Parker the Snow Dog Becomes Honorary Mayor in Georgetown

Holding the position of mayor of a town is a great honor. It puts the person elected into this position of authority, and they will act as a representative of the town. Often the process of electing a mayor is a controversial process, with different groups favoring different candidates. The vote will always suit some residents of an area more than others, as this is always the case in an election. However, the situation is slightly different in Georgetown, Colorado, because their new honorary mayor was elected unanimously. The unanimous decision was not the only unusual feature of this election. More surprisingly, the honorary mayor is a dog, not a human. I Heart Dogs says the towns fluffy new honorary mayor was elected by the Town of Georgetown Selectmen.

Parker the Snow Dog, a two-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog, is the new Honorary Mayor for Georgetown, and he has already won the hearts of the residents. However, most already know the dog or aware of him, because he already holds several important positions. Not only is he a therapy dog at the Rocky Mountain Village Easterseals. But he is also the mascot dog for the Loveland Ski Area. Due to the important positions he already holds, Parker the Snow Dog has already helped many of the local people, and he is considered an invaluable member of the community. This is why so many of the locals are delighted by his election.

Parker’s dad is Dustin Schaefer. Dustin has said that the biggest project that they are involved in together is their work at the Rocky Mountain Village Easterseals cap in Empire. This is a camp for children with disabilities, and Dustin says that it is a fantastic project. He is proud of the work that he and Parker undertake as part of their involvement in the project. Although Parker already has plenty of fans in the local area, Dustin wanted to help him get even more fans. Therefore, he set Parker up with his own Instagram page. Parker already has almost 30 thousand followers on this page. Dustin uses this page to raise awareness of Parker’s work as a therapy dog and to show Parker’s fans some of the fantastic adventures he has. The page boasts photographs of Parker enjoying activities such as attending Bronco games and hanging out in the ski area, alongside the photographs of him helping others.

According to Dustin, Parker has done so much good for Colorado, that he has almost become an ambassador of the state. He makes so many people smile, which is a lovely thing to see. Dustin goes on to say that Parker loves all the attention and that he would not put him into the spotlight as much as he does if he believed that it was something that Parker was not enjoying. When the idea of having Parker as an honorary mayor was first broached, Parker went to the trouble of making him some election campaign posters, which were posted around the local area. This helped to spread the word about Parker’s potential new role, and he soon had a lot of support in the local area. Although it is not traditional having a dog in the role of mayor, the people of Georgetown were really behind the concept and gave it their backing. When it came to selecting the honorary mayor, there was never really any question about who would get elected to the role. There was no hesitation in electing the lovable dog to the position.

When he attended the election ceremony, Parker dressed up for the occasion. He looked extremely handsome in his smart outfit and tie. Throughout the evening, Parker posed for multiple photographs with the Town of Georgetown Selectmen. In every photograph, Parker looks proud to have been given such an important position within the community. Everyone in the community agrees that Parker deserves his new role and that he will make them all proud. It may even encourage other communities around the world to consider having a dog as an honorary mayor for their area. Although it may seem strange to have a dog in such a position, Parker is not alone in being a dog with an important role in his community. A similar situation arose in Idyllwild California. The Guardian reported how a dog has been the honorary mayor of this town since he was 11-weeks-old.

Mayor Maximus Mighty-Dog Mueller II is a six-year-old Golden Retriever. Since taking the position of Honorary Mayor of Idyllwild as a pup, the dog has spent almost every day working. This involves him engaging with his constituents while wearing a tie and a hat. His human companion, Phyllis Mueller, has said that the dog was aiming to spread world peace as part of his role as mayor so that the world can become a better place. Mueller has also said that the Mayor’s role is diverse as he often attends public events in the town and tries to promote local charities and businesses. Another element of the Mayor’s role is to visit local schools, residential areas, and retirement communities. This is one of the best parts of the job as Max II loves to meet new people in the community.

Max II landed the role due to his bloodline. His predecessor, Max I, died before he had fathered any puppies, so Phyllis had to search for relatives in the local area. The closest of Max I’s relatives was Max II in California, although he also had relatives in Ohio. Since being appointed as the mayor, Max II has had a largely controversy-free tenure. However, Phyllis joked that the dog had survived an assassination attempt when another dog that was off its leash went for his throat. She says that Max II has since fully recovered from the incident and has not put him off undertaking his duties.

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