Dog Survives Being Shot at 17 Times and Becomes Inspirational Therapy Dog

Any story relating to animal abuse is upsetting for animal lovers, although some are more shocking than others. The following story is possibly one of the most distressing that you will ever read as the dog involved was abandoned, pregnant, and suffering from some of the most horrific injuries that rescue workers have ever seen. Before reading this alarming tale, you will be pleased to learn that the story does have a happy ending.  I Heart Dogs reported the story of a dog called Maggie. It is not known exactly what happened to Maggie before she was found and rescued, so the story was told with the evidence that was available.

Maggie was discovered tied to a lamp post in Beirut. Her rescuers were shocked to discover that she was suffering from 17 gunshot wounds and that one of her ears had been savagely cut off. A further examination revealed that the abandoned dog also had a badly broken jaw. Even more shockingly, Maggie was heavily pregnant at the time of her rescue.  The Wild at Heart Foundation  was the organization that rescued her and brought her to the UK. This foundation funds animal welfare projects across the world, and their aim is to reduce the international stray dog population. Their work involved rescue projects, education initiatives, and neutering programs. They also rehome stray dogs into forever homes and aim to rehome 10,000 dogs between now and 2025.

After her arrival in the UK, Maggie was given a thorough examination by a veterinarian. One of the most horrific findings was that Maggie had been deliberately shot in both her eyes by her abuser. The veterinarian performed surgery and removed four bullets from the infected remains of her eyes.  Despite being blind, Maggie did not seem fearful of her rescuers. In fact, she showed such a level of trust that it was almost like she had never been abused. It seemed that Maggie realized that these humans were different from her abuser and that she knew they had her best interests at heart.

The Wild at Heart Foundation made Maggie’s story public, and it attracted quite a lot of attention. One person who had been following the story was Kasey Carline, a 25-year-old from Brighton in the UK. She and her mother were heartbroken by the story and decided they wanted to help/ At first, they fostered Maggie, but they then decided to adopt the mutilated dog and welcome her into their family.  Once settled into her new home, Maggie made a new friend. The Carline family already had a dog called Mishka, who instantly bonded with Maggie. The pair spend a lot of time playing together and they also snuggle up together at night.

Carline noticed that Maggie had a very friendly nature and that she could always get a positive response from those she met. This inspired Carline to begin training the dog to become a therapy dog in the future.  She was supported in this mission by The Underdog International. This organization predominantly rehomes dogs. However, they also run several other campaigns, one of which is training animal-assisted therapy dogs.  Maggie then underwent a training program to prepare her for her new role as a therapy dog. Following the successful completion of this training, she was ready to begin work. Now, along with Carline and staff from The Underdog International, Maggie visits schools, hospitals, and nursing homes. She acts in a supportive capacity bringing joy to all those she meets.

At first glance, Maggie may not seem the ideal dog for the role of a therapy dog. She has a missing ear, no eyes, loose skin, scars all over her body, and she isn’t a pedigree dog. However, it is her personality that makes her the perfect choice for a therapy dog.  According to Carline, the strength and the loving spirit of Maggie are infectious. She reported back to the Wild at Heart Foundation about Maggie’s progress in her new role, telling them that it didn’t matter that Maggie was a little different or that she has an unconventional look. Carline has said that everybody loves her because what is within is beautiful.  Carline also said that Maggie is an inspiration to everybody she meets because of her zest for life, and she has described the dog as seeing with her heart instead of her eyes. She has even become a bit of a social media sensation, as she has her own Instagram page. She has already accrued more than 178,000 followers.

Over the past few years, Maggie’s life has changed significantly. Once a badly injured dog that had been abandoned by her abuser, she was taken into the caring hands of rescuers. She was then lucky enough to find a forever home with owners who love her, and she even has a canine housemate with whom she has become friends. In addition to having a wonderful home life, Maggie is lucky enough to have a purpose in life, thanks to her important work as a therapy dog.  This story just goes to show that it is a dog’s personality that is more important than their physical appearance if they are to successfully become therapy dogs. In fact, there are situations where a less than perfect appearance can make the dog more appealing to those it is supporting and can help them to connect. Therefore, it is important not to disregard a dog’s potential as a therapy dog based on their appearance alone.

Sadly, there are many more dogs around the world that are suffering from horrific abuse, just like Maggie. It is only through the work of organizations such as the Wild at Heart Foundation that these dogs have any hope for the future. Without the hard work of volunteers and the donations from kindhearted members of the public, it would not have been possible to rescue Maggie or other dogs like her. Those who are rescued have the potential to enjoy a life that is just as happy as Maggie’s.

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