British Woman ‘Marries’ Her Dog Live on TV and There are No Words


Sometimes, the most bizarre events are aired on television. Some are so surprising that it is difficult to believe what is happening right before your eyes. This is exactly what British viewers experienced this week while watching a popular daytime television series on which a woman married her dog live on television. Viewers were left speechless when they switched on to ‘This Morning’, an award-winning morning television program. The scene before then was a woman taking part in a wedding ceremony to marry her dog with presenters Eammon Holmes and Ruth Langsford watching proceedings. The bride was a woman who was sick of dating men and having her heartbroken, says Cheezburger. Instead, she had chosen to marry her pet dog, Logan, as he was more trustworthy and had never let her down.

There were also some minor celebrities involved in the televised ceremony, as several stars of reality television series had roles in the wedding. One celebrity who took on a lead role in the ceremony was Alison Hammond, as she was officiating. Hammond is a former Big Brother contestant who has since become one of the anchors for ‘This Morning’.  Logan’s choice of best man was also inspired by reality television as Kem Cetinay took on this role. Kem was a popular cast member of ‘Love Island’ and he won the 2017 season along with Amber Davies. He went on to have a series called ‘You vs Chris & Kem’ along with his friend and former ‘Love Island’ cast member Chris Hughes. The duo has also released a single together.

The celebrity line-up for this unusual wedding did not end there, as another celebrity was kind enough to add some musical notes to the event. Andy Abraham, a former ‘X Factor’ contestant, sang while the ceremony was underway.  According to The Sun, The bride is Elizabeth Hoad. She had appeared earlier in the show when she was interviewed by Eammon and Ruth. Hoad had told them that she had lost all interest in them and that she was quite happy to spend the rest of her life with Logan, her Golden Retriever.

When the ceremony began, Eammon walked Elizabeth down the aisle to meet her groom. Elizabeth looked resplendent in a beautiful cream shift dress and a large hat-style fascinator. Even Logan had smartened himself up for the occasion as he donned a black waistcoat.  Of course, this wasn’t a real or legally binding wedding, so there was a certain element of fun added to the proceedings. The vows were written with a doggy-theme and were filled with puns. This meant that Hammond struggled to keep a straight face as she read out the vows. She asked if anyone present had a ‘bone of contention’ about the union and then told the congregation that she would ‘paws’ to let them speak or bark.  Elizabeth and Logan exchanged rings during the ceremony, with Logan’s ring coming in the form of a bracelet that fits perfectly over his paw. While the exchange of rings took place, Hammond asked Elizabeth if she would take Logan as her ‘pedigree chum’. The vows were sealed with a quick kiss between the couple, with Logan licking Elizabeth’s face.

Despite viewers understanding that this was not a real wedding ceremony, it still sparked a social media storm. Viewers took to Twitter and Facebook to express their shock at seeing a woman marry a dog live on television, and of course, the jokes came in droves.  While some simply wrote that they were shocked by what they had seen, others saw it all as a great laugh and wrote some highly amusing comments. While one man quipped that he felt sorry for the dog as he hadn’t been given a choice about the proceedings, another joked that they should perhaps start a show called ‘The Barkchelor’. While this may all seem very strange, there are many examples of women marrying dogs for all sorts of reasons. Little Things says that 18-year-old Mangli Munda was forced to marry a stray dog in India by village officials.

It was believed that the young woman has a curse put on her and that when she married the curse would transfer to her spouse. They chose a stray dog so that the bad luck would transfer to an animal instead of a human.  A traditional Indian wedding took place between Munda and the stray dog. While this was a real religious ceremony, it did not mean that the woman was legally married to the dog. This means that she is free to go on and marry a man in the future, which is exactly what she is planning. Another story of a woman marrying a dog told by Little Things is the story of Wilhelmina Callaghan. The 43-year-old from Ireland has been married to her Yorkshire Terrier, Henry, for the last eight years. According to Wilhelmina, Henry is her soul mate and treats her better than any man she has ever dated. Just like Elizabeth Hoad, she had enough of men and decided that Henry was the only male she could truly trust.

Therefore, she made the strange decision to marry her dog. As marrying an animal is illegal in Ireland, they exchanged their vows via a website and Wilhelmina’s friend Rebecca acted as their witness. Wilhelmina and Henry received a certificate in the post to mark the occasion. Wilhelmina had first adopted Henry back in 2009, but it was a few years before her feelings for the dog were strong enough to consider marriage. Now that they are married, she often poses with him as though they are a real couple and posts her pictures online.  Strangely, Wilhelmina could have taken her pick when it came to choosing a doggy groom as Henry is not her only pooch. In fact, she has 10 other dogs at her home in Ireland. Despite being Wilhelmina’s favorite, Henry doesn’t have an ego and Wilhelmina says that he is the first to welcome new dogs into their marital home.

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