her own Instagram page. They set up this page because they wanted to share with people how a dog that once spent 2461 days living an animal shelter can go on to live a happy and fulfilled life. People clearly want to see how things have turned out for Sandi, as the page already has 1,720 followers in just a short time. The page is updated regularly with photographs of Sandi loving life at home and having a great time out on her walks with her owners. Carrie and Erin are delighted with the response to the page as it is showing that adopting a senior dog is a positive experience. Hopefully, this page will put an end to some of the prejudices people have against adopting senior dogs. They will see how much joy Sandi has brought to Erin and Carrie’s lives and what a life-transforming action it was for Sandi when they adopted her. It is clear from the photographs how much her new owners love her, and it is evident that this love is reciprocated.

If people can see that the adoption has been a positive experience all around, then it may encourage more people to consider adopting a senior dog from a rescue shelter rather than simply overlooking them during the selection process. In turn, this could make things a lot easier for rescue shelters. Rehoming senior dogs is often problematic and they are the dogs most likely to stay in the shelters for extended periods. This is often costly for the shelter and it prevents them from offering spaces to other dogs in need. Sandi has been exceptionally lucky to find a forever home at the grand old age of 12, but not all dogs are so lucky. With changing attitudes towards senior dogs, more dogs like Sandi could have their lives transformed and enjoy their senior years in a loving environment.

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