Man Comes Home from Army to Find His Dogs Starving to Death

Starving Dogs

Sometimes people’s lives seem like they are going well, and then their life takes a sudden turn for the worse unexpectedly. That was the case for Jayden Dufford, who thought that everything in his life was perfect and he felt like he was in a good place. He had a loving fiancée, was training for his dream career in the army, and he had two adorable puppies. However, everything in his life soon came crashing down around him in a situation that was so bad that one of his dogs died. I Heart Dogs reported this story, saying that Dufford had been away from home for 10 weeks while he completed the Army Basic Training. Before he left, things had been fantastic with his fiancée, Lauryn Burge. He had left his two puppies, Maxy and Angel, with her while he went away. As far as he was concerned, he was leaving his beloved pups in good hands.

Things started to go downhill while he was away from home. During his telephone conversations with his fiancee, he began to realize that everything was not as happy between them as he had thought. As Dufford was worried about the situation, he took his family along with him to his apartment in Rock Springs, Wyoming, when he returned from his training. He also contacted the police because he was so concerned about what he would find when he returned home, says FOX 13. Although he knew something was wrong, there was nothing that could have prepared him for the sight that greeted him when he walked into his apartment. Apparently, the stench was awful and dog feces was littering the floor throughout the property. There were clothes and litter all over the floor, and there was no sign of the dogs. Straight away, Dufford asked Burge where his dogs were, and she told him that they were in the bathroom.

Along with his family members, Dufford rushed into the bathroom to check on his dogs, and he was horrified by what he saw. Maxy was laid on the floor among the mess, but she tried to stand to greet her owner. Angel, on the other hand, was too weak to move from her position in the bathtub. Both dogs were little more than skin and bones, and it was clear that they had not been fed. Dufford described the situation as heartbreaking. He couldn’t bear to see the lifeless body of Angel in the bath. Along with the help of his family, Dufford sprang into action to help his dogs. The first thing he did was to try and give them something to eat as they were so desperately hungry. Unfortunately, this wasn’t working as the dogs were too weak to eat. Everyone was particularly worried about Angel as she had not taken in any food at all and had made no effort to sit up. It was clear that they both needed medical attention, especially Angel, so Dufford took his dogs to the vets, accompanied by his sister.

Sadly, Angel died before they had made it to the vets. She passed away in the arms of Dufford’s sister on the back seat of the car. On arriving at the veterinary surgery, the vet told them there was nothing they could have done to save the dog as her condition had been so serious. If a caring and responsible person had been caring for Angel, then it is likely that she would still be alive today. Everyone in Dufford’s family was shocked by what had happened and the death of Angel. His father said he would have taken the dogs into his home to care for them while his son was away if he had known they were living in such terrible conditions. Unfortunately, nobody knew until it was too late.

Thankfully, Maxy survived the ordeal and began to recover. Dufford has done everything he can since to keep her healthy. The biggest problem has been helping her to regain her weight. She has already put on some weight since Dufford has returned home. Despite everything that has happened to her, she is now doing well. However, she has ongoing medical needs and Dufford has set up a Go Fund Me to pay for her medical needs. According to Dufford, Burge showed no remorse for her actions when he returned to the apartment and found his dogs living in terrible conditions and starving to death. However, she has since been cited for animal cruelty. If found guilty of this crime, it is possible that she will receive a fine of up to $750, and she may even face a jail sentence of up to six months. Most people would agree that she deserves this punishment as leaving two puppies to become so malnourished is inexcusable.

Burge has responded to the claims made against her relating to animal cruelty and neglect. Her response was long and included many excuses for her behavior. She has said that she was finding it difficult to cover the costs of caring for the dogs along with paying for her son, two cats, and the household bills. Burge has also said that she was feeding the dogs daily and that she had also spoken to the vet regarding concerns about their weight. Dufford and his sister have stated that most of what Burge said in her response is a lie. He has also made further claims regarding Burge’s behavior, including that she has stolen money from him and cheated on him while he was on the training course. However, he is more concerned about the situation with his dogs and is focusing on making sure Maxy is as happy and healthy as possible. He is already missing Angel and says that he will do everything possible to make sure that Maxy is in good hands in the future.

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