Dog Suffers Terrible Neglect but She’s Finally Smiling Again

Neglected Dog

I Heart Dogs is an online retailer that sells a wide range of pet products. They also sell clothing for men and women that feature fun dog-themed logos. An interesting element of this business is that a percentage of their profits from sells goes to good causes that support animals. This includes funding for service dogs, money for meals for dogs living in shelters, and support for dogs affected by disasters. They use their website to let people known exactly how the money is spent, and they often tell the stories of individual dogs that have benefited from the money donated. One such story told by I Heart Dogs is that of a dog called Daisy. When Daisy was rescued, she in a terrible state. She was suffering from severe neglect and she was malnourished.

Some of Daisy’s most serious problems were her fur and her eyes. Her coat was in such a poor condition that she had lost nearly all her hair. The condition of her right eye was an even more serious situation as it was so severely infected that it was surgically removed by a veterinarian. Following her rescue, Daisy faced a long road to recovery. It was down to the rescuers at Fido and Fluffy’s Rescue to make sure she got all the love and support she needed to ger her through this process and to make sure she returned to health. One way that the staff at the rescue center helped the malnourished dog to return to health was by feeding her a healthy diet. She was predominantly fed with high-quality pet food that was donated by the’s Rescue Bank. is a non-profit organization that supports a variety of good causes across the globe, including many projects that support animals. When people make a donation to this organization, they can choose which causes they would like to support. I Heart Dogs donates some of its profits to this organization, and they choose that the money goes towards providing meals for dog’s living in rescue shelters as the shelters often struggle to find the funds to feed all the animals in their care. According to the staff at Fido and Fluffy’s Rescue, they would struggle to find the money to buy all the food and products they need to support the dogs living in their shelter, so the food provided by the Rescue Bank is a big help. In addition to receiving excellent meals that will help to get her back on full form, Daisy has also undergone obedience training. Now that Daisy is on the road to recovery, the staff at the shelter are hoping that someone will come forward to offer her a forever home.

This story just goes to show how important it is that dogs living in rescue shelters get the best meals possible, and the difference that the donations that make this possible can make to the life of the dog. Malnutrition is one of the most common problems for dogs that are rescued and brought to rescue shelters. In some cases, this is because their owners have neglected and abused them, so they have not received the nutrition they need. In other cases, the dog’s malnutrition is the result of being abandoned and forced to live on the streets scavenging for food rather than receiving daily meals. According to Wag Walking, malnutrition causes many symptoms in dogs and many of these are very serious. Some of the common symptoms include severe weight loss, bad breath, dandruff, flatulence, body odor, inconsistent bowel movements, skin disorders, and an increased risk of allergies.

Just like Daisy, dogs can also develop problems with their coat. These include a dull coat, excessive shedding, and hair loss. The worst-case scenario for a dog suffering from malnutrition is death, as a dog cannot survive in the long-term if it is not getting enough food and nutrients to sustain life. Despite malnutrition being such a serious condition, the solution to this problem is simple. For a dog to overcome malnutrition, they just need a healthy and balanced diet that provides them with all the nutrients they need. Although this sounds a simple solution, it is almost impossible for a stray dog that has been abandoned and is living on the streets to achieve this. Similarly, a dog that has neglectful owners cannot ensure they get the diet they need. For a domestic dog to get a healthy and balanced diet, they need the love and support of a human companion.

That is where rescue shelters become so important to neglected, abandoned, and stray dogs that are suffering from malnutrition. Rescuers from the shelters take on the role of providing the dogs with the diet they need to return to health. When a dog first arrives in a shelter, they are usually examined by a veterinarian to check out their general health, identify any illnesses, and check the dog for injuries. One of the conditions that the veterinarian will look for is signs of malnutrition. If a dog is diagnosed as suffering from malnutrition, then the veterinarian may put them on a special diet in the short-term. The primary aim of this is to get the dog back to a healthy weight, while also providing the dog with essential nutrients. This is because a dog with malnutrition may need to eat a greater number of calories than a typical dog diet so that they can regain weight quickly.

Without the support of volunteers and members of the public donating money. The valuable work of the rescue shelters would not be possible. Caring for dogs suffering from malnutrition would not happen without these additional funds, as caring for so many dogs with special nutritional needs can soon become very expensive. No doubt Daisy and many other dogs who have had similar experiences are forever grateful to anyone that has contributed to their care in any way. Daisy and many others can smile again thanks to the love and support they have received.

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